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Match Results 2020

Click on the following links to look at the match report and weigh in sheet.


Points table

1st Points 19th January Grand Western Canal  

2nd Points 2nd February Grand Western Canal 

3rd Points 1st March Grand Western Canal

4th Points 8th March Grand Western Canal

Pairs Qualifiers 15th, 29th March and Final 3rd May Little Yeo

5th Points 5th April Stafford Moor

6th Points 19th April Summerhayes

7th Points 24th May Grand Western Canal

8th Points 14th June Little Yeo

9th Points 28th June Avalon

10th Points 26th July Oaktree

11th Points 23rd August Upper Tamar

12th Points 20th September Lakeside

Top 12 Final 18th October Summerhayes

Pairs Match 15th November Grand Western Canal

Christmas Match 29th November Grand Western Canal


Points Table 2020

1st Points 19th January 2020 Grand Western Canal

The opening match of the season was held at Tidcombe yesterday with 28 anglers in attendance ready to battle once again for points. Unfortunately, they were greeted with the first really hard frost for months ( -4 degrees ) and this, coupled with wall to wall sunshine, made the fishing rock hard with only one angler breaking the kilo mark.

   Winner on the day with 1.180kg was newcomer Shaun Dakin. Shaun was drawn on peg 18 near the wires and caught 25 tiny roach on the punch in close but later switched to worm and caught a small jackpike which proved decisive. Well done Shaun !

   Runner up from peg 20 with a weight of 0.760kg was Bruce Hunt. Bruce fished an 8m pole and caught 83 tiny roach on a 4mm punch over liquised bread. Hook was an 18 tied to 0.09 line.

   3rd spot went to Keith Carpenter on peg 16 with 0.600kg. Keith used similar tactics and caught 73 fish for his weight again on 4mm punch.

Section Winners

Section A

    1st    Eric Priest   0.540kg

   2nd  Paul Sagar  0.160kg

Section B

   1st   Allan Davey   0.400kg

   2nd   Mike Pickford  0.180kg

Section C

   1st   Anthony Edwards   0.480kg

  2nd  Dom Garnett   0.460kg   

   The next club match is in 2 weeks time at Manley which has been fishing well lately, particularly for skimmer bream. Hopefully, there will be more to write about next time.


2nd Points 2nd February 2020 Grand Western Canal

The latest round of the club's points league was held yesterday at Manley with 28 anglers in attendance. The match, comprising 3 sections, was pegged from Snakes wood to the narrows at Glebelands.  Despite mild conditions, a strong, blustery wind made float presentation difficult for many, particularly in B and C sections around Warnicombe bridge, but the overriding frustration was the lack of decent roach once again. Thankfully, the skimmers and odd bream did put in an appearance together with a sprinkling of tench and it was the former which comprised the top 3 weights on the day.

   Winner on the day from peg 3 by the sluice was Calvin Lemon with a weight of 3.890kg.  Calvin fished the big punch over liquidise 3 quarters of the way across and caught 2 good bream and a decent skimmer in the first hour of the match. He later added another skimmer to give him top honours on the day, Well done indeed Calvin !

   Runner-up from peg 24 in C section, half way down Warnicombe straight, was Ian Northey with 2.320kg. Ian caught 2 good skimmers fishing a 4mm punch over liquidise at 11m. Hook size was an 18 to 0.10 hooklength. Nice one Ian !

   3rd place went to Phil Tucker next door on peg 25 with a weight of 2.220kg. Phil managed to catch a lot of small skimmers, again fishing the punch over liquidise at 11m. Unfortunately, Phil was taken ill and had to retire halfway through the match so well done for today Phil in catching more fish than everyone in half the time !  On behalf of all your mates, trust you make a speedy recovery ready for the next clubbie in 2 weeks time.

Section Winners

   Section A   

   1st   Gary Butler   0.900kg

   2nd Mark Webber  0.640kg

   Section B

   1st   Elliot Fay      1.810kg

   2nd Gary Marshall  1.580kg

   Section C

   1st   Keith Carpenter 0.760kg

   2nd Steve Plumbridge  0.560kg

   The next club match will be held at Tidcombe in 2 weeks.


3rd Points 1st March 2020 Grand Western Canal

Today's match, held along the newly, permanently pegged stretch of the canal at Greenway was attended by 23 anglers. For club points, the match consisted of 2 sections, one each side of Sellake bridge. With strong winds, interspersed with mini hoolies and heavy showers, bait presentation for many proved difficult and although most anglers caught, it  was tench that dominated the top placings on the day.

   Winner on the day, from peg 23 was Mike Pickford who weighed in with 12.300kg. Mike fished a straight lead to the far side over 2 balls of crumb, laced with caster and maggot. He ended up with a total of 7 tench all caught using double caster on a size 18 hook to 0.12 hook length. Congratulations Mike !

   Runner up, from peg 21, was Martin Heard with 8.180kg which comprised 6 tench all caught on pole fished worm and pinkie. Martin caught all his fish down the track using a size 14 hook.

   In 3rd spot was Gary Butler from peg 24 who weighed in with 6.140kg. Gary had a couple of roach early on but then, fishing a longer 10m pole, he managed to land 4 tench all caught on worm using  a size 16 hook to 0.13 hook length. 

Section Winners

   A Section

   1st   Elliot Fay   ( peg 13 )   1.240kg

  2nd  Bruce Hunt  ( peg 8)  1.100kg

   B Section

   1st   Eric Priest  ( peg 20)   4.580kg

  2nd  Dom Garnett  ( peg 22)  3.340kg

Next week's match on the 8th March is the rescheduled match from 16/2 which was postponed due to storm Dennis. Please note the venue has been changed from Tidcombe to that of Snakes Wood at Manley. Draw 8.30am Manley bridge, fishing 10am till 3pm.


4th Points 8th March 2020 Grand Western Canal

The latest club match was held at Manley with 18 anglers pegged along the stretch between Warnicombe bridge and the sluice at Snakes wood. Conditions were fair to begin with but deteriorated during the day with more mini storms, as in previous matches this season, continuing to give the anglers a hard time. Needless to say, the fishing was hard and with the small roach failing to put in an appearance once again, it was the odd bonus fish which dictated whether you had a good day or an indifferent one.

   One guy who did have a really good day was Mike Pickford who, for the second time in 8 days, won the match with tench. Mike was pegged right in the wood on peg 4 and weighed in 2 good tench for 2.700kg. Successful method was fishing the waggler half way across with double maggot on a size 20 hook to 0.12 hooklength. Well done Mike for doing the double !

   Runner up, as per last week, was Martin Heard who also managed to land one good tench plus a few extras including a rudd, a skimmer, perch and a few tiny roach. Martin weighed in with 2.090kg and fished the bread punch for the first hour or so then switched to the worm and pinkie which resulted in the tench. Nice one Martin !

   3rd spot went to Gary Butler, again as per last week, this time with with 1.990kg. Gary, fishing from peg 8, hooked and landed a 3lb bream on his first dob in using bread punch over liquidise. After that, he had one other small skimmer and a few roach to complete the catch. Well done Gary !

Section Winners

 Section A

   1st   Dom Garnett   (peg 1 )   0.820kg

   2nd Ben Hathaway ( peg 3 )  0.270kg

 Section B

   1st   Steve Manley  ( peg 15 )   1.880kg

   2nd  Mike Blake   ( peg 16 ) 1.520kg  

Next Sunday sees the start of the club pairs with the first round qualifier at Little Yeo, draw 8.30am, fishing 10 till 4pm. 

   With the club match points league now a third of the way through, Gary Butler is out in front with 33 points closely followed by Mike Pickford on 32. Martin Heard is well placed in 3rd spot on 30 points.

The next points match will be at Stafford Moor on 5th April.



9th Points 28th June 2020 Avalon

After having lost 4 club points matches over the Coronavirus lock down, yesterday, things returned to some sort of normal with the club's first event since March. Avalon fishery at Shapwick was the venue and  28 anglers turned out to fish the match which comprised 3 sections on Moors match lake.

   With a strong blustery SW wind blowing down through the lake, bait presentation was challenging and weights were subsequently patchy. However, one guy that got it spot on was Martin Heard who ended up a clear winner on the day with 55.340kg. Martin drew permanent peg 18 and fished a pellet waggler to the island to catch a total of 23 carp fishing only 12 inches deep. Martin fed 6 pints of pellets in total and used an 8mm banded pellet on a 16 hook to 0.18 hook length to catch all his fish. Congratulations Martin !

   Runner-up on the day was Mike Blake from peg 5 with 30.900kg. Mike had a dozen carp in total with half coming on a pellet waggler with 8mm banded pellet and half on a pellet feeder with micro's and 8mm pellet on the hook. Mike found he had to cast really tight to the island to get a bite. Well done Mike !

   3rd on the day from peg 16 was Mark Webber with 29.310kg comprising 12 carp all caught using a cage feeder to the island. Mark used groundbait and micro's in the feeder and successful bait was 5 maggots on a size 12 hook. Nice one Mark !

   4th on the day was Mark Branson from peg 33 with 27.130kg. Mark fished a bomb, again to the island, and managed 12 carp all on a 10mm banded pellet. He fed 6 pints of 8mm pellet in total.

Well done Mark !

Section Winners

   Section A

   1st   Phil Tucker   25.030kg

   2nd  Anthony Edwards  16.640kg

   Section B

   1st   Mike Edwards   21.600kg

   2nd Paul Elworthy   20.240kg

   Section C

   1st   Elliot Fay   23.220kg

   2nd  Steve Manley  20.410kg

   Finally, thanks to everyone for following the social distancing rules on the day and a special thanks to Vic and Steve M ( plus help from scribes EP and Phil B ) in ensuring the match was carried out under Covid secure conditions. It seems this will be the way forward for quite some time.


10th Points 26th July 2020 Oaktree

22 anglers turned out to fish the latest club match held at Oaktree yesterday. The match was spread over both top and bottom lakes with 11 anglers on each. Despite mild weather with odd showers and a brisk SW breeze, the fishing, as expected following recent heavy rain, proved hard for most with the carp coming in short bursts at best.

   Top Pond

   Winner of top pond, from peg 20 half way up the far bank, was Dom Garnett with 15.350kg. Dom caught a total of 10 carp plus 4 good skimmers, some of which were caught on long pole and hair rigged 8mm pellet. Remainder of his bag were caught down the edge with dead maggot as hookbait. Well done Dom !

   Just one fish behind in 2nd place, on middle of the dam at peg 22, was Les Lloyd with 13.875kg. Les predominantly fished the meat down the margin and caught 5 lumps plus a few bits. Les varied his hookbait from 8mm to 14mm. Nice one Les !

   Close behind In 3rd spot from peg 14 up at the top of the left hand bank was Mike Edwards with 13.150kg. Mike 

caught a total of 8 carp and used almost every method possible including a feeder to the island where he had 2 or 3 carp on corn. Some were caught on the maggot down the edge with a few more coming on long pole. Well done Mike, also heard you found time to go for a dip when things were quiet ! I'm sure Ian will be envious when he finds out !

   4th spot went to Ben Hathaway on peg 21 with 12.900kg. Ben managed 6 carp in total fishing both short pole and in the margin. Main bait was paste. Well done Ben !

   Bottom Pond 

   Winner on bottom pond, from peg 10 on the car park side, was Eric Priest with 11 carp plus 6 skimmers and a some rudd/roach for 19.325kg. Eric fished 9/10m pole for half the match and caught only silvers but then switched to fishing his margin swim and caught the bulk of his catch during the 4th hour using the meat.

   Close behind in 2nd place, from peg 8 also on the car park side, was Elliot Fay with 18.150kg. Elliot fished a 13m pole and caught 16 smaller carp throughout the match using 4mm pellet on a size 18 kaizen hook over 4mm feed pellet. Well done Elliot !

   3rd spot went to Steve Manley, from peg 4 half way along the opposite side, with 9.875kg. Steve caught 5 carp fishing corn and soft pellet over micro pellet on 11m pole. Nice one Steve !

   In 4th place, from peg 11 on the grass bank, was Mike Blake with 8.650kg. Mike caught 4 carp which all came close in down the margin. 2 were caught on 8mm pellet with the others coming on maggot. Mike also had several skimmers on long pole. Well done Mike !

   Thanks to Mike, Anthony, Eric but mainly to Match Secrectary, Steve, for running the match in a covid secure manner. Next club match is in 4 weeks time on 23rd August at Tamar !

   Tightlines !

11th Points 23rd August 2020 Upper Tamar Lake

23 anglers turned out for yesterday's club match which was held on Upper Tamar and it was the feeder that prevailed on the day due to the very strong West wind which was blowing straight into the Devon bank. The match was pegged from peg 1, right up the arm, back to peg 23 near the dam and the top 3 weights on the day came from the first half dozen pegs.

   Top weight on the day from peg 2 was Paul Elworthy who weighed in with 15.575kg. Paul fished a big feeder at 35yds and caught small skimmers regularly throughout the day plus a bonus 3lb vegetarian perch. Top bait was single corn fished on a size 14 hook, hair rigged. Paul used 5 tins of corn in total capped with groundbait. Congratulations Paul !

   Runner up, from peg 6, was Chris Morris with 13.400kg. Chris started on the feeder but then switched to a 4m whip and caught good roach and skimmers right away using 2 or 3 pinkies on a size 16 hook, feeding small balls of groundbait constantly throughout. Well done Chris !

   3rd spot went to Stuart Burridge from peg 4 with 12.900kg all caught on the feeder at 58yds. Stuart fished the corn on a size 14 hair rig and fed 4 tins of corn plus 3lb of groundbait during the 6 hours.

Nice one Stuart !

   4th place went to Mike Edwards from peg 15 with a weight of 11.800kg. Mike, again, fished the feeder

in conjunction with sweetcorn on a size 14 hook. He used 4 big tins of corn, most of which went in at the start, and caught small skimmers steadily throughout the match. Well done Mike !

Section Winners

Section A

   1st   Dom Garnett   peg 5   11.00kg

   2nd  Wayne Mitchell  peg 9  10.075kg

Section B

   1st  Mark Branson  peg 21  11.350kg

   2nd  Elliot Fay   peg 20   9.900kg


   Big thanks to Steve M and his helpers, Mike, Stuart and Eric for running the match in a covid- safe manner. Also, a special thanks to the girls at the cafe for laying on breakfast baps beforehand, that was the best bite of the day for me !

   With only one more points match left to fish, Mike Edwards is the clear leader with 52 points followed by Elliot Fay on 46 and Dom Garnett with 45.The final points match of the season is in 4 weeks time on 20th September at Lakeside.


12th Points 20th September 2020 Lakeside

The final points match of the season was held yesterday at Lakeside with 22 anglers turning out to do battle. With bright sunshine and a brisk Easterly, the fishing was not going to be easy and, indeed, for many the going was extremely tough. It was the final hour of the match when big fish decided to put in an appearance which decided the top placings; indeed, winner on the day, from peg 6, was Dom Garnett with two late double figure carp, the 2nd of which came in the last fifteen minutes. Winning weight was 12.475kg and successful method was pole fished maggot to the lilies using size 12/14 elastic and a small but strong hook. Well done Dom !

   Runner up on the day from just opposite on peg 7 was Phil Tucker with 5.425kg. Phil, again, caught most fish on pole fished maggot or worm to the lilies and his catch comprised 2 carp, 1 tench plus several skimmers and perch. Well done Phil !

   3rd on the day from peg 13, was Gary Butler with 3.525kg. Gary fished a long pole and caught 4 skimmers and a perch on worm but then, in the last hour, caught a bream to take him right up into 3rd spot. Well done Gary and welcome back mate after your recent break !

Section Winners

Section A

   1st   Gary Marshall   0.975kg

   2nd  Steve Manley  0.775kg

Section B

   1st   Phil Maddens   3.275kg

   2nd  Steve Plumridge 2.750kg

   Big congratulations to Mike Edwards for sealing victory yesterday with 2.350kg and 8 club points and thus becoming club champion for 2020. Well done Mike, it certainly is a hard earned trophy !

   The club's grand finale this year will be held at Summerhayes ( Longs ) on 18th October and is open to all those who fished 5 club points matches ( this is a change from the norm owing to the matches cancelled mid year due to covid ). Please ensure you are booked in with the match secretary asap.


Club Final 18th October 2020 Summerhayes

It's been a bumper season for club treasurer, Mike Edwards, who having already won the 2020 club match league, completed the double yesterday by winning the club final held at Summerhayes fishery. 

Owing to earlier matches in the year having been cancelled due to covid, the final was extended in terms of numbers thus 20 anglers fished the match held on Longs lake.

   Conditions were good on the day but the fishing was extremely hard for many with maggot being the most successful bait on the day and it was this that featured in the top 6 placings. Mike Edwards, drawn on permanent peg 11, led the field with 26.425kg comprising 16 carp in total. Mike had 2 fish on the pole with the rest coming on a method type feeder with bunched maggot on the hook. He did catch a couple on 8mm hard pellet. Big congrats to Mike !

   Runner up on the day was Mark Webber from peg 32 with 25.250kg which also comprised 16 carp.

  Mark fished a 16m pole to the island throughout and caught on the maggot fished over micro pellet

   3rd spot went to Gary Butler from peg 9 with 20.150kg. Gary's catch consisted of 11 carp plus 5 skimmers. 6 of his fish came on maggot fishing the margins with the remainder coming via 9m and 13m pole lines, again maggot was the main bait with soft pellet also taking a few fish.

   4th place went to Steve Plumridge ( love the headgear ) from peg 36 by the aerator with 16.225kg. Steve caught all his fish using 4 maggots on the hook. He caught most of his carp down the inside margin with a couple coming at 9metres.

   5th was Ben Hathaway on peg 13 with 14.350kg. Ben caught on the top 5 with mainly maggot plus a few bonus fish down the margin on the same. 

   In 6th place was Elliot Fay from peg 19 with 12.350kg. Elliot had 9 carp all on maggot fished over micro using a 14 m pole.

   Section Winners

   Section A

   1st   Phil Tucker   9.900kg

   2nd  Ian Northey   8.000kg

   Section B

   1st   Martin Heard  8.175kg

   2nd  Eric Priest   7.250kg.

   Grateful thanks goes to Steve Manley and helpers for all the hard work throughout a somewhat difficult season and also big thanks to Pete at Summerhayes for laying on his covid style brekkie.

   Next match is the club pairs open on 15th November at the canal basin; book in via the normal channels.


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