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Match Results 2017

Points Table 2017

Points Table
First Points Match Sunday 29th January 2017

18 anglers turned out for the first clubmatch of the new season which was held along the Glebelands section of the Grand Western canal from Tidcombe gate to the end of the bungalows. After a bright start to the match, with most anglers catching, the weather conditions quickly deteriorated with heavy rain and gusts making bait presentation difficult.


Top weight on the day from peg 9 ( 6 pegs after the wires) was Eric Priest with a weight of 2.400kg. Eric fished an 8m pole using bread-punch over liquidised bread catching a few skimmers early on followed by small roach over the remainder of the match. 2nd on the day, from a peg towards the end of the bungalows, was Paul Marks from Exeter with a weight of 2.250kg. He was closely followed in 3rd by Gary Butler on peg 12 who weighed in 2.240kg. Both anglers pole fished bread-punch over liquidised catching small road and skimmers throughout the match.


Section winners (pictures below) were Phil Tucker (Section A) with 0.900kg comprising mainly small skimmers and Ali Robinson (section B) with an all roach catch of 1.850kg.


Second Points Match Sunday 19th February 2017

The second clubmatch of the season was held along the Manley/Warnicombe stretch of the Grand Western canal. On a dry, mild and overcast day the 23 anglers in attendance were full of expectation but the fishing turned out to be rather challenging. The match was pegged out over 2 sections, one through Snakes wood and the other from Warnicombe  back towards Glebelands.

Winner on the day with an impressive weight of 4.200kg, comprising 15 small skimmers and some decent roach up to 1lb, from peg 12 was Ray King who fished bread punch throughout the match. Ray was pegged near Warnicombe bridge on the Manley side.


In second place from peg 1 was Gary Butler who caught roach steadily from the off, again on bread punch, who finished up with a weight of 3.400kg. Gary was pegged on the Manley side edge of Snakes wood.


Third was Eric Priest who caught some decent roach in the first hour and then managed to land a small jack pike fishing the worm to boost his final weight to 2.810kg. Eric was on peg 15, 3 pegs away from Warnicombe bridge on the Tidcombe side.

Section winners ( pictured below) were as follows:

           Section A   1st   Paul Marks    1.860kg   ( all roach catch )

                              2nd Ali Robinson 1.810kg    ( ditto )

           Section B   1st   Pete Davey   1.850kg   ( skimmers, perch and roach )

                              2nd John Hill        1.690kg   ( skimmers and roach )

One chap who deserved a medal on the day was poor old Phil Madden who put his back out partway through the match and such was his dedication that he pole fished the last two hours standing up; trust you get well for the next clubbie in 3 weeks time Phil.

Third Points Match Sunday 12th March 2017

After a frost-free and relatively mild night, 23 anglers descended upon Tidcombe Gate to be greeted by near perfect conditions with gentle breeze and an overcast sky.The match pegging comprised 2 sections: pegs 1 to 12 from Glebelands steps to the wires and pegs 13 to 24 stretching from Tidcombe bay to  " Wooden bridge". This match turned out to be the best so far this season with an average weight per man of well over 2kg. It was the roach this time that generally took a back seat with the bream making a good showing throughout the match length.

Winner on the day from peg 6 was in-form angler Gary Butler with a weight of 6.280kg. Gary's catch comprised 22 fish in total and having taken 3 bream in the first hour on breadflake fishing an 18 to 0.10 hooklength, he proceeded to catch small skimmers and roach on punch at regular intervals over the rest of the 5 hour match.


Next to Gary on peg 5 came 2nd placed Pete Kingdom with a weight of 5.850kg. Pete also caught the bulk of his catch during the early part of the match taking one good bream and several smaller bream on breadflake/punch.

Third from the Tidcombe section came Eric Priest with a weight of 5.650kg. Eric drew noted peg 13 in Tidcombe bay and caught 10 skimmers and small roach steadily throughout the match using  punch bread.

Section Winners ( pictured below ) were as follows:

Section A   1st   Paul Pike        4.240kg  Peg 4   ( 4 bream on maggot )

                   2nd Ali Robinson  4.000kg  Peg 9   ( 1 bream, plus skimmers,roach and 5 perch )

Section B   1st   Paul Marks     4.050kg  Peg 17  ( 34 fish comprising good sized skimmers and roach ) 

                   2nd Alan Davey    3.960kg  Peg 23 ( 1 good bream, several skimmers and roach to 1lb )

The next club match is earmarked for Oaktree in 3 weeks time.

Don't forget, top 12 points qualify for the heavily sponsored Club Match final at Oaktree Fishery in October.


Fourth Points Match Sunday 2nd April 2017

The latest round held at Oaktree Fishery witnessed a really good turnout of 24 anglers. After what was a chilly start, the day warmed up quickly with wall-to-wall sunshine making the fishing somewhat challenging for most anglers.

The match was split into 2 sections utilising both top and bottom lakes and the results were as follows:

Bottom Lake   ( pictures above)

Continuing his recent run of form was winner Gary Butler with 13.030kg. Gary, who was centrally pegged opposite the car park, caught a kilo of silvers during the first hour on maggot and followed up with 6 carp caught over the remainder of the match. These were primarily caught on soft pellet; he did have one carp on meat.

In second place, on the next peg,  was Graham Coleman with a weight of 10.200kg. Graham caught 4 decent sized carp on meat down the inside.

Third, from a peg up in the shallow end, was Anthony Vigus who managed 6.530kg comprising 2 good carp caught on meat and maggot.


Fourth place belonged to Simon Maunder who caught 6.480kg from a central peg on the car park side. Simon caught 6 carp on meat in the margin.

The distribution of points was tight in this section as there were half a dozen anglers all within a fish of each other.

Top Lake  ( pictures below )

The weights were generally higher here with several 10lb plus carp showing on the day.


Winner, from a peg up on the far top side in the shallows with a weight of 22.085kg was Mike Blake. Mike caught 10 carp in total and all were caught on pole fished double corn over micro pellet in the margins.

Not far behind, in second place, came Mark Robinson with a weight of 21.750kg. Mark was pegged on the near corner dam end and caught 5 lumps during the second half of the match on pole fished meat, caught once again in the margins.

Third place went to Pete Davey, pegged on the dam, with 15.930kg. Pete had 6 carp caught mainly on meat again, predominantly ,in the margins.

In fourth place, from a peg up the left hand bank, was Paul Sagar who maggot fished using a method feeder against the island and weighed in with 14.220kg. Paul's catch was made up of 10 smaller sized carp.

The next club match is to be held at Summerhayes in 3 weeks time, meanwhile, the annual Club Pairs Qualifiers get underway from next weekend.


Fifth Points Match Sunday 23rd April 2017

The venue for the latest clubbie held yesterday was on Longs lake at Summerhayes, Bridgwater.

A big thanks goes to Pete and his team for laying on a hearty breakfast for those who wanted it, thanks guys. Also thanks to Gary and Steve for pegging out the match so that the 21 anglers who fished found plenty of water in which to work.

Conditions started off chilly, but it soon warmed up with the sun coming out and after the first hour or so the anglers generally found the going challenging. 


Winner on the day from permanent peg 14 with a weight of 28.710kg was Eric Priest who caught 23 carp and a few tench on meat mainly in the margins. He was closely followed in 2nd place by Paul Ware from peg 38 who weighed in with 26.960kg. Paul fished a long pole to the island and caught steadily throughout the match using mainly corn over ground bait. Third place went to Steve Manley from peg 5 with a weight of 23.050kg. Steve again fished a long pole to the island with corn over micro pellet and took carp steadily throughout the match.

Section winners ( pictured below) were as follows :

Section A   1st    Paul Elworthy      16.610kg  peg 16    ( mainly fishing hard pellet feedered off the island )

                   2nd  Pete Davey         12.950kg  peg 12    ( caught mainly fishing pellet waggler off island )

Section B   1st    Mark Robinson   18.850kg  peg 35    ( feeder/long pole against island )

                   2nd  Gary Butler         15.300kg  peg 26    ( long pole against island/ meat down margins )


The next clubbie is in 2 weeks time at Oaktree (top and bottom ponds)


ps   Exe Valley Angling is now only opening on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Sixth Points Match Sunday 15th May 2017

Sunday's match at Oaktree was spread over both top and bottom ponds with good weights in each. Winner of the top pond was Paul Elworthy with 24.900kg. Paul was pegged over the far top side and caught most of his carp in close and down the margin using paste.

John Body fished a great match also and came second on the day with 22.400kg. John, again, fished the margins and caught mainly on corn.

Third place went to Paul Frost who weighed in with 12.900kg and he was closely followed in fourth by Anthony Vigus with 12.750kg.

Clear winner of the bottom pond was Simon Maunder with a brilliant weight of 26.800kg. Simon was drawn on the car park side and drew the "rat hole" peg.

The tussle for second was a closely fought one with Ali Robinson on the outfall just pipping Mike Blake; weights were 14.200kg and 13.400kg respectively.

Fourth place went to Ian Brooks with a weight of 11.500kg.


At the half way stage in the club match series, things are hotting up with Gary Butler out in the lead with 51 points, Eric Priest in second with 41 and John Hill in third with 36. There are five anglers just a couple of points outside the top twelve so plenty to fight for yet. Remember, top twelve qualify to fish in the sponsored club match final at Oaktree in October.

Next club match is in just over a weeks time on 28th May at Little Yeo. Both ponds will be utilised for sure.



Seventh Points Match Sunday 28th May 2017

Yesterday's match held at Little Yeo was split into 3 sections, 2 on Bobslake and 1 on Gaggs and there was identical prizemoney for each of the three sections.

Deserved winner on Gaggs was Paul Sagar from permanent peg 5 who weighed in with 7.020kg comprising mainly tench, skimmers and roach. Paul caught virtually all of his fish on pole fished maggot. In second place was Pete Davey from peg 2 with 4.300kg. Pete fished corn on long pole to the lilies with some success but then switched to maggot and caught  mainly skimmers, crucians and roach over the rest of the match. Third was Steve Manley next door on peg 3 who weighed in with 3.550kg comprising a similar mix of fish on pole fished maggot.

Section 1 on Bobslake was pegged along the dam and the winning weight from permanent peg 1 was Mike Blake weighing in with 12.850kg. Mike caught most of his carp mainly in the margins on corn and maggot. Mike was closely followed in second place by Mike Edwards who weighed in with 11.720kg. Mike was on peg 6 and again caught carp mainly in the margins but this time using paste.

Tim Vigus was a very close third with 10.820kg. Tim drew peg 5 and caught carp on mainly corn and maggot.

Section 2 on Bobslake was a very different affair, perhaps due to shallower and warmer water, the carp were in a real feeding mood and the weights increased dramatically. Winner from Island peg 14 was Mark Robinson who weighed in with 38.930kg. Mark caught the large majority of his carp on the method feeder and hard pellet. He just pipped father, Ali Robinson, by one fish who came second with 37.760kg. Ali drew peg 11 and, again, caught most of his carp using the method feeder. Third place went to Ray King from peg 9 who managed 31.850kg. Ray caught all of his carp on the pole using corn, maggot and pellet.

The next club match is in two weeks at Trinity, Bridgwater.


Eighth Points Match Sunday 11th June 2017

23 anglers turned out for yesterday's match held at Woodlands Lake, Trinity, on the outskirts of Bridgwater.The match was split into 2 sections, pegs 1-12 were along the far side opposite the car park with pegs 13-24 following on across the deeper end and up the nearside to just past the footbridge. Conditions started out good for fishing with plenty of cloud cover but as the match wore on it got sunnier and the wind grew in strength with nasty gusts making presentation difficult. Result of all this was that weights were lower than expected but the competition for points was as intense as ever.


The deserved winner on the day from peg 22 was Phil Tucker with a weight of 26.800kg. Phil alternated between pellet waggler and feeder throughout the match and caught carp, mainly on pellet, at regular intervals to secure the win and 10 league points. In 2nd place was Eric Priest from peg 4 with a weight of 21.700kg comprising 7 carp and 5kg of silvers. Eric caught most of his fish on meat/corn in the margins, with 2 carp coming late on via the bomb and hard pellet. Close behind in 3rd place was in form angler, Steve Manley from peg 18 weighing in with 19.320kg. Steve caught most of his fish on the method feeder using 6mm hard pellet on size 16 hook. 

Section winners were as follows:

A section.  


Winner was Paul Frost on peg 1 who weighed in with 11.900kg. The bulk of Paul's catch comprised 5 carp which were caught via feedering into the corner margins. Runner up was John Hill from peg 11 with 10.550kg. John caught his fish mainly pole fishing the margins using meat.

B section.  


Winner here was young Paul Elworthy from peg 14 with a weight of 13.420kg. Paul caught 2 decent carp on paste and then had a fine catch of skimmers in the latter part of the match in the margins on corn. Runner up to Paul was Mark Robinson on peg 15, first peg back up the nearside, who weighed in with 11.820kg. Mark managed to catch several carp, some on pellet waggler with the rest coming on the method feeder down the margins.

Spare a thought for Ian who became a victim of the gusts on Sunday. His cap blew off and so he trotted off next door to JH on peg 11 to retrieve it. This done, he gets back to find his 4th and 5th pole sections gone. Not to be beaten though, after the match, Ian, in truly inimitable style, removed clothing and went in after his gear. He felt around the margins with his bare feet and minutes later the sections were safely back in his holdall. Considering the depth of water, that was a good result eh!  

The next  club match is in a fortnight on Moors Lake at Avalon Fishery, Westhay, Somerset.

Moors Lake is around 6 ft deep with plenty of decent sized carp as well as loads of big skimmers so should be a good match.

Post code for sat nav is BA6 9TT.



Ninth Points Match Sunday 25th June 2017

The club's latest match was held at the impressive Avalon Fishery, Shapwick, where 23 anglers turned out for what proved to be yet another challenging day for many. With good overcast weather conditions though, there were some outstanding catches on the day from the match lake.


The overall winner was Paul Ware, from permanent peg 3, who weighed in with 35.610kg. Paul's catch comprised 20 carp all caught on the pellet waggler against the island. Fishing 18inches deep with 8mm banded pellet, Paul caught steadily throughout the match. Paul said he started on a size 14 hook but found the bite rate improved greatly by switching to a size 18 later in the match.


Close behind in 2nd place was Ian Brooks from peg 32 with a weight of 33.560kg. Ian caught 13 carp plus a few skimmers fishing a bomb over against the island with 8mm banded pellet on a QM1 size 16 hook to 0.18 hook length. Ian found the going really hard and managed only 4 carp up to the halfway stage but things improved greatly in the last 2 hours and the carp really came on strong to give him second place and 10 match points. 


3rd spot went to Eric Priest from peg 11 who weighed in with 31.320kg. Eric fished a 9m pole for the first half of the match catching decent skimmers and the odd carp on meat and then switched to fishing a straight lead off the island to catch a further 9 carp using 8mm banded pellet.


Section winners were as follows:


Section A


Winner was Paul Elworthy from peg 7 with a weight of 22.850kg. Paul fished a 9m pole using his special paste mix and had a brilliant 32lb catch of skimmers, probably the best purist's catch of the day ( see photo below), plus 3 carp. Runner-up to Paul was Graham Coleman from peg 1 with 10.310kg. Graham managed 4 carp and several skimmers on the pole using luncheon meat.


Section B  

Winner here was Bruce Hunt from peg 30 who weighed in with 23.530kg. Bruce landed 11 carp on the pellet waggler fishing shallow with 8mm banded pellet on a size 16. Runner-up to Bruce was Steve Manley next door on peg 29 with 13.940kg. Again, successful method was pellet waggler against the island using 8mm banded pellet.


Worth a mention, Ray King landed a 11lb 8oz carp on his light pole gear see notable catches for picture. Also spare a thought for John on peg 24 who had a terrible day, firstly he lost a leg off his seatbox into the lake and if that was not bad enough, broke his pole in two places, commiserations John !

After nine matches, the battle for points is hotting up with anglers fighting for a top twelve place to qualify for the heavily sponsored Club Match Final in October. Remember, qualification will be based on the best 9 from 12 scores. Leading at the moment is Eric Priest with 67 points closely followed by Gary Butler with 63 and Steve Manley in 3rd with 56.


Finally, a special thanks to Vic at Avalon for laying on everything to ensure our first club visit was a memorable one, I'm sure this will be the first of many visits in the future.



Tenth Points Match Sunday 23rd July 2017

Friday's heavy rain caused weights to be adversely affected during yesterday's pole-only club match held at Little Yeo. With 21 anglers taking part, the match was split into 3 equal sections, two on Bobslake and one on Gaggs.

Section A      


The winner was Bruce Hunt from permanent peg 9 with a weight of 23.750kg. Bruce, who fished the paste at 14m, fed micro pellet at regular intervals to keep the carp coming really quickly. He caught 31 small carp in total and caught most of them during the first half of the match. Runner up was Eric Priest from peg 8 with 13.420kg. After a slow start, Eric caught small carp using meat, but as bites slowed again halfway through the match, a switch to maggot produced a further 6 carp plus a few silvers. Close behind in third spot was Paul Elworthy from peg 5 with a weight of 12.500kg. With the margins producing very little, Paul fished the paste at 11m and caught virtually all of his fish in the first half of the match. 

Section B      


Deserved winner was Paul Sagar from peg 18 with 20kg which included 15 carp ( biggest 7lb ). Paul fished banded pellet wrapped in paste at 11m. He managed only 2 carp in the margins which were both caught on corn. Runner up was Ali Robinson from peg 15 with 19.310kg. Ali caught 15 carp using a variety of baits, mainly paste, but also meat and hard pellet. Half a dozen skimmers plus a decent perch completed his net. In third spot was Mike Blake from peg 16 with 12kg. Mike caught all his fish, including 8 carp, down the margins mainly using single or double corn on a size 14 hook fished over micro pellet.

Section C      


This section in Gaggs proved to be the toughest on the day. The winning weight was caught by Gary Butler from peg 3 with 2.180kg. Gary caught a total of 46 fish, which included 2 crucians, a skimmer and a 12oz roach, all caught on single maggot. Runner up was Anthony Edwards from peg 7 with a weight of 1.710kg. Anthony fished a long pole to the island and caught one skimmer and many small roach on pinkie to a size 22 hook. In third spot came John Hill from peg 1 with 1.360kg. John caught most of his fish using worm.

The next club points match is on Aug 27th at Upper Tamar ( Cornish bank ). 



Eleventh Points Match Sunday 27th August 2017

Upper Tamar lake was the venue for the penultimate points match of the season and our intrepid cameraman ( Mike Edwards- front row 2nd left ) has captured a few of the angler's in relaxed holiday mood whilst basking in glorious sunshine. Some guys were almost horizontal as you can see in the pics below and Ray King, donning his deluxe sunshade (shortly to be available at all good tackle shops),was certainly in the mood to enjoy himself.


However, there was a serious side to the day, namely the fishing and the match was, again, dominated by the whip with all 3 top weights coming from this method. Clear winner on the day was Bruce Hunt (left of picture) on peg 5 who caught an amazing 648 fish in 6 hours to weigh in with 24.200kg. Bruce used a selection of whips from 2m to 4m and used maggot on a size 16 barbless feeding maggot and groundbait. Bulk of his catch was perch with roach coming later in the match.


Second on the day was Ian Brooks ( 2nd right) from peg 2 with an excellent catch of 17.200kg. Ian caught all his fish, mainly roach, on a 5m whip using sweetcorn over groundbait.


Third overall was Eric Priest ( 2nd row- 2nd right) from peg 14 who weighed in with 13.300kg comprising roach and a few skimmers. Eric pole fished for the first 2 hours in 10ft of water,  switching later to a 5m whip once the fish had settled in close enough. Main bait was sweetcorn over groundbait.


Section winners were as follows :


Section A    


1st   Paul Elworthy ( 5th from left) with 12.900kg. Paul caught roach and small skimmers via the feeder using corn and pellet.


2nd Steve Manley  ( centre pic in sexy shorts) with 11.600kg using 5m whip with sweetcorn over groundbait. Mainly roach.

Section B    


1st   Paul Ware ( kindly taking photo) with 11.500kg. Paul fished a feeder and caught roach and some decent skimmers on pellet.

2nd  Simon Maunder ( 2nd row- 3rd right) with 8.700kg. Simon caught a lot of fish using a 6m whip with mainly maggot. He switched inside later on a shorter whip to pick up 2 bonus trout as well as numerous roach and perch.

League Table


Heading the points table with an unassailable lead of 85 points is Eric Priest with Gary Butler in 2nd place on 73 followed by Steve Manley in 3rd with 61. There are a host of anglers fighting to qualify for the club's Top 12 final in October and with just one match to go at Lakeside, should make for a good finale although the match promises to be a hard one.



Twelfth Points Match Sunday 17th September 2017

The 12th and final club points match of the season was held at Lakeside yesterday and, as expected, this turned out to be a grueller for the 17 anglers that took part. Partly through the heavy recent rains coupled with the current low stock levels of silvers, weights generally comprised of perch with the odd bigger fish putting in an appearance.


Winner on the day with a weight of 8.200kg, from permanent peg 8, was Eric Priest who landed an 18lb common carp. Eric fished a small feeder to the submerged bar, successful hookbait was pellet.


In 2nd place with 2.300kg was Pete Davey from peg 7 who pole fished meat early on to catch 2 crucian carp. Pete also managed to catch several perch on maggot over the rest of the match. 


3rd spot went to Gary Butler from peg 22. Gary pole fished maggot up against a lily bed and managed a small carp and 17 perch plus one roach to  finish with a weight of 2.080kg.

Section winners:

Section A

Ist   Ben Peek   Peg 3   1.700kg.   Bream on maggot feeder in last hour.

2nd   John Hill and Ian Brooks tied with 1.300kg. John had an all perch catch, Ian's catch included a 2lb tench.

Section B

Ist   Mark Robinson  Peg 25   0.700kg  Perch on pole fished worm.

2nd   Paul Frost and Phil Tucker tied with 0.340kg. Again, comprising small perch.


In a highly contested season, the top 12 anglers ( best 9 from 12 points) now look forward to the sponsored club match final which is to be held at Oaktree ( bottom pond) in a fortnight on October 1st.  Please contact either Mike Edwards or Eric Priest early if you are unable to attend so that replacements can be sorted ( working down the final points list in order).


Top 12 Final Sunday 1st October 2017

The grand finale to this year's Tiverton match league was held at Oaktree fishery yesterday where the top 12 anglers in the points league ( pictured below)  converged to fish the bottom lake in what appeared to be ideal fishing conditions with an overcast sky and light breeze. However, the fishing turned out to be hard with the carp proving to be more elusive than usual for most.

The angler on the day who managed to buck this trend by catching 16 carp for a match winning weight of 24.600kg from 2nd peg in on the long car park side was Mark Robinson ( above centre). Mark fish a short pole and caught most of his fish on maggot over caster and pellet. His catch also included some good perch to 1lb.

2nd on the day, from a couple of pegs further along, with a weight of 15.350kg was Paul Elworthy ( above left). Paul fished the paste over micro pellet on both long and short pole ending up with a total of 10 carp one of which weighed 4.200kg caught in the last 15 mins..


In 3rd spot was Gary Butler ( above right) with a weight of 9.500kg. Gary drew the outfall peg and caught 3kg of silvers mainly on soft pellet plus 5 carp in the margins on pellet, meat and maggot.


4th place went to Phil Tucker with 9.400kg. Phil drew the "rathole" swim and his catch included 6 carp caught on various bait including meat, pellet and maggot.

The presentation of awards was made by club Treasurer, Mike Edwards, who thanked everyone for making the series a highly contested and enjoyable one. He then, firstly, presented  Mark Robinson with the Winners trophy and then followed this by making the Shield presentation to the overall league winner for 2017, Eric Priest, who amassed 7 maximum scores and a couple of 2nds for a total of 88 points. ( pic. below) 

Prizes were then presented to all 12 anglers in descending order, the first 6 anglers receiving cash prizes whilst the latter half receiving fishing tackle with a special prize of a reel going to Paul Elworthy for the biggest fish on the day of a carp 4.200kg. 


Special thanks goes to Exeter Angling Centre and Exe Valley Angling for their donations towards prizes and also a big thanks to Lisa at Oaktree for providing mini -breakfast for all competitors on the day.


Finally, a very special thanks goes to our Treasurer, Mike, for all his work behind the scenes as well as stewarding on the day which ensured the smooth running of this popular, annual event.



pairs and final
Pairs Qualifiers and Final

Results for the first qualifier held on the 9th of April at Little Yeo. The Match was fished on Bobs lake with 5 pairs taking part.

The 3 pairs that qualify for the final are:

1st S Hancock and G Butler with 9 points and a total weight of 51kg 270g 

2nd P Elworthy and P Davey with 8 points and a total weight of 49kg 540g

3rd On weight count back C Middleton and M Blake with 5 points and a total weight of 23kg 620g

Results for the second qualifier held on the 16th of April at Little Yeo. The match was fished on Bob's lake with two pairs taking part. Due to this both pairs go though to the final.

1st I Brooks and S Manley with 4 points and a total weight of 62kg 080g

2nd P Pike and J Boddy with 2 points and a total weight of 17kg 810g

Results for the final held on the 30th of April at Little Yeo. The match was fished on Bob's lake with the five qualifying pairs taking part. With the top three pairs all finishing on 8 points first, second, and third were decided on weight count back.  

1st P Elworthy and P Davey with a total weight of 43kg 770g 

2nd I Brooks and S Manley with a total weight of 39kg 070g

3rd S Hancock and G Butler with a total weight of 34kg 460g

club pairs
Club Pairs, Sunday 5th November

Twenty six anglers were booked in for the latest club pairs match held on the Tiverton canal between broken bridge and Tidcombe. After a sharp frost, the match was promising to be quite hard going but with a strong gusty wind and bright sunshine to add to the mix, the match turned out to be a grueller with only 11 anglers breaking a kilo. The match was based on points attained across two equal sections either side of wooden bridge and it was the end pegs which clearly proved to be advantageous on the day.


Winners on the day ( above centre) from peg 13  were Gary Butler ( section A) with 1.560kg, 3rd in section and team mate Paul Marks ( section B) weighing in with 2.220kg, 2nd in section. Both caught small roach and skimmers on bread punch over liquidised bread.


In 2nd place ( above right) from peg 1 was Eric Priest winning section A with 5.00kg and partner Paul Frost ( section B) with 1.680kg, 6th in section. Both caught good sized skimmers and small roach, again using bread punch over liquidised.


In 3rd spot ( above left) from peg 5 was Ali Robinson ( section A) with 0.440kg and 6th in section with partner Pete Kingdon  winning section B with a weight of 2.800kg. Pete caught some good sized skimmers with small roach whilst Ali's catch comprised small roach. Again, both anglers used bread punch over liquidised. 


Big thanks to Paul Elworthy and Steve Manley for organising what was a tough but keenly fought match.

The next match is the Xmas Open in a few weeks time on the 26th November. Tickets should be available very shortly.


christmas match
2017 Christmas Match

61 anglers turned out for the club's Xmas match fished along the Tiverton end of the Grand Western canal on Sunday. After two hard frosts, the match promised to be a hard one and indeed, that turned out to be the case for most. The match was pegged from near broken bridge to Warnicombe and comprised 4 sections. 


Winner on the day and a seasonal turkey dinner, from a peg on the bends at Warnicombe was Pete Kingdon with a weight of 3.650kg. Pete's catch included some good skimmers and lovely roach using flake and breadpunch. He also managed a few perch and a 2lb pike on worm. Well done Pete, having come close many times, you finally managed to win the thing after all these years.


In 2nd place was Andy Bulley from peg 44 near the wires at Glebelands. Andy weighed in with 2.870kg which comprised two decent skimmers and several small roach caught on punch. Andy also went home with a huge turkey dinner. well fished Andy !


3rd place went to Jason Fay from a peg close to broken bridge. Jason weighed in with 2.450kg made up of a bream and several small roach, again on bread.


In 4th place was Alan Davey from peg 40 who caught the only tench on the day plus a back up of small roach to weigh in with 2.070kg. Alan caught his tench on flake on light gear so it was "clenched buttocks" time for a while. Well done Alan !


5th came Paul Elworthy from the next peg to Alan who weighed in with a mainly roach catch plus 3 tiny skimmers of 1.920kg. Paul managed to keep bites coming all through the match on the punch.


6th place belonged to Ali Robinson with a weight of 1.770kg. Ali was pegged on 47, first after the wires, and had an all roach catch again using bread punch. 

Winners and runners-up of the 4 sections are pictured below and their weights are as follows :


Section A   Pete Davey   1.450kg   

                   Martin Heard   1.350kg


Section B   Mark Robinson   1.550kg

                   Gary Butler   1.450kg


Section C   Mike Edwards   1.450kg

                   Gary Thornton   0.850kg


Section D   Elliot Fay   1.620kg

                   Paul Ware   1.250kg

 Congratulations guys.

Big thanks goes to Amory Park Bowling Club for the use of their facilities but a really special thanks goes, firstly, to Julia and Lyn and the girls for laying on such a brilliant breakfast which was appreciated by all who dined, and that was most of the competitors. Secondly, a big thanks again to Julia and hubby, Ali who, over many weeks, amassed all the fantastic array of prizes. Further thanks goes to David and Graham at Culm Valley Angling for the donation of many groundbait and fishing / tackle voucher prizes. As Malcolm, our president said, this must rate as the best Xmas match presentation in the south west.


Finally, thanks to all the club members, particularly Match Secretary, Steve Manley, Treasurer, Mike Edwards and Paul Elworthy for their help in making what was yet another enjoyable and successful Xmas match.


See you all next year



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