Match Results 2020

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Points table

1st Points 19th January Grand Western Canal  

2nd Points 2nd February Grand Western Canal 

3rd Points 1st March Grand Western Canal

4th Points 8th March Grand Western Canal

Pairs Qualifiers 15th, 29th March and Final 3rd May Little Yeo

5th Points 5th April Stafford Moor

6th Points 19th April Summerhayes

7th Points 24th May Grand Western Canal

8th Points 14th June Little Yeo

9th Points 28th June Avalon

10th Points 26th July Oaktree

11th Points 23rd August Upper Tamar

12th Points 20th September Lakeside

Top 12 Final 18th October Summerhayes

Pairs Match 15th November Grand Western Canal

Christmas Match 29th November Grand Western Canal