Match Results 2022

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Points table

Club Pairs

1st points 23rd January Grand Western Canal

2nd points 6th February Taunton Canal

3rd points 27th February Grand Western Canal

4th points 6th March Grand Western Canal

5th points 3rd April Oaktree

6th points 1st May Trinity

7th points 29th May Grand Western Canal 

8th Points 12th June Summerhayse

9th points 3rd July Avalon

10th points 17th July Lakeside / Little Yeo

11th points 21st August Upper Tamar

12th points 4th September Lakeside / Little Yeo

Top 12 Qualifier 18th September Oaktree

Top 12 Final 2nd October Summerhayes

Pairs Match 6th November Grand Western Canal

Christmas Match 27th November Grand Western Canal


Points Table 2022

1st Points 23rd January 2022 Grand Western Canal

The opening match of the 2022 season was held on Sunday at Tidcombe with 30anglers turning out to do battle once again. Conditions were perfect, but the water was clear, making the fishing tough with many anglers struggling to catch a pound. The fish, mainly small roach with the odd scattering of skimmers, seemed to appear in pockets along the match stretch which extended from the wires to Warnicombe.

   However, a few guys did manage to put a few bites together not least of which was our winner on the day, Mark Branson, who weighed in with 1.575kg. Mark drew peg 14 just past the famous holly bush and caught 8 small skimmers plus a few tiny roach all at 8m on pole fished bread punch. He also had 4 perch from across on maggot and worm. Well done Mark !

   Runner up on the day from peg 7, near the 2nd set of wires, was Dave Pulman with 1.320kg. Dave caught 60 to 70 tiny roach on the whip followed up with a few better roach and perch from the far bank on both pinkie as well as caster. Well done Dave !

   In 3rd spot was Ian Brookes from peg 13 with 1.275kg. Ian had 4 skimmers fishing an 8m pole with big bread punch plus several tiny roach across to the far bank using a dot punch.

   4th place went to Bruce Hunt on peg 8, next but one to the wires, who weighed 1.120kg. Bruce had several small roach on the punch plus a small jack pike on worm.

Section Winners

   A Section   Dom Garnett   1.080kg

   B Section   Paul Sagar       1.075kg

   C Section   Rich Higgs       0.975kg

   D Section   Gary Butler      1.020kg

   Next club match is on Taunton Canal at Creech on February 6th. Draw will be in the Creech canalside car park at 8.30am, fishing 10 till 3pm.


   M5 and off t J25, taking a right onto the A358. Go past the Toby Inn and then take first left after the  Premier Inn heading for Ruishton. Go through the village and follow the signs for Creech St Michael.

When you arrive at Creech, you will go over the R Tone and you must then turn right followed by 1st left into Vicarage Lane. Just follow the sign to the canalside car park (coloured in brown).




2nd Points 6th February 2022 Taunton Canal

The club's second points match of the season was held yesterday on the Taunton canal at Creech with 37 anglers taking part on what was the highest points match turnout for several years. Conditions were bad, though, with early heavy rain and strong blustery winds. However, there was a good tinge of colour in the water and most anglers managed to catch despite the conditions.

   Winner on the day from peg 9 was Les Lloyd with 3.325kg. Les, using an 8m pole, caught small roach and tiny skimmers on the bread punch down the track for the early part of the match. He later switched to fishing the worm over chopped worm and caster, again down the middle but away from the bread swim, and duly managed to catch good perch plus two small jacks for a fine win on the day. Well done Les !

   Runner-up was Paul Elworthy from peg 6 with 2.290kg. Paul fished the waggler down the middle and caught roach and skimmers throughout the match on the punch, again, over liquidise. Paul used a size 16 hook and big punch just tripping bottom and his catch did include several good net roach. 

   In 3rd spot was Dave Pulman from peg 5 next door with 1.870kg. Dave caught steadily from the off on a 3.5m whip, and later by changing to a 4.5m whip, managed to keep the small roach and blades coming throughout the rest of the match. Successful bait was again the punch over a very small amount of liquidise.

   4th   -   Robert Ridgeway- 1.700kg  ( catch included a lovely 2lb perch )

   5th   -   Martin Heard      -  1.415kg   ( small roach on 5m whip )

   6th   -   Mark Branson     -  1.400kg  ( small roach/bleak all on pinkie via pole/whip )

Section Winners

   Section A   Ian Brooks   1.175kg

                 B   Eric Priest    1.060kg

                C   Ken Penberthy  1.350kg

                D   Bruce Hunt   1.350kg

   The club's next points match is in 2 weeks time on the 20th February. Please note the venue for this has been changed from Manley to that of Greenway, Halberton. Draw 8.30am, fishing 10 till 3.




3rd Points 27th Feburay 2022 Grand Western Canal

Sunday's club match, held at Greenway, was well supported with 35 anglers in attendance. Conditions were fair although there was a cold, stiff breeze affecting some sections of the match. There was a good tinge of colour following a mild spell and catches were quite good generally considering the time of year. But it was the tench that surprised everyone; indeed, it was tench that comprised the top 5 spots on the day with Dave Pulman taking the honours with 14.880kg. Dave, drawn on permanent peg 19 just off Sellake bay, caught a total of 11 tench with the biggest running to 6.5 lb. Fishing well across, Dave pole fished worm and pinkie throughout over chopped worm and caster feed. His rig was a 16 hook to 0.13mm hook length via 0.17 mainline to 14 Preston hybrid elastic. Stunning catch Dave !

   Runner up was Rich Higgs, from peg 23, with 12.510kg. Rich's catch comprised 7 tench and, again, had several around the 6lb mark. Successful hook bait was worm and caster on a size 16 hook fished at 11 metres over chopped worm and caster. Well done Rich !

   3rd place went to Gary Butler, from peg 20 next to the winner, with 12.420kg. Gary managed 9 tench in total, 6 caught on worm and 3 on treble maggot. Gary fished well across on a 11 m pole over ground bait containing chopped worm and dead maggots. Great day's fishing Gary !

   4th place   Baz Barrell   peg 22   5.500kg   ( 2 tench + a 5lb bream on worm and caster)

   5th place   Martin Heard peg 7    3.730kg   ( 3 tench on single maggot to a 16 )

Section Winners

   A   Ian Brooks   3.410kg

   B   Brian Sussex  3.280kg

   C   Paul Carnell   3.180kg

   D   Ken Penberthy  2.580kg

   Well done to everyone for taking part in our club matches which are ever growing in numbers and a  special mention goes to our treasurer, Mike Edwards; it's great to see him back in the fold and slowly recovering after his recent illness.

   Next club match is on Sunday, again, at Greenway. Sign in in the usual way.


4th Points 6th March 2022 Grand Western Canal

The turnout was down slightly on last week with 29 anglers in attendance at yesterday's club match held, again, at Greenway. Conditions were not so favourable as last week with a really cold and gusty East wind making bait presentation difficult. However, some anglers still managed to find a few feeding tench not least of whom was Baz Barrell on permanent peg 23 in the bay. Baz won the match convincingly with 7 tench and a few roach and perch for 10.060kg. He fished a 13m pole across to the far bank and caught most fish on worm and caster cocktail over groundbait laced with chopped worm and caster. He did have one tench on corn. Pole rig comprised a size 14 hook to 5lb hook length using 8lb mainline to a 15 Preston slip elastic. Congratulations Baz !

   Runner up on the day from peg 38 was Eric Priest with 7.700kg. EP, having found the roach not playing ball, decided to fish the worm well across on a long pole and found several small perch and a 2lb Jackpike early on. But the surprise came towards the end when he hooked a large pike on his tench rig; after a real struggle he managed to land what was a pike of around 12lb. Thankfully for him, the pike was hooked right in the scissors.

   In 3rd spot was Bruce Hunt from peg 24, next to the winner, with 6.500kg. Bruce caught 3 tench plus a few bits all on worm and maggot cocktail fished at 14metres over ground bait with choppie and maggot therein. Well done Bruce !

   4th place went to man- in- form, Dave Pulman, from peg 6 with 5.530kg. Dave managed 4 tench plus a few perch and rudd. Successful method was worm/fluoro pinkie combo fished at 11m. Most tench came late in the match.

   Section Winners

   A   Dom Garnett   5.450kg  

   B   Martin Heard   4.920kg

   C   Sam Williams   5.300kg

   Dave Pulman's result, yesterday, keeps him in top spot on the points leader board with 38 points followed by Bruce Hunt in 2nd with 33 points. The next club match is at Oaktree fishery on 3rd April.




5th Points 3rd April 2022 Oaktree
Bottom Pond

Sunday's match at Oaktree proved a dour affair with most anglers struggling for bites. 27 anglers attended and the match was spread across the 3 ponds with 9 on each. The day began with heavy frost and minus 3 degrees, which certainly did not help the fishing, but at least the rain stayed away for the day.

 Bottom pond  Winner on the day with 12.300kg and a well deserved 10 points was Phil Madans from a peg opposite the gorse bush. Phil's catch comprised 6 carp and all were caught on long pole using worm hook bait over dead maggots. Well done Phil !   Runner up, on the next peg, was Dom Garnett who managed 4 carp for a total weight of 8.625kg. Dom had 3 fish on pinkie with the 4th one coming by way of mugging with bread. 3rd spot was won by Tim Vigus with 5.850kg who was pegged middle of the pond on the car park bank. Nice one Tim !

Middle pond   Top spot here was taken by Paul Blake with 12.975kg. Paul was pegged over on the steps and managed 3 good carp all taken on method feeder and yellow wafter fished up against the margin. Well done to Paul ! Runner up was Mike Pickford with 8.225kg. Mike, who was pegged on the corner far dam side, caught a good sized carp late on in the match, again on feeder tactics. 

Ian Brooks managed 3rd, to complete the trio, and again had a decent carp on the feeder.

Top pond   Winner was Mark Webber with 17.600kg. Mark was drawn middle of the dam and had the best catch of the day with 7 carp. He caught most of these, close in, at bottom of the right hand shelf over ground bait Best bait was worm with some coming on corn and maggot. Well done Mark !  Runner up from a peg up in the shallows was Elliot Fay with 7.200kg. His catch comprised 3 carp all caught on big pellet close in to the margins. 3rd place was taken by Simon Maunder with 6.900kg. Simon was pegged mid way up the left hand bank and caught some fish on maggot feeder with the rest coming on long pole and worm.

   Well done to everyone for enduring such a hard match !   Let's hope the weather warms up for the next points match which is at Trinity fishery on 1st May.



Middle Pond
Top Pond
6th Points 1st May 2022 Trinity
A Section Woodlands

Sunday's match at Trinity was attended by 27 anglers and the match was split into 3 sections of 9; two on Woodland and one on Ash. Conditions were good for fishing with little wind, an overcast sky and gentle drizzle but overall the match was hard going with most of the carp coming in the last hour or so.

   Winner in section A was Les Lloyd from permanent peg 16 with 21 kg. Les caught 6 carp on varied hook baits fished close in over pellet during the last 2 hours to take the section from runner up, Mark Webber on peg 2, who managed 3 big carp and a few skimmers and tench for 15.150kg. 3rd place went to Ian Williams next door on peg 3 with 3 carp for 14.090kg.

   Section B was won by Mark Branson from peg 18 with 23.660kg. Mark's catch comprised 6 carp and were all caught on a short pole in the margins over lots of 6mm pellet. Best bait was corn and double red maggot. Runner up from peg 28 was Gary Butler with 22.725kg. Gary had a few skimmers and 4 carp in total, 3 of which came in the last hour caught on short pole in the margins using corn. 3rd place went to Sam Williams from peg 31 with 21.775kg. Sam had 4 carp fishing pellet shallow using the slapping method.

   Section C on Ash was won by Elliot Fay from peg 3 near the footbridge with 13.300kg. Elliot fished long pole tight against the far bank and had 5 carp all caught on 6mm hard pellet over loose fed pellet. Runner up was Martin Heard from peg 13 by the footbridge opposite and Martin also had 5 carp for a total of 10.525kg. Best bait was luncheon meat over meat and pellet. 3rd spot went to Phil Madans from peg 17 with 4 carp for 9.575kg. Well done to all 9 anglers who came out on top on the day !

   At the half way stage of this year's championship, the current leader is Bruce Hunt on 46 points closely followed by Martin Heard on 45 points. Overall though, things are incredibly tight at the top with only 6 points covering the top 10 anglers, so I reckon we are in for a great tussle ahead to determine , not only this year's champion, but also placements for the club final in October.

   Finally, the 2 Day Jubilee Festival, planned in June, has been cancelled due to the lack of entrants. 



B Section Woodlands
Ash Lake