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Match Results 2024

Click on the following links to look at the match report and weigh in sheet.


Points table

Club Pairs

1st points 28th January Grand Western Canal

2nd points 11th February Grand Western Canal

3rd points 3rd March Grand Western Canal

4th points 24th March Stafford Moor


5th points 14th April Grand Western Canal

6th points 19th May Avalon

7th points 9th June Summerhayes 

8th Points 30th June Grand Western Canal

9th points 21st July Lakeside / Little Yeo

10th points 4th August Summerhayes

11th points 18th August Avalon

12th points 15th September Lakeside / Little Yeo

Top 12 Qualifier 29th September Oaktree

Top 12 Final 13th October Lakeside

Pairs Match 3rd November Grand Western Canal

Christmas Match 24th November Grand Western Canal

Points Table

Points Table 2024

Points 1
1st Points 28th January 2024 Grand Western Canal

The drastic change in weather conditions which caused widespread melting ice certainly contributed to the very poor set of results yesterday at the club's first points match of the year held on the canal at Manley. With 30 anglers taking part, only two managed to break a kilo, indeed most anglers really struggled to see the float disappear. 

   The match was split into 3 sections of 10, stretching from Snakes wood ( 30) to the bottom of Warnicombe straight (1) and it was here on peg 1 that  the winner Pete Kingdon cleaned up with 2.650kg comprising several hand sized skimmers plus a small bream together with lots of small roach. Pete had all his fish on bread punch over liquidise fished at mid canal.

To complete his day, Pete also won the first golden peg of the season. Big congrats Pete !

   Runner up from peg 19, on the outskirts of the wood, was Eric Priest with 1.570kg. Having not had a single bite after an hour, he switched to worm and caught two small jack pike over chopped worm and pinkie. 

   3rd place went to Dom Garnett on peg 26 near the sluice with 0.790kg. Dom started fishing the middle using punch over small pinches of bread and had several small roach until a pike scattered them. He then fished far across using pinkie and worm over crumb and had several perch and one small skimmer. Well done Dom !

  4th and 5th places with to Paul Elworthy on peg 7 and Mark Branson on peg 6 whose catches were 0.660kg and 0.580kg respectively. Both caught lots of tiny roach in the middle on bread punch over liquidise. Well done guys !

Section Winners

Section A   M Heard  peg 8   0.450kg

              B   M Pickford     11  0.550kg

              C   L Barrell          29  0.560kg

Big thanks to John, Martin and Gary for helping out in Phil's absence !

   Next match is in 2 weeks time on 11th February at Tidcombe, lets hope the weather stays settled.


Points 2
2nd Points 11th February 2024 Grand Western Canal

Sunday's match was held along the Tidcombe to Glebelands stretch of the GW canal whereby 29 club members turned out to do battle for points once more. The weather was not good with cold bouts of gusty wind and rain throughout the day. This, together with bright sun at times making float spotting difficult and adding in a myriad of walkers, cyclists and canoeists to the mix generally made the day a painful one.

   However, being a hardy lot, most anglers managed to catch something to earn valuable points and it was Dom Garnett on peg 4, who managed to win on the day with 2.010kg. Dom started well across on worm and pinkie fished over chopped worm, dead pinkie and a little ground bait. He had 2 skimmers and a pike during the first hour and later switched to bread punch in the middle and had a further 3 skimmers. Back on the worm, he finished off with some good perch and a further jack pike to end up clear winner.

Well done Dom !

   Runner up on the day from peg 9 was Phil Bailey with 1.620kg. Phil like most, started on the punch, and had 4 small skimmers early on. He later found more skimmers well across on double pinkie over chopped worm along with 2 pike taken on the worm. Well done Phil !    

   In 3rd spot was Chris Danby on peg 16 by the holly bush in Glebelands. Chris weighed in with 1.510kg comprising 10 small skimmers and numerous roach and perch. He started fishing the punch over liquidise in the middle track and later switched to the far side fishing pinkie over ground bait to round off a really good day. Nice one Chris !

   4th place went to Paul Carnell on peg 29 with 1.250kg which included a late small tench caught on worm, whilst 5th spot went to Pete Davey on peg 15 with1.160kg  comprising a few small roach, perch and skimmers plus a small jack pike.

Section Winners 

  Section  A   Keith Carpenter  peg 8   0.920kg

                 B   Craig Morris       peg 13   0.880kg

                 C   Eric Priest           peg 27   1.150kg

   Next match is in 3 weeks time at Holbrook bridge by Minnows caravan park. Many thanks to Baz Barrell for negotiating the use of Radfords car park for the day.


Points 3
3rd Points 3rd March 2024 Grand Western Canal

Once again this season, the heavy recent rains gave rise to excessive colour in the canal at Holbrook bridge where the club held its 3rd club match of the season.  This pea soup, combined with a heavy frost on the morning, made the fishing very hard indeed for the 26 participants. The match was pegged either side of the bridge and comprised 3 sections with pegs 1 to 9 located behind Minnows and pegs10 to 26 pegged on the Ayshford side of the bridge.

   Top angler on the day from peg 4 was Ray Slack with 3.490kg. Ray pole fished the middle channel over chopped worm and ground bait  and caught a dozen skimmers plus a few roach to give him a well earned 10 points. He used a small piece of worm on a size 18 hook throughout the match.. Big congrats Ray, the mightiest angler on the day, to quote Youtube's Alan Norrish ( fish on tv )

   Runner up from peg 18 on the Ayshford side, was Mark Branson with 3.175kg. Mark's catch was a big bream plus approx. 20 small rudd all caught on double pinkie fished over chopped worm and ground bait down the middle. Well done Mark !

   In 3rd spot, just 2 pegs away on 16, was Martin Heard with 3.000kg comprising around 30 roach plus one skimmer. Martin alternated between bread punch fished over liquidise down the middle and later fished double pinkie over crumb to complete the catch. Nice one Martin !

   Richard Higgs ( peg 2) took 4th spot with 2.800kg, comprising one bream plus bits whilst Mike Pickford ( peg 15) was 5th with 2.350kg also comprising a bream plus bits, Mike fished a waggler and had his fish on bread. Well done guys !

Section Winners

Section A      Craig Morris   peg 1   2.240kg

              B      Mike Blake     peg 10  1.780kg

              C      Steve Manley peg 20   1.000kg

Big thanks to Baz for arranging car parking at Radfords premises and, indeed, big thanks to  Mr and Mrs Radford for loaning us the use of their car park for the day.

Next match is in 3 weeks time on the 24th March at Stafford Moor, lakes in use will be Willow and Woodpecker. Everyone is to bring 3 keepnets minimum. 


Points 4
4th Points 24th March 2024 Stafford Moor



Sunday's club match featured the annual trip to Stafford Moor with 27 anglers taking part in what proved to be a highly productive day for many of them. The match was split across 2 lakes, Willow and Woodpecker, with a set of club points available for each. Thankfully, conditions were very good and the weights were correspondingly pleasing.


Winner on the day from peg 10 was Gary Butler with 43.300kg. Gary started on the pole and had several carassios on corn but then switched to bomb and 8mm pellet, feeding same ( plus a lot more for the ducks ) and never looked back. He finished up with 44 small carp for a blinding win and 10 well earned section points. Big congrats mate !

Runner-up from peg 19 was Mark Branson with 32.200kg. Mark caught on a small guru hybrid feeder with 8mm pellets and wafters to start tight against far bank. Then switched to bomb when it slowed, caught on soft / hard pellets plus meat,  a few bigger carp on worms over groundbait later in the match.

3rd spot went to Dom Garnett on peg 4 with 30.325kg. Dom had most of his fish well across on both method and pellet feeder with 8mm pellet being the most successful hook bait on the day. He also had a few carassios and carp on short pole later using pellet. Great result Dom !

4th spot went to Mike Pickford on peg 1 with 28.275kg. Mike had all his carp on feeder fished 8mm pellet. Nice one Mike !


Winner and top weight on the day from peg 8 was Wayne Smallridge with 79.190kg. Wayne started on the pole with a few silvers but quickly switched to bomb and 8mm pellet against the end of the island and caught steadily throughout the match for an exceptional win. Well done Wayne !

Runner-up from peg 2 was Eric Priest, just 3ozs behind the winner, with 79.100kg. Eric started on the pole but soon switched to a small method feeder well across and started to catch steadily using 8mm's or 6mm wafters. He also had trouble with pellet loving ducks !

In 3rd place was Steve Manley on peg 19 with 51.850kg. Steve fished the bomb just past half way  and fed 6 and 8mm pellets little and often. Best hook bait was 8mm pellet. Well done Steve !

4th place went to Simon Maunder on peg 14 with 44.625kg. Simon had all his fish on 8mm pellet fished well across via a bomb feeding same. Nice one Simon !

The next points match is in 3 weeks time on the canal at Greenway.


Points 1
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