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Match Results 2023

Click on the following links to look at the match report and weigh in sheet.


Points Table 2023

1st Points 29th January 2023 Grand Western Canal

The first club match of the year was held on Sunday along the W Manley to E Manley section of canal whereby 30 anglers turned out to do battle once again. Conditions were good, although there were some patches of thin ice to encounter and generally it was rock hard fishing with only a handful of guys breaking the kilo.

The match was split into 3 sections and it was the middle section which produced 3 of the top 5 weights on the day with Russell Hilton running out winner on the day from peg 15 with a top weight of 1.975kg. Russell used an 8m pole to the middle fishing bread punch down the track over the customary liquidize. He managed around 140 small roach followed up with a small jack pike caught well across on the worm. Well done Russell !


Runner up from end peg 30 near the bridge was Rich Higgs with 1.750kg. Rich caught some really good stamp roach on the punch over licky down the middle plus 5 decent perch well over against the far bank using worm and maggot.


3rd spot was taken by Chris Danby from peg 11 with 1.200kg. Chris managed a lot of small roach plus a jack pike, again, caught on the worm well across.


4th and 5th places were taken by Paul Elworthy and Mike Pickford respectively. Paul fished a short pole and managed an all roach catch of 1.075kg using the punch whilst Mike fished a light waggler and weighed in with 1.050kg, again all small roach caught on the bread.


Section Winners


A section   Paul Sagar   0.925kg

B section   Ray Slack   0.775kg

C Section   Gary Butler   1.025kg


Well done to everyone, the next match is in 2 weeks time on the Taunton canal at Creech.



2nd Points 12th February 2023 Grand Western Canal

Sunday’s match, due to have been held on the Taunton canal at Creech, was switched at the last minute to the GWC at Manley. This was due to excessive weed problems at Creech but, thanks to the efforts of Phil, Gary and a few others, managed to get word to all the 29 entrants in good time.


The match was split into 3 sections with 2 of them from Warnicombe to Snakes wood and the other section in Manley straight. Conditions were good on the day, but the fishing proved very hard once again and it was pike that dominated the match with 4 out of the top 5 positions comprising at least one jackpike.


Clear winner on the day from peg 29, top of Manley straight, was Pete Davey with a weight of 2.900kg. Pete started on the punch with a few small roach but was then pestered with by pike so went on the worm straight away and proceeded to catch 4 small jacks plus several nice perch over the remaining period. Congrats Pete !


Runner up from peg 2 down near Warnicombe bridge was Martin Heard with 2.175kg. Martin started on the bread punch fished at 8m over liquidised bread and caught several hand sized skimmers during the first hour. He followed this up with a few more towards the end of the match as well as tiny roach and rudd.


Third spot went to Gary Butler from peg 30 with a weight of 1.850kg. Gary fished the punch over liquidize and managed a total of 90 small roach. This was finished off with a jack pike on the worm towards the end of the 5 hour match.


4th and 5th spots went to Eric Priest ( peg 8) 1.525kg and Mark Branson ( peg 20) 1.450kg respectively, who both managed several small roach on the punch backed up each with small jackpike on the worm.


Section winners  

A section   Baz Barrell   (4)   1.150kg

B section   Dave Higgs  (16)  0.575kg

C section   Brian Sussex  (28)  1.125kg


On a sad note, Sunday morning we learned of the sudden passing of Ray King, a real stalwart of the club as well as friend over many, many years. There was a minutes silence before the draw in memory of him and the club sends it’s deepest condolences  to all his friends and family. Ray will certainly be missed by us all !



3rd Points 5th March 2023 Grand Western Canal

The third club match of the season was held on Sunday at Tidcombe with 20 anglers turning out to do battle. The match was split into 2 sections and pegging was from the first set of overhead wires out through Glebelands. Conditions were fair with no frost or rain and little wind under an overcast sky but, as expected, the fishing was hard with the bream and good roach generally on holiday. As per the last match, it was jack pike that generally dominated proceedings with around 20 caught throughout the entire match all via the worm.

Winner on the day from peg 20 by the Glebelands steps was Eric Priest with 2.750kg. Eric fished the bread punch over liquidize at 9m and caught roach steadily for the first hour, then as bites were slowing down, he caught a number of hand sized skimmers to boost his catch. He later went on the worm and maggot and managed a small jack to complete the day.


Runner-up from peg 1 by the wires was Gary Butler with 2.280kg. Having only caught a couple of roach on bread in the first hour, Gary switched to worm and maggot and caught some really good perch as well as 3 jack pike to give him the edge over Martin Heard on peg 11, by the 2nd set of wires, who finished in 3rd spot with 2.010kg. Martin had the same experience as Gary so went for the perch and pike using worm and had a field day catching a total of 4 small jacks to give him 3rd place.


4th place went to Mike Pickford on peg 7 with 1.660kg. Mike spent the first half of the match on the waggler catching a few small roach on bread but then switched to the pole and caught 3 small jack pike using worm over chopped worm.


Section Winners

Section A   Brian Sussex  peg 6   1.190kg

              B   Baz Barrell   peg 13   1.550kg


Well done to all those guys !


The next match is at Stafford Moor on Sunday, 26th March, draw is at 8.30 fishing 10 till 4pm. Please note that this year the owners have put their prices up and pegging will be £11 per angler so Phil will be obliged to increase the match fee on the day to £20.  As you know the club has a policy of aiming to keep the cost of it’s club points matches down to a minimum so everyone can afford them and going forward this will continue to be our aim, albeit providing as wide a range of venues as possible.



4th Points 5th March 2023 Stafford Moor

Sunday’s match was held at Stafford Moor with 30 club members in attendance and this year, unlike last year,  the weather proved kind to all. The match was split into 2 separate sections with one being held on Woodpecker and the other on Willow lakes.


Top weight on the day was Eric Priest from peg 18 with 69.175kg. Eric had a few skimmers on the pole but then switched to the bomb and fished 8mm pellet to the island, loose feeding same. Although he had to change to a small pellet feeder with 4mm’s for a while when the wind got up, he fished the last 2 hours on the straight lead and found the carp bites improving right up to the end of the 6 hour match. He finished up with 28 carp.

Runner up from peg 8 was Martin Heard with 52.160kg. After having had a blank first hour, Martin started to find the carp right over against the island using a small method feeder filled with micro’s and banded 8mm pellet on the hook. Martin continued catching decent carp regularly for the rest of the match duration.

In 3rd place from peg 2 was Phil Bailey with a final weight of 43.625kg. Phil caught all his carp down the edge using his top 2 pole sections plus one and had everything on single or double corn. He fed 2 tins of corn in total plus 4mm pellet.

4th place went to Elliot Fay on peg 7 next to Martin and weighed in with 36.825kg. Tactics were similar to Martin fishing the method feeder against the island.


The winner was Gary Butler from peg 4 with the top weight of 29.875kg. Gary fished a pole at the start and had a few skimmers on soft pellet but soon switched to fishing across to the far bank using a straight lead and 6mm pellet. He had a few small carp initially, but later switched to an 8mm banded pellet, loose feeding the same and soon found the carp coming one after another especially during the last 2 hours of the match. He finished up with 30carp as well as a few silvers.


Runner up from peg 10 was Neil Raybould with 22.725kg. Neil started on the feeder catching a few small carp but later switched to a 10m pole fishing a variety of hook baits over micro’s and really got the fish feeding thereby ending up with 24 carp as well as a few silvers..


3rd place was occupied by Art Piekieiniak from peg 1 by the bridge with 14.925kg. Art fished a 16m pole throughout to the far bank and caught all his carp on a 6mm banded pellet feeding the same with the catapult.


Finally, 4th spot went to Mark Branson on peg 3 with 13.425kg. Mark had a great start on the method but when bites slowed he reverted to the pole for the remainder of the match ending up with 13 carp.


Well done to everyone for supporting the annual trip to Stafford, hope to see you all at the next clubbie. Don’t forget to book in for the forthcoming pairs at Little Yeo which commences in a few weeks time.



5th Points 23rd April 2023 Grand Western Canal

Sunday’s match was held at Greenway and was supported by 26 anglers and not very many tench with barely a handful caught throughout the stretch, apart from the winner. The weather was reasonable and there was a good tinge of colour to the water but bites were difficult to come by for most. One angler who did find a shoal of obliging tench was the clear winner on the day, Brian Sussex from permanent peg 2 at Sellake, who weighed in with 13.380kg comprising 9 tench, one skimmer and several good perch. Brian fished a long pole to the far bank and caught tench regularly throughout the match on worm and caster/maggot combo over chopped worm and caster with a little groundbait. He did manage one tench in the middle at 8m but the majority were caught well across. Well done Brian for a comprehensive win !

   Runner up on the day from peg 9 was Mike Pickford with a weight of 3.890kg. Mike fished the pole at 11m and caught 3 tench all on double/treble maggot fished over liquidized bread. He did have a few small roach and rudd in addition to give him the edge over 3rd placed Elliot Fay from peg 21 in the bay who managed 3.800kg. Elliot caught a bream on corn in the middle at 8m over 2mm pellet and also one tench over at 11m on the maggot, again over 2mm pellet and some dead maggot loose feed. Well done to both of you !

   4th place went to our current points leader, Gary Butler, who caught 2 small tench , one on maggot and the other on worm, fishing well over to the far bank at peg 41. He was followed in 5th spot by Rich Higgs from peg 4, with 2.360kg. Rich managed 2 tench on worm and caster fishing well over against the far bank. Nice one chaps !

Section Winners

A      Dan Baldwin   1.720kg

B      Paul Carnell    1.200kg

C      Paul Blake       1.320kg

   With 7 matches still to go, the current leader in this year’s championship is Gary Butler with a brilliant score of 48 points out of 50. He is followed by Eric Priest with 39, then Brian Sussex with 34 and both Mike Pickford and Paul Blake on 33. The next club match is on 14th May at Lakeside/Little Yeo fisheries.

   Finally, there are still several vacancies for the 2nd Pairs Qualifier this coming Sunday at Little Yeo; anyone wishing to participate please to book in with Phil, the Match Secretary, asap.



6th Points 14th May 2023 Lakeside / Little Yeo


Sunday’s match was split across the club’s two pond venues, Little Yeo and Lakeside, with 21 anglers turning out to do battle for points once again. The weather was fine for a change with a definite increase in temperature to more normal levels for May and with a gentle breeze and absolutely no rain everyone was in fine spirits.

Little Yeo ( Bobslake )

Winner on the day from permanent peg 4 was Mark Branson with a splendid weight of 49.175kg. Mark caught 23 carp and a very large eel all on pole fished paste over fishmeal ground bait. He used a 10m pole to achieve what was a clear victory and 10 club points to help him, hopefully, towards the club match final in October. Congratulations Mark !

Runner up on the day from peg 18 was our current points leader, Gary Butler, with a weight of 38.125kg. Gary started out on the bomb and caught 8 carp all on 8mm pellet. He also had a few carp fishing the pellet waggler shallow, again with the 8mm pellet. However, when things started to slow down he switched to the  margins and caught a further 9 fish on a mix of corn or maggot.

3rd spot went to Craig Morris from peg 9 with a weight of 34.475kg. Craig fished caster shallow out on the 10m pole line and had 9 carp. He later switched to the margins and had a similar number of better stamp fish using luncheon meat.


Chris Danby was top weight here with a weight of 25.275kg. Chris was on permanent peg 15 and managed 2 good sized carp and a bream out in front at 7m on corn but later did the damage fishing both inside margins using 8mm pellet on one side and corn/meat down the other. He managed 7 carp in all including 2 double figure commons. Well done Chris with a fine 10 point victory !

Runner up from peg 10 on the point was Phil Madden with a weight of 22.425kg. Phil managed to land a superb 22lb specimen carp on the method feeder using an off white wafter and then followed this up with several smaller carp using worm down the edge.

3rd place went to Neil Raybould from peg 24 with a total weight of 19.400kg. Neil caught a bream and 6 carp, including one double figure common, all using sweetcorn fished either straight out in front on a long pole as well as down the edge next to the lillies. He used 2mm micros in both swims as main feed.


At the halfway stage of this year’s league championship, clear leader by a country mile is Gary Butler with 58 points, he is certainly going to take some stopping this year !

Both lakes did fish well on Sunday and the weather was fine so well done to everyone for helping to make this an enjoyable club outing. Next match is the Pairs Final on the 28th May at Lakeside for those that qualified, with the next points club match on the 11th June at Greenway. We are planning a work party for weed clearing the Greenway stretch on the morning of Saturday 27th May ( 2 weeks prior to the match) so if you are willing to help out on the morning please let the Secretary know in due course.



Little Yeo

7th Points 11th June 2023 Grand Western Canal

Sunday’s club match was held along the Greenway/Sellake stretch of the Grand Western Canal with 23 anglers taking part in what was an early morning affair with a 6.30am draw, fishing 8am till 1pm. The aim was for it to be a tench match but the tench were not really in a feeding mood with only a handful showing up in total. However, one angler, Brian Sussex, did manage to find a shoal of them at permanent peg 18 near Sellake bridge. Brian caught 6 beauties plus a few roach and perch to win the match comfortably with 6.600kg. He fished the worm on a size 12 hook and 6lb line straight through owing to the amount of weed in the canal at present, even though the club had cleared the swims prior to the match. Well done Brian for another great win !

   Runner-up on the day from peg 3 was Phil Madans with 3.650kg. Phil pole fished the bottom of the far slope and caught 2 good bream plus a small jackpike all on double maggot to a size 16 hook and 3lb hook length over ground bait with chopped worm and maggot. Nice one Phil !

   3rd on the day was Dave Chapman on peg 9 with 3.500kg. Dave caught 2 tench and a good sized skimmer plus lots of small perch to give himself 3rd spot. He fished worm mainly over chopped worm and caster at 9/10 metres. Great result Dave !

   4th place was won by our current championship leader, Gary Butler, with 2.840kg on peg 7. Gary had a single tench with lots of roach on bread plus a few perch and he was followed in 5th spot by Craig Morris next door on peg 6 with 2.550kg. Craig also managed one tench plus bits. Both fished a long pole well across against the far bank.

Section Winners

A Section   Pete Davey   2.150kg

B Section   Paul Blake   2.220kg

C Section   Calvin Lemon   2.100kg.


Well done to everyone, the next club match is at Summerhayes in a couple weeks time on the 25th June.

8th Points 25th June 2023 Summerhayes

The latest round of club matches was held at Summerhayes, yesterday, with 23 anglers competing for points on “ Longs “ snake lake. Although it was in the midst of a very hot, dry spell and the fact that the carp were still spawning, the match produced several good weights with top bag on the day of 48.450kg coming from permanent peg 33. It was rather fitting that Martin Heard should win it as it was his 64th birthday so congratulations on both fronts Martin ! His winning method was fishing a 16m pole to the island using hair rigged 6mm hard pellet fished shallow and loose feeding same. He later switched to luncheon meat using top kit plus 2 to finish off a fine performance.

   Runner-up from peg 35 was Eric Priest with 36.950kg. EP fished similarly using a 15m pole to the island and either 6mm or 8mm pellet over 6mm’s. He had 3 carp late on in the match fishing meat in the margins. He used just one pint of feed pellet during the whole match.

   3rd spot went to Baz Barrell on peg 30 with a weight of 32.175kg. Baz started catching carp well across with chopped worm and maggot and later switched to paste fished down the track over micros to end up with around 30 fish. Well done Baz !

   In 4th place was Bruce Hunt with 23.950kg from peg 25. Bruce hardly had a carp in the first 4 hours but they moved in during the later part of the match and he made up for lost time with several carp all caught on the paste fished at 6metres.

   In 5th place with 23.325kg was Neil Raybould on peg 2. Neil fished meat and/or corn over micro’s right across against the island to total 15 carp in all. He also had a few carp on maggot late on in the match in the margins.

Section Winners

Section A      Paul Blake   peg 17   22.575kg

Section B      Phil Madans  peg 24  17.900kg


Well done to everyone for making it an enjoyable outing and big thanks to Pete for receiving us well and providing brekkies for those that wanted them.

Next club match is on 16th July at Lakeside/Little Yeo.



9th Points 16th July 2023 Lakeside / Little Yeo


Sunday’s match was held across both Little Yeo and Lakeside with a total of 16 anglers turning out to do battle for points once again. The weather was showery with an awkward Westerly wind but there were  some good weights overall, particularly on Bobslake at Little Yeo where Paul Blake triumphed with an all carp net of 59.900kg. Paul was drawn on permanent peg 10 near the island but instead of fishing out towards it, he stuck to the inside swims fishing pole top kit plus 2, both left and right, using 6mm or 8mm hard banded pellet over loose fed 6mm’s. Big congrats Paul on an impressive win and 10 points, a further step towards the October final !

   Runner up on the day at Little Yeo from peg 8 was Martin Heard with a great weight of 52.800kg. Martin fished 8mm banded pellet shallow using a 14m pole throughout. He used a long line between pole tip and float whilst catapulting 8mm pellets in very small quantities to keep the carp coming. I reckon Martin used the same rig as the last 2 matches when he drew exactly the same peg ! Well done Martin !

   3rd spot at Yeo went to Baz Barrell from peg 2 on the dam side. Baz weighed in with 30.100kg and this comprised some bigger carp which he caught on pole fished paste. He also had a few carp on maggot and corn fishing tight into the margins, Well done Baz !


It was a different story at Lakeside where bites seemed a lot harder to come by but Mark Branson managed to string a few bites together to win the lake with 18.950kg from permanent peg 4. Mark started out on the paste fishing tight to the lilies and caught a good bream plus a few skimmers early on. However, bites soon tailed off so he concentrated fishing the margin, again using paste, and caught a total of 6 good carp. He lost one huge carp after getting it virtually to the net but it didn’t affect the overall result.

Well done Mark on a great win !

   Runner up from peg 10 on the point was Chris Danby with 18.925kg, just an ounce behind the winner !  Chris fished straight out on a shortish pole and caught 2 bream and several small skimmers early on in the match using mainly worm over chopped worm, micro’s and hemp. But again, bites slowed down so he switched to fishing the margin and caught some good carp, one of which was a double, using sweetcorn fished over micro’s. Nice one Chris !

   To complete the trio, Pete Davey weighed in with 10.950kg from peg 7 in the corner. Pete had a total of 5 carp, some of which he had on a small feeder towards peg 6 opposite. Successful bait was 8mm pellet as well as sweetcorn. Well done Pete !


With the league now 9 rounds completed, we are now down to the run-in of the final 3 matches and the current leader is still Gary Butler out in front on 73 points followed by Paul Blake on 65 points and EP on 62points with a whole host of anglers right up there in close proximity. However, things can and no doubt will change drastically as the league table is based on the best 9 from 12 scores so watch this space over the next 3 rounds guys !

   Next match is at Avalon in 3 weeks time on 6th August, please book in in the usual way at Culm Valley or via Phil.



Little Yeo

10th Points 6th August 2023 Avalon

Sunday’s match at Avalon was supported by 21 anglers and comprised 2 sections, one section on each side of the lake and extending from permanent pegs 9 to 42. Weights were generally down on the day due to the conditions which were particularly difficult for the roadside section due to a gusty wind which grew in strength as the day progressed.

However, some anglers managed to find the carp not least of which was Martin Heard on peg 9 who was clear winner on the day with 42.780kg. Martin started out on the pellet waggler fishing across to the island and although he had a few carp on hard pelle,t bites were slow, so he later changed to fishing a long pole shallow with banded 8mm pellet and the bite rate improved a lot. Towards the end of the 6 hour match he found several carp at 7 metres to complete a great win. Big congrats Martin on a fine win!

   Runner upon the day from peg 21 was Paul Blake with 22.590kg. Paul caught 12 carp in total with 2 coming on the pellet waggler and the bulk of them via the straight bomb to the island. Best bait was also banded 8mm pellet. He did catch 2 carp down the edge but bites were hard to come by in close. Well done Paul !

   In 3rd spot from peg 39 on the roadside was Graham Coleman with 17.775kg. Graham hardly had a bite for 5 hours but then the carp turned up and he caught 6 fish in the last hour to clinch 3rd place. Successful method was 8mm banded pellet fishing the bomb to the island. Nice one Graham !

  4th place went to Mike Blake on peg 32 with 16.840kg. Mike fished the pellet feeder to the island with 8mm pellet on the hook and landed 7 carp plus a good bream and 2 large perch  to complete the bag.

Section Winners

Section A   Neil Raybould   16.730kg

Section B   Phil Tucker        10.490kg


With only 2 more club points matches left in the season, things are getting tight at the top - Gary Butler is still out in front on 76 points  with Paul Blake breathing down his neck on 73 and  Martin Heard having a late charge on 66. Remember guys, it’s the best 9 from 12 results that count and the first 10 go straight into the October final with the last 2 places determined by the qualifier at Oaktree, so, all to play for chaps !

Next match is in two weeks on the 20th August at Upper Tamar ( Devon bank ), please book in in the usual way .



11th Points 20th August 2023 Upper Tamar

On Sunday, 18 anglers travelled down to Upper Tamar to fish the penultimate points match of the season. The weather was fine and weights were really good with both whip and feeder featuring amongst the top places. The match comprised two sections along the Devon bank and it was the section nearest the dam which produced the best weights on the day.

In top spot, from peg 7, was Bruce Hunt with a fine weight of 26.950kg. Bruce fished a variety of short whips throughout the 6 hour match and amassed 11kg of perch plus over 15kg of roach all caught on maggot or worm over ground bait. Well done Bruce !

   Runner-up on peg 9 was Steve Maynard with a weight of 23.450kg. Steve fished a cage feeder at 31m for half the match using corn hook bait over corn and ground bait to catch some good skimmers. He later switched to the method feeder and wafters/pellets to keep the fish coming. Well done Steve !

   3rd spot went to Paul Elworthy from peg 1 nearest the dam with a weight of 21.060kg. Paul fished a cage feeder throughout at 30m using hair rigged sweetcorn on a size 14 hook. Main feed was sweetcorn plugged with ground bait.   Nice one Paul !

Section Winners     

Section A   Chris Danby   peg 8   19.500kg

Section B   Dom Garnett  peg 13   17.840kg


With only one points match left in the season, the championship has turned into a 2 horse race between Paul Blake, currently on 77 points, followed closely behind by Gary Butler on 76. The final match is in 2 week’s time at Lakeside/Little Yeo, it promises to be an interesting one with everyone vieing for a place in the October final.

   Lastly, big thanks to Paul and Neil and all for running Sunday’s match – trust our Match Sec, Phil, makes a speedy recovery.


12th Points 3rd September 2023 Lakeside / Little Yeo


The final points match of the season was held yesterday across Little Yeo and Lakeside. Although there were a few last minute casualties due to illness, turnout was lower than usual with 16 anglers competing for a place in the latter stages of the club’s league. There was a good colour in the water and conditions were fine on the day with some good weights despite really bright sunshine.


Top angler on the day from permanent peg 19 ( far side point) was Martin Heard with an all carp catch of 27.925kg. Martin had 9 carp, including two doubles, plus a few skimmers all caught on pole fished hard pellet. He had most of these out on a 9m pole using 8mm hair rigged pellet feeding the same via catapult, but he also had a few down the inside margin to complete the job. Well done Martin !

Runner-up, just a pound behind the winner, from peg 1 was Graham Colman with 27.400kg. Graham caught the bulk of his 10 carp down the inside margin using sweetcorn and feeding ground bait plus micros. He did catch several good skimmers out on the 9m line which included a 5lb bream and these also came on sweetcorn fished over ground bait and micro’s.

3rd spot went to Steve Manley from peg 26 with 19.600kg. Steve, had a few carp out on a 10m pole with sweetcorn over micro’s but most of his fish came in the margins using the same tactics.

Little Yeo   ( Bobslake )

As expected, weights were generally higher here and it was Gary Butler who excelled on the day from permanent peg 8 by, not only producing the winning weight of 50.700kg, but also securing the club championship title for 2023. Gary fished the bomb and pellet for the first few hours taking fish steadily using 8mm pellet. He later switched to the inside margins and produced a further 18 carp, again all on hair rigged 8mm pellet. He did have a few muggers out in open water but these were few and far between. BIG CONGRATS GARY !

Runner-up was Paul Blake on peg 10 with a weight of 32.400kg. Paul totalled 20 carp in all most of which were caught down both edges using either hair rigged 6mm pellet or straight corn. Main feed was 6mm pellet. Congrats Paul on having had such a great season and playing your part in making the finale between you and Gary a really exciting one.

In 3rd spot, from peg 3 was Craig Morris with 31.325kg. Craig fished the paste at 6m over micro’s and caught 8 carp during the early part of the match but then switched to the margins in the last 2 hours and had at least 4 big carp on meat over ground bait to complete the day.


Well done to the top 10 qualifiers who have now secured their places for the club match final at Lakeside on 1st October. The last two vacant spots will be determined via the Top 12 Qualifier at Oaktree fishery ( bottom pond ) to be held on 17th September. Match Secretary will be in touch with all those involved. Well done to Phil and his team for laying on another great series and to everyone who participated.


Little Yeo

Final Qualifier, Oak Tree 17th September

Sunday’s Top 12 Qualifier held at Oaktree’s bottom lake was a rather wet affair with thunderstorms before, during and after the match. Weights were understandably low as a result but John Hill wasn’t concerned as he qualified for the club’s October Final in fine style with a weight of 11.325kg. Drawn on peg 1, a few pegs in on the car park side, John fished a short 6m pole over ground bait and micro’s with either maggots or corn as hook bait. His catch comprised 5 good carp plus a few bits to complete the day. Big congrats John !

   Runner-up on the day , and 2nd qualifier for the October Final, was Phil Tucker with 8.900kg. Phil was drawn on peg 6, directly opposite the winner, and fished a 10m pole to catch 3 carp but later switched to the margin where he had 2 more plus a few bits. Best bait for him was similar, corn and maggot over micro’s and ground bait. Well done Phil !

   Well done to everyone for sticking it out on such a rotten day. Commiserations to 3rd placed Pete for narrowly missing out on the final.

  Many thanks to Steve M for running the match on the day and also to Dom G for the pics.

Tight Lines

Anchor 1
Top twelve final at Lakeside, 1st October 2023

Sunday’s Top Twelve club match final , this year held at Lakeside, was a memorable day initiated by a superb breakfast bap, generously supplied by head chef Phil. The weather conditions were absolutely perfect with an overcast sky and temperature around 20 degrees and the fish were certainly in feeding mood. With prizes all the way down to 12th, the competition was keen and it was the angler on permanent peg 4, Martin Heard, who came out on top with 35.600kg comprising all carp including some real big fish of around 17lb.    Martin pole fished 2 main short lines throughout the day feeding micro’s and also 4mm pellets and with an 8mm banded pellet on the size 14 hook.

Congrats to Martin on a great performance !

      Runner-up on the day, from peg 6, was this year’s ultimate league champion, Gary Butler, who weighed in with 27.125kg. Gary, again, pole fished both margins during the match and managed a total of 12 carp to 15lb. His successful method was the same, 8mm banded pellet fished over a combo of micro’s and 4mm pellets. Big congrats to Gary for a great match and for becoming overall league champion !

     In 3rd spot, from peg 15, was Mark Branson with a weight of 17.875kg. After a bad start where he lost several fish, he slackened off his elastic and started to reap the rewards by landing several big carp. Mark caught all his fish, mainly in the margins, using paste on a size 12 hook over a bed of groundbait and micro’s. Well done Mark !

   Well done to all 12 anglers who reached the final which nowadays is an achievement in itself and a big thanks to Phil, our match secretary and head chef, for all his work, not only for organizing the day, but for all his work throughout the year.

   Next match is the club Pairs on the canal in November.

Tight Lines

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