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Match Results 2018


Points Table 2018

1st Points 28th January 2018 Grand Western Canal

24 anglers turned out to do battle in the first club match of the season which was held along the Glebelands to Warnicombe stretch of the canal. Conditions were perfect for fishing on what was a mild winter's day with a south west breeze and an overcast, but dry, day.There was a good tinge of colour in the water following the recent rains and everyone was expecting to get plenty of bites, the question was would the bigger skimmers put in an appearance ? They certainly showed for a few anglers, but not in any great numbers. 

The deserved winner on the day from peg 12 by the milestone was Elliot Fay with a weight of 2.490kg. Elliot fished the breadpunch over liquidised on a 9m pole and caught steadily throughout the match. His catch included 4 good skimmers backed up with roach to 6oz. Most of his fish came on a big punch using an 18 hook to 0.09 bottom. Elliot said he fed a loaf and a half of liquidised bread during the match.


In 2nd place, with a weight of 2.210kg, came Gary Butler from peg 3, (3 pegs past the wires). Gary managed to catch roach and skimmers, some 44 fish in total on large punch over liquidised. With things getting harder as the match went on, he decided to feed another swim down right and in doing so hooked a large skimmer well over 1lb on the first put in. Needless to say, it was squeaky bottom time for a minute or two!


To complete the frame, Keith Carpenter was 3rd from peg 6 with a weight of 1.840kg comprising mostly small roach. Keith caught the majority of his 143 fish on the whip using breadpunch with the rest coming on the pole. Well done Keith ! that is some catch with the average roach weighing less than half an ounce.

Section Winners were as follows:

Section A      1st   Eric Priest   1.750kg      (all roach catch)

                     2nd  Phil Bailey   1.500kg     (roach plus a 12oz skimmer)

Section B      1st   Bruce Hunt  1.820kg     (6 skimmers plus roach ) 

                     2nd  Paul Marks  1.470kg      (roach plus 1 skimmer )


The next match is in 3 weeks on 18th February. Draw will be Manley Bridge at 8.30am, fishing 10 till 3pm. ( Please note the draw time is to be 30mins earlier than published )  




2nd Points 18th February 2018 Grand Western Canal

There was a good turnout of 29 anglers for the 2nd club match of the season held at Manley yesterday. The match was pegged  from the car park end to East Manley bridge and the canal was well coloured following the recent heavy rains. Conditions were excellent for fishing as it was a mild, overcast day with slight breeze and a light drizzle which kept the number of walkers down. The fishing, however, proved to be really hard with half a dozen blanks and only 5 anglers breaking a kilo. Generally, most anglers caught their fish early on and then really struggled for the rest of the match.

   Clear winner on the day from peg 6 with a weight of 5.100kg was Pete Kingdon. Pete's catch which comprised a good sized bream plus 3 skimmers, 2 hybrids and a few roach were all taken on big punch over liquidised bread on a 9m pole. Pete was one of the few anglers to get bites throughout the course of the match.

   Runner up was Keith Carpenter from peg 8 with a weight of 2.500kg. Keith caught good sized skimmers with some decent roach. Successful bait was, again, breadpunch on 8m pole. Keith was unlucky in that he lost a big skimmer to what was a rather large pike.

   In 3rd place from peg 19 up on the bends was Ian Brooks with a weight of 1.750kg. Ian caught one good sized skimmer with a few roach to complete the bag. Ian also fished the breadpunch over liquidise.

Section Winners  

Section A   1st   Anthony Edwards   0.750kg   ( all roach )

                   2nd  Steve Manley   0.610kg   ( roach + 1 skimmer )

Section B   1st   Ken Penberthy   1.000kg  ( roach + skimmer )

                  2nd   Elliot Fay   0.530kg   ( roach )

Section C   1st   Martin Heard   1.190kg   ( roach + 1 pike )

                  2nd   Eric Priest   0.940kg  (  roach incl. one of 570gm )

The next match on the canal is in 2 weeks time at Tidcombe , please note the draw time has been brought forward to 8.30am.


3rd Points 18th March 2018 Grand Western Canal

Despite heavy snow, and the fact that the canal was not actually frozen over, yesterday's rescheduled club match went ahead as planned. With a somewhat depleted field, 14 anglers braved the elements to fish the match held along the Tidcombe stretch of the canal. The sudden change in the weather put paid to big weights and with the roach not really showing, the match quickly became a grueller with most anglers struggling for a bite.

Deserved winner on the day and the only guy to break a kilo was Dom Garnett who, from a peg near the 2nd set of wires, managed 1.050kg. Dom's catch comprised 60/70 small roach caught across 2 swims on small breadpunch over liquidised plus a couple of perch caught inside on worm. He also caught a small skimmer to help clinch the match.

In 2nd place, at the next peg to Dom, was Ian Brooks with 0.950kg. Ian managed 50'ish tiny roach, again using a small punch, over liquidised bread. He also caught an 8oz pike on worm midway through the match which helped him into 2nd place. 

3rd place went to Paul Sagar, from a peg near the Glebelands steps, who weighed in with 0.700kg. Paul's catch comprised only 2 fish but one of them was a 1lb plus roach caught on small punch  whilst the other was a 4oz skimmer; both were caught early on in the match.


Finally, 4th place went to Gary Butler with 0.650kg from a peg next door to Paul. Gary caught 8 fish in total on breadpunch over liquidised, one of which was a decent skimmer again caught early on in the match.

Let's hope the weather picks up for next Sunday's match at Oaktree Fishery where both top and bottom ponds will be utilised.


4th Points 25th March 2018 Oaktree

The latest club match was held at Oaktree fishery where 26 anglers battled it out for points. The match was split into two equal sections; one section on bottom lake and the other on the top lake. With the absence of wind, rain and snow, the anglers were really up for an enjoyable day and indeed, several anglers managed to catch some decent nets of fish.

Bottom Lake

Deserved winner of the bottom lake was Gary Butler who weighed in with 11kg exactly. Gary's catch comprised 4 carp caught fishing a small feeder to the aerator with maggot on the hook. This was backed up by a further 4 carp caught on pole fished maggot plus a kilo of silvers. This takes Gary into the lead with 32 points after 4 matches.

In second place with a weight of 8.200kg, from the gorsebush swim, was Ian Brooks. Ian had 2 carp on pole fished maggot in the first 2 hours plus 2 good perch and some silvers. Things then went rock hard until the last hour and a half when Ian managed another 4 carp to secure second.

Third place went to Dominic Garnett with 6.320kg from a peg on the grass bank side. Dominic caught 4 carp using a small feeder to the aerator using maggot on the hook. This was backed up with some silvers which included a 2lb perch caught on maggot.

Fourth spot went to Graham Stewart who managed 5 carp on pole fished maggot, Graham was pegged next to Gary down in the slightly deeper bay.

Top Lake

This section proved to be a very closely fought section indeed with just a few kilos separating the top weights. Deserved winner on the day from a peg by the slipway was Bruce Hunt with a weight of 14.950kg. Bruce alternated with the pole between carp rig and silvers rig to catch 11kg of carp plus 4kg of silvers, mainly on maggot.

In second place, with a weight of 13.300kg, was Keith Carpenter who was pegged in  the middle of the dam end. Keith caught a carp out on a long pole plus some good skimmers all on maggot but the bulk of his catch came from the inside swim where he hooked several lumps, again on the maggot.

Third spot went to Eric Priest, just up left from the first corner, who weighed in with 12.020kg. Eric caught 2 carp and some decent skimmers on the method feeder in the first 2 hours and then a further 3 carp plus skimmers on pole fished maggot in the last hour and a half. 

Fourth place went to Mike Edwards who weighed in with 9.120kg. Mike caught 5 carp together with some decent skimmers on the feeder with mainly sweetcorn on a hair rig to clinch fourth spot.

The next clubbie is at Summerhayes in 3 weeks time, meanwhile the club's Pairs event gets going so get your skates on and get yourselves booked in. 


Pairs Qualifiers and Final

Results for the first qualifier held on the 8th of April at Little Yeo. The Match was fished on Bobs lake with 6 pairs taking part.

The 3 pairs that qualify for the final are:

1st   On weight count back S Hancock and G Butler with 10 points and a total weight of 44kg 120g  

2nd K Carpenter and B Hunt with 10 points and a total weight of 39kg 200g 

3rd  P Elworthy and P Davey with 8 points and a total weight of 27kg 680g

Results for the second qualifier held on the 22nd of April at Little Yeo. The Match was fished on Bobs lake with 6 pairs taking part.

Unfortunately due to illness at short notice P Baileys partner I Northey was unable to fish. Due to this it was agreed at the start of the match that he would be awarded 2 points. We wish him well and hope he makes a speedy recovery.

The 3 pairs that qualify for the final are:

1st   S Burridge and E Fay with 11 points and a total weight of 54kg 520g  

2nd P Bailey and I Northey with 8 points and a total weight of 31kg 800g.   

3rd  On weight count back P Maddans and P Frost with 7 points and a total weight of 26kg 500g

Results for the Final of the pairs held on the 6th of April at Little Yeo. 

The top 3 pairs were:

1st   S Burridge and E Fay (Pictured above left) with 11 points and a total weight of 51kg 300g  

2nd K Carpenter and B Hunt (Pictured above right) with 10 points and a total weight of 42kg 400g.   

3rd  S Hancock and G Butler with 8 points and a total weight of 37kg 200g

5th Points 15th April 2018 Summerhayes

Yesterday's match held on Longs lake at Summerhayes proved a hard one for many of the 24 anglers that attended with only 7 anglers breaking double figure weights. Conditions were not great with rain present throughout most of the match and a stiff south westerly made bait presentation difficult for those on the road side of the lake. However, a good day was enjoyed by all, especially for those like me who had tucked in to one of Pete's breakfasts.

Clear winner on the day from permanent peg 11 with a weight of 29.340kg was Elliot Fay. Elliot fished a 15m pole to the island and caught carp steadily throughout the match mainly on 6mm hard pellet. Elliot did catch a few on meat but most came on the pellet over 4mm.

In 2nd place from peg 39 came Bruce Hunt with a weight of 16.620kg. Bruce had caught nothing until he tried fishing a spot some 14m away to his left where a group of obliging carp were shoaled up tight under a raft of floating dead rushes. With Bruce's home made paste on a size 12 hook, he managed to catch around 15 carp.

3rd spot went to Dom Garnett from peg 35 on the road side with a weight of 14.250kg. Dominic caught the majority of his fish on the method feeder with mainly corn on the hook. He also had 3 carp and 3 good skimmers on pole fished corn.

Section Winners

   Section A   1st   Steve Manley   12.780kg   ( around a dozen carp mainly on corn in the margins )

                      2nd  Paul Elworthy  12.440kg   ( 10 carp caught on pole fished corn over micro pellet)

   Section B   1st   Ray King   7.710kg   ( including 5 carp using long pole to the island )

                      2nd  Anthony Edwards  5.040kg ( 4 carp plus 2 good skimmers on meat/maggot ). 

ps Anthony was even more pleased when he found he had beaten the ole man next door by 40grams !

Next weekend features the 2nd club Pairs qualifier on Bobs Lake at Little Yeo.



6th Points 20th May 2018 Summerhayes

With the thermometer up high, wall to wall sunshine plus the fact that some of the fish were still spawning in the margins, yesterday's club match proved very challenging for many.  However, after a hearty breakfast, ably supplied by Ade and staff, many of the 21 anglers did manage to find a few fish, not least of all the 3 happy chaps shown above.

The clear winner on the day, from permanent peg 26, with a weight of 21.020kg was Gary Butler. Gary caught 18 carp and 1 skimmer with most of them coming from over against the island on the long pole. Successful baits were corn and meat over micro pellet. Gary did catch 5 carp against the left hand margin. Well done Gary !


In 2nd place was Ray King on peg 30 with a weight of 17.220kg. Ray's catch included one bream, 2 skimmers and 13 carp all caught well over on pole fished corn over micro pellet and ground bait.


3rd spot went to Paul Frost next door on peg 32 with a weight of 13.400kg. Paul caught all his fish, which included 11 carp and one skimmer, on the method feeder well across using corn and meat hook baits.


Section Winners were as follows:


Section A   1st     Dom Garnett   peg 11   12.400kg   ( 10 carp, mainly on method feeder using pellet)

                    2nd  Elliot Fay          peg 17   11.120kg   ( 8 carp, long pole using 6mm pellet over micro)

Section B   1st     Steve Manley  peg 34  10.380kg ( 6 carp using corn mainly in the margins)

                    2nd  Simon Maunder  peg 24  8.520kg ( 6 carp on pole fished maggot )

 League positions at the half way stage look pretty tight with Gary Butler leading on 49 points closely followed by Dom Garnett in second with 48 points. Elliot Fay is currently in 3rd with 43 points with Bruce Hunt on his heels in 4th with 42 points. Just to remind everyone that the top 12 points will qualify for the heavily sponsored club match final which, this year, is to be held at Morchard Road fishery on October 7th.

See you all at the next clubbie in a fortnight's time on Woodlands at Trinity Waters, Bridgwater.



7th Points 3rd June 2018 Trinity

17 anglers turned out for yesterdays club match held on Woodlands lake at Trinity fishery. With blue skies and little breeze, conditions were going to be hot and sticky and vitals such as suncream, umbrellas and plenty of drinking water were going to be the order of the day. After a really slow start, the carp gradually began to dominate proceedings and most anglers ended up with a few at the final whistle whilst the top placings had a bumper day as results show below.

Top spot went to, in-form angler with back to back wins, Gary Butler, from permanent peg 16 who weighed in with 32.490kg. Gary caught 10 carp and 10 decent sized skimmers caught mainly in the margins, most of these came on meat or corn with 4 caught on banded pellet fished well off bottom.


2nd place went to Ben Hathaway from peg 30 near the footbridge who weighed in with 25.170kg. Ben pole fished the paste at 6m and landed some real lumps amongst his fine catch.


Simon Maunder completed the top trio from peg 25 with an all carp catch of 21.400kg. Simon was fishless for the first half of the match but the carp appeared in the margins from mid match onward and he then made up for lost time with some real lumps, one of which weighed over 8kg. Successful bait was 10mm pellet.


Section Winners


Section A   1st     Stuart Burridge   peg 12   18.230kg  ( all carp catch mainly in margins)

                    2nd  Tim Vigus            peg 2    17.210kg   ( 5 carp incl. one double, plus golden tench, perch)

Section B   1st    Anthony Edwards  peg 23   16.660kg  ( mostly via pellet waggler with 6mm pellet)

                   2nd  Phil Maddens         peg  20  15.890kg  ( banded pellet fished shallow on long pole)

The next clubbie is in 2 weeks at Avalon fishery, meanwhile the first leg of the Presidents shield is on Wednesday at the basin, draw 5pm, fishing 6 till 9pm.




8th Points 17th June 2018 Avalon

The latest round of the 12 match club series was held at Avalon fishery near Shapwick, Somerset, whereby 21 anglers battled it out for points. With conditions fair, an overcast sky and SW wind, decent weights looked to be on the cards for many.

   Top honours on the day, from permanent peg 28, went to Ian Brooks with 35.010kg, over 77lb in old money. Ian fished a banded 8mm pellet on a straight lead feeding the same via catapult. Hook choice was a 14 B911 tied to 0.17 power reflo. Ian caught smallish carp from the off and by switching down to 6mm pellet towards the middle of the match managed to keep the carp coming till the final whistle.

Well done Ian !

   In 2nd place, not far behind, came Bruce Hunt from peg 26 with a weight of 33.840kg. After a quiet start, Bruce fished a small feeder with micro pellet down to his right, away from the island. Bait choice was a 13mm pellet covered with paste ( the conker) and took larger carp at frequent intervals throughout the middle of the match. In the last hour, Bruce switched to the margin with paste and took a further 4 large carp.

   3rd spot went to Ben Hathaway from peg 9 with 24.740kg. Ben caught a few carp on the feeder but the bulk of his catch came on the pole fishing worm at 11 m. Ben's catch comprised 8 carp  most of which were real lumps.

Section Winners  

Section A    1st   Mike Blake  (peg 5)  22.080kg - 9 carp using 6mm on the pellet feeder.

                    2nd Ray King  ( peg 7)   17.860kg   -  5 carp plus silvers on 8m pole and soft pellet.

Section B   1st   Stuart Burridge ( peg 21)  19.640kg  - 4 carp plus a 20lb pike caught on 8mm pellet. See the picture below at bottom of weigh sheet.

                   2nd  Gary Butler ( peg 17)  17.120kg -  8 carp mainly from 8mm pellet on the bomb.

We are now two thirds of the way through the club match points series and Gary Butler is out in the lead on 66 points with Dom Garnett close behind on 61. Both Ian Brooks ( 51 ) and Bruce Hunt ( 47 ) are making their move towards the top placings. With the best of nine counting, it should be an interesting finale !

The next club event is on Wednesday 27th June, an evening match at the canal Basin with the 2nd round of the Presidents Shield, draw 5pm, fishing 6 till 9pm.



9th Points 22nd July 2018 Little Yeo

21 anglers turned out for the latest clubbie at Little Yeo on what was another scorching hot day. With bright sun, little rain for 3 months and water levels down, the best of the fishing took place during the first couple of hours of the match. With both ponds being used, the match was split into 3 separate sections and the results were as follows:

Gaggs Section A

   1st   Gary Butler  ( top pic left) 2.890kg. an early eel on pellet, a skimmer over micro and a run of roach in the last hour gave Gary an excellent win.

   2nd  Ian Brooks ( top middle) 2.260kg. Ian's catch included 6 crucians and a tench caught close in on paste plus several bits on maggot.

   3rd  Dom Garnett ( top right) 1.830kg. Dom caught small roach and skimmers on mainly pinkie and worm.

Bobslake Section B

   1st  Bruce Hunt ( middle pic centre) 26.425kg. Bruce bagged up on carp using paste fished close in during the first 2 hours of the match. Although things slowed right down during the remainder of the match, Bruce still caught a further 10 small carp to give him an impressive win and top weight on the day. 

   2nd  Ali Robinson ( middle pic right) 10.825kg. Ali caught 9 carp in total plus a few crucians caught on a combination of paste and meat fished over micro pellet.

   3rd  Phil Madden ( middle left) 10.750kg. Phil's catch comprised 12 carp in total caught on maggot and worm fished over crushed expanders. He also caught 2 carp up in the water on pellet.

Bobslake Section C

   1st  Paul Sagar ( bottom pic middle) 24.175kg. Paul caught carp fished close in straight from the off and bagged up during the early part of the match. His successful bait was krill paste fished over micro pellet to give him an impressive win and 2nd top weight of the day. Well done Paul !

  2nd  Ray King ( bottom pic right) 17.900kg. Ray's catch comprised over 20 small carp all caught on meat fished over 4mm pellet.

  3rd  Mike Edwards ( bottom pic left) 11.050kg. Mike caught 7 carp in total plus a 2lb perch to give him 3rd spot. Successful bait for Mike was luncheon meat fished over meat and hemp.


   With 9 matches now completed out of the 12 match series, things are looking very interesting at the top of the points leader board. Gary Butler is leading the charge to the title with 76 points followed closely behind by Dom Garnett on 69. But Bruce Hunt and Ian Brooks are both making late challenges with 61 and 56 respectively . With the title being decided on best 9 from 12 scores anything can happen over the last 3 matches !



10th Points 5th August 2018 Little Yeo

On yet another baking hot day, 22 anglers fished the latest round at Little Yeo fishery. The pattern proved to be similar to the previous match held 2 weeks ago in that the first hour proved to be the most productive for many. The match was again split into 3 equal sections, one on Gaggs and 2 on Bobslake with the following results:

Section A   Gaggs

   1st   Mike Edwards ( bottom pic- centre)  4.500kg. Mike caught mainly crucians and skimmers close in using corn over micro pellet to his left and same over ground bait to his right. He also found 5 good skimmers well over against the lilies late on using maggot. Well done Mike.

   2nd  Gary Butler  ( bottom pic- right) 2.360kg. Gary caught 20 small fish by the nearside lilies using maggot and a further 2 skimmers in the last hour well over on a 15m pole, bait was double dead maggot.

   3rd  Pete Davey  ( bottom pic left)  2.250kg. Pete managed one good tench and several crucians caught against the nearside lilies using corn and maggot to give him 3rd spot.

Section B  Bobslake

   1st  Ken Cox ( middle pic centre) 12.500kg. Ken  caught all of his 12 carp in the margins using banded 8mm pellet pole fished over 4mm pellet.Ken reckons he lost several at the start due to foul hooking but the carp seemed to settle after a while and it was then that he really caught well. Again it was the first couple of hours that proved most productive.

   2nd  Dom Garnett ( middle pic left) 11.775kg. Dom caught 9 carp mainly on paste in the margins but managed 2 carp later on using bread off bottom. Dom was just one more fish away from pipping Ken at the post but a great result nevertheless.

   3rd  Eric Priest  ( middle pic right ) 8.200kg. Eric caught 5 carp in the first hour on paste over micro pellet fairly close in and managed a decent carp in the last half hour plus a few silvers on maggot to clinch 3rd.

Section C Bobslake

   1st   Bruce Hunt ( top pic middle) 25.325kg. Bruce had a great result catching 5 carp close in on paste in the first 20mins followed up with a further 10 carp caught up to his right using the same tactics over the next 2 hours. He also managed a couple more carp on paste at 13m later in the match to give him a fine win.

   2nd  Elliot Fay ( top pic left) 25.040kg. Elliot just failed to catch Bruce by the slimmest of margins but still had a great match. He caught around 24 carp on 8mm banded pellet fished over 6mm pellet. He caught carp throughout the match across both outside and inside swims. Successful rig was light float coupled with a size 16 MWG Guru hook.

   3rd  Steve Manley ( top pic right) 12.825kg. Steve caught 5 carp on the method feeder and then followed up with a further 5 carp fishing a long pole to the island using corn fished over micro pellet.

   With only 2 points matches to go, Gary Butler is still out in front with 79 points  followed closely  by Dom Garnett in 2nd spot on 73 points and Bruce Hunt 3rd on 71. The next match is in 3 weeks time at Upper Tamar lake.



11th Points 26th August 2018 Upper Tamar

Having enjoyed great weather over this year's matches, we were bound to suffer sooner or later and yesterday at Tamar we suffered. Apart from the first half hour, it rained continuously and with a strong gusty wind in your face for most of the time, the use of an umbrella was a definite no no. Despite everyone getting a good soaking, there were some good catches amongst the 19 anglers that braved the elements.

   Fishing the Devon bank, top honours on the day went to Bruce Hunt who drew peg 18 towards the dam end and weighed in with an amazing 20kg. Bruce caught over 700 small fish using a 2m whip in the 6 hour match fishing just off the end of his keep net. He used single red maggot on a size 16 fished over groundbait and maggot. Well done Bruce !

   In 2nd spot from peg 8 came Paul Elworthy with 16.750kg. Paul, having drawn a notable feeder peg, fed a load of sweetcorn via the feeder at the start and then fished a small open ended groundbait feeder at 35yds and caught small skimmers throughout the match using sweetcorn over ground bait. Best fish was around the pound and a half mark. Well done Paul !

   In 3rd place, on peg 10 towards the arm, was Ian Brooks with a weight of 12.500kg. Ian fished a 3.5m whip throughout the match catching perch for the first couple of hours but then found the better stamp roach. Ian was able to keep these coming for the remainder of the match via red maggot fished over ground bait and maggot. Nice one Ian !

Section Winners

Section A 

   1st   Dom Garnett   9.600kg  (  roach and perch using a short whip )

   2nd  Ray King         8.450kg  ( same method as Dominic )

Section B

   1st   Eric Priest        8.350kg  ( mainly perch via short whip )

  2nd Mike Edwards  6.375kg  ( small roach and skimmers using small feeder )

   With only one club match left to go, it looks like a two horse race for this year's title between Bruce Hunt on 81 points and Gary Butler on 79. Dom Garnett is in 3rd spot with 75 points with Ian Brooks in 4th with 69 points. There is still a fair old battle going on further down the list for those trying to qualify for the club's top 12 finale in October, last chance is at Lakeside in 3 weeks time guys !

   Finally, a big thanks to Ben and all the cafe staff for laying on a great breakfast which, for many, was the highlight of the day.


12th Points 16th September 2018 Lakeside

18 anglers turned out to fish the twelfth and final points match of the season at Lakeside yesterday.

On a mild and overcast day with a good tinge of colour in the water, it was big fish that dominated the match, not least of which was a 16lb common carp which was caught by Pete Davey late on in the match. Pete, who had drawn permanent peg 8, had only managed a few roach and perch up until then on the pole but fishing double maggot on the feeder gave him top fish and top spot on the day with 8.290kg , well done Pete !

   2nd place went to Mike Edwards, from the point swim peg 10, with 6.680kg. Mike fished the pole at 11m and, using pinkie on a size 20 hook to 0.08 bottom, caught two bream, a big crucian, 2 small carp plus a few roach and perch for a great result. Well done Mike for the best net of the day !

   In 3rd place from peg 4 was Bruce Hunt with 4.260kg. Bruce had caught a big crucian and 20 or so perch on pole fished worm and was doing OK until the last hour when he latched into a 4lb tench which tore off into the lilies, luckily for Bruce he managed to get it out and into the net for a creditable 3rd, but more importantly, this years individual league title. Congratulations Bruce !

Section Winners

   Section A   

   1st   Dom Garnett   3.800kg   ( 2 crucians, small carp, eel and lots of perch on worm and pinkie )

   2nd Ian Brooks       2.940kg   (  carp caught on feeder using 8mm pellet )

   Section B

   1st   Gary Butler     2.810kg   (  roach and perch plus late bream on the feeder with 8mm pellet)

   2nd  Phil Madden  2.520kg  ( tench on corn, crucian on caster plus few roach/perch on pole)


   In what was a very closely run race, Bruce Hunt clinched this year's title in the final hour of the last points match to end up with a total of 85points. Gary Butler, again, had to settle for 2nd place with a really great score of 82 points whilst Dom Garnett followed up in 3rd spot with an excellent score of 76 points. Big congratulations to all three of you !

   The top 12 final is in 3 weeks time at Morchard Road, all finalists will be contacted in due course.

Just a note to say that next year's format will be slightly different, the top 10 points guys will qualify for the final as normal, but the last 2 places will be decided via a fish- off amongst the 10 anglers who finish 11th to 20th (provided they have fished 6 club matches). 

   Finally, a special thanks to our Match Secretary, Steve Manley, for all his hard work again this year, the league wouldn't be what it is without his dedication but, also, a big thanks to everyone for playing their part in making this another really enjoyable series.


Top 12 Final Sunday 7th October 2018

Yesterday's Top 12 club match final,fished at Morchard Road fishery, was a hard one for most following a severe drop in temperature and hard frost. However, a great day was had by all, particularly those smiling faces pictured above who took top honours. 

   Winner on the day, from a peg on the left hand bank, was Bruce Hunt with 19.670kg. Bruce caught all of his 21 carp on an 11m pole using paste and a size 12 hook fished over micro pellets. This completes the double for Bruce having already won this year's club match series in good style. Congratulations Bruce on a great season !

   Runner up on the day, from the adjacent peg to Bruce, was Dom Garnett with 16.640kg. Dominic  managed 2 small carp on the pole but caught a further 17 carp on the method feeder alternating corn, pellet and worm as hookbait . This also concludes a great season for Dominic having finished 3rd overall in the club match series. Well done Dominic !

   In 3rd place and just one fish behind Dominic was Elliot Fay with 16.140kg. Elliot, again pegged on the left hand bank, caught 7 carp down the edge using corn over micro pellet. When the bites ceased he switched to the method feeder and using 6mm pellet as hook bait caught a further 9 carp.  Well done Elliot !

   The winning quartet was completed by Steve Manley who weighed in with 13.060kg. Steve drew a peg on the right hand end of the road side bank and fished a method feeder  to the island using 6mm pellet over micro pellets. He managed a couple of carp on the pole but the main part of his 14 carp catch came on the method. Well done Steve !

   The prize-giving followed with cash prizes for the top six and tackle prizes for the remainder so everyone was a winner on the day. A special thanks, once again, goes to Exeter Angling Centre and Culm Valley Angling for their sponsorship and donation of prizes. Well done also to the 12 qualifiers yesterday who managed to get to the final and for helping to make what was yet another successful finale.


   Next club event is in 3 weeks time- the club pairs on the Grand Western canal, if you haven't got a partner yet get it sorted and book yourselves in at Culm Valley or via Match Sec. Steve Manley.



club pairs
Club Pairs 28th October 2018

Conditions were not good for the 36 anglers that fished the club's annual Pairs Open yesterday. A strong and gusty NE wind coupled with bright sunshine made the fishing hard with only a handful of good sized skimmers and roach caught throughout the match length; the bulk of angler's weights comprised very small roach caught generally on the bread punch over small amounts of liquidised.

   The match was pegged from Tidcombe bay ( peg 36) back to Basin side of Broken bridge ( peg 1), there were 2 sections of 18 pegs with the split being at Authers ( Wooden) bridge. The match was based on section points with prize money going to the first 5 pairs on the day.

   Clear winners on the day were Robin Trump and Mark Robinson with 4 team points. Robin caught 6 skimmers plus a dozen roach on big punch for 2kg and 2nd in section ( 2pts) with partner, Mark, also 2nd in section (2pts) with an all roach catch on punch of 1.200kg. Congratulations to you both on a great win !

   Runners-Up were Pete Kingdom and Ali Robinson with a total score of 7pts. Pete caught 4 big skimmers on big punch and a few roach for top weight on the day of 3.520kg and 1 point whilst Ali caught loads of tiny roach for 0.720kg ( 6 pts). Well done guys !

  In 3rd place was Dom Garnett and Eric Priest with a total of 11 team points. Dom caught 18 tiny roach on punch for 0.320kg and 10 points, whilst Eric won his section and 1 point with 1.400kg comprising lots of tiny roach, again on small punch.

  4th place, on weight count back, went to Bruce Hunt and Martin Heard with 12 points. Bruce caught 2 good skimmers early on and a few roach on bread to finish with 1.190kg and 3 points. Martin managed 36 small roach on 4mm punch to finish with 0.480kg and 9 points.

   Finally, 5th spot, on weight count back, went to Anthony and Mike Edwards also with a total team score of 12 points. Anthony caught around 2 dozen small roach on punch for 0.530kg and 8 points whilst Mike bagged up with over 60 small roach, again on punch, to finish with 0.920kg and 4 points.

Again, well done to everyone !


   Big thanks to Steve and Paul for running a well organised match on the day, pity the weather couldn't have been kinder. Next match is the Xmas match in 4 weeks time, tickets are £10 and will be available from tomorrow at Culm Valley Angling and Exeter Angling Centre.




2018 Christmas Match

Sunday 25th November, 2018 was a memorable day for one guy in particular, namely Mark Thorne, who blitzed the opposition, yesterday, to win the Tivvy club's Xmas match in style, picking up a big cash prize and huge turkey dinner. Pegged at school bay, Mark had a few roach on bread close in but then switched to long pole fishing dead pinkie over groundbait and proceded to catch some good sized  bream as well as roach and small skimmers throughout the remainder of the match. The icing on the cake came when he landed a 4kg pike which had taken a roach on the way in, to give him an overall weight of 9.350kg. Congratulations Mark !

   Runner -up on the day in a field of 68 anglers was Paul Ware, who was pegged by the wires ( 2nd set) at Glebelands. Paul weighed in with 3.270kg and his catch comprised around 9 small skimmers plus a few good roach. Successful bait was big punch on a 16 hook fished well on bottom. Interestingly, Paul fed almost 2 loaves of liquidised bread to attract the skimmers. Well done Paul !

   In 3rd place, from peg 1 in the basin, was Phil Tucker with 2.380kg. Paul was thinking he would have to buy his own turkey dinner this year but ,with only 30mins to go, he latched into a bream and this was followed minutes later by another one, both were caught on single pinkie fished on the pole at 9m. Well done Phil !

   4th place overall, from peg 21 just below wooden bridge, was Gary Butler with an all roach catch of 2.100kg. Gary caught small roach all through the match with the odd better stamp appearing now and again. He caught using big punch on an 18 to 0.08 bottom and fed half a loaf in total. Well done Gary, that was well earned !

   5th overall was Malcolm Trump who weighed in with 1.950kg. Malc drew peg 72, 3 pegs past Warnicombe bridge, and caught some really good sized roach plus 4 small skimmers on a big punch over liquidised using size 16 hook to 0.08 bottom. Well done Malc, even though you don't fish much these days, you've still got it eh!

   In 6th place and last of the major prizewinners was Bruce Hunt with 1.830kg. Bruce was pegged 2 pegs away from Malcolm at Warnicombe and had an all- roach catch fishing a 3m whip to begin with followed by 9m pole down the middle. Bruce fished 16 hook and 6mm punch  and used 2pts of liquidised bread in total. Well done Bruce !

   Pictured below are the individual section winners on the day ( 8 sections of 9 anglers) who all received cash prizes and, in keeping with tradition, every single angler on the day also received a good prize. 

   A special thanks goes to Julia Robinson and the girls for laying on the excellent breakfasts and sorting out the amazing array of prizes, not forgetting the lads- Steve Manley, Paul Elworthy, Ali Robinson and Mike Edwards and all the others who participated in helping to make what is now, by far, the best Xmas match in the South West.

   I must also give a special vote of thanks to our sponsors, Kevin at the Exeter Angling Centre and Dave at Culm Valley Angling for their very generous donation of prizes.

   Finally, thank you to all the 68 anglers for supporting the event, hope you had an enjoyable day and hope to see you all again next year.  



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