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Match Results 2021

Points Table

Points Table 2021

1st Points 11th April 2021 Little Yeo

Following a partial lifting of Covid restrictions and a subsequent rescheduling of the club's match calendar, things finally got underway on Sunday, albeit in full Covid- safe style complete with risk assessment, with the first points match of the year being held at Little Yeo. A total of 27 anglers, including several new faces, turned out on what was a very cold and frosty morning. Due to the high turnout, the match was pole only and was split into 3 sections of 9 anglers; 2 on Bobslake and 1 on Gaggs each with 10 points up for grabs. As you will see below, the fishing was hit hard by the frost and generally the carp in Bobslake were not playing ball. Gaggs showed a little better with a few good weights of silvers but only in the deeper water.


Section A- Bobslake  ( pegs 1-9 )

Winner from permanent peg 2 was Baz Barrow with 13.975kg comprising 8 carp and a few skimmers. Baz fished at 11 metres with mainly maggot on a size 16 hook over micro pellet and groundbait. Runner up was Sam Williams on peg 1 with 3.600kg. Sam fished expander pellet over micro and managed to catch 2 carp plus a few silvers.

Section B- Bobslake  ( pegs 10-20 ) 

Eddie Evans from peg 15 on the island had a field day by landing 15 carp to easily win the section with 27.250kg. He fished 12m pole with bunches of maggot and pinkie on a size 14 hook over micro pellet. Runner up from peg 19 was Eric Priest with 9.700kg. EP managed 4 carp and a tench plus a few silvers. Most fish came in the last hour again on maggot.

Section C- Gaggs Pond

Winner from peg 2 by the hut was Mike Blake with 5.320kg. Mike caught a number of good skimmers fishing well over with maggot on a size 18 hook and light elastic. He also had several roach/rudd over mainly ground bait on the day. Runner up from peg 7 with a weight of 4.040kg was Dom Garnett. Dom, again, had a few good sized skimmers plus a crucian as well as several bits. Successful bait on the day was worm.


Well done to everyone for sticking at what was generally a really hard and long 6 hours. Well done, also, to our resident cameraman, Mike Edwards, for presenting a veritable Rogues Gallery of handsome fishymen !  Hopefully, the weather will warm up a bit for the next match which is at Summerhayes ( Longs ) on Sunday.


2nd Points 18th April 2021 Summerhayes

Latest clubmatch held on Sunday was on Longs lake at Summerhayes where 26 anglers fished what was another hard affair for many, mainly due to the recent ongoing cold and frosty starts with prevailing winds generally in the Northerly or Easterly direction. The match was, as usual, run Covid- safe style with 2 sections of 13 anglers vieing for points.  

   Clear winner on the day from permanent peg 21 was Elliot Fay with an all carp catch of 36.925kg. Elliot fished a 14m pole to the island and caught many of the 20+ carp bread-dobbing well off bottom. He also managed a few fish down the margins later in the match mainly using corn over 4mm pellet. Well done Elliot !

   Runner -up was Anthony Edwards from peg 18 with 18.175kg. Anthony's catch comprised 9 carp plus a few silvers fishing a 16m pole to the island. Successful method was 6mm expanders fished over 4/6mm pellet on a size 18hook. Nice one Anthony !

   3rd on the day from peg 29 on the road side was Paul Elworthy with 14.525kg. Paul's catch comprised over 8kg of silvers plus 6 carp. He fished two thirds across with the corn on a size 16 hook over micro pellet. 4 of his carp came over against the island, again on corn. Well done Paul !

   4th spot went to Baz Barrell from peg 15 with 12.950kg. Baz caught 9 carp on paste fished at 13m over micro with a few carp coming late on down the margins on 6mm expander pellet. Well done to Baz who is currently leading in the points list with 19 points ! 

   Section Winners

Section A
   1st   Dom Garnett  (peg 10)   10.950kg

   2nd  Mike Blake   (19 )           10.125kg

Section B

   1st  Paul Blake   (peg 30)     10.000kg

   2nd  Jezz R        ( 32 )           5.925kg

   Well done to all those that managed to catch a few fish, commiserations to those, like me, who struggled to get a bite ! The next club match is in 2 weeks time on 2nd May at Little Yeo. 


3rd Points 2nd May 2021 Little Yeo

25 anglers attended yesterday's 'pole-only' Little Yeo club match which was, again, split into 3 sections; 2 on Bobslake and 1 on Gaggs. Following continued cold weather and yet another overnight frost, the match was going to be another hard affair and so it proved with weights generally down on the last Yeo match 3 weeks prior.

Section    Gaggs pond ( pegs 1 - 8 )

   Winner on the day from peg2 was Dom Garnett with 2.740kg. Dom caught 2 big skimmers and a 12oz roach backed up with small roach and perch. Successful bait was maggot and worm fished over ground bait at both 10 and 12 metres. Well done Dom !

   Runner up was Bruce Hunt from peg 6 with 2.570kg. Bruce, having caught very little in the first 4 hours, decided to fish across to lilies with a 16m pole and caught 2 decent skimmers plus a tench on maggot/worm.

  3rd spot went to Mike Edwards from peg 4 with 2.330kg. Mike fished light with single maggot on a 20 over a little micro feed and had a mixed bag just off the lilies.

Section A   Bobslake ( pegs 1 - 9 )

   Winner was Mike Pickford on peg 9 with 3.625kg. Having struggled like most for 5 hours, Mike finally came up trumps with 2 carp in the last hour. Mike fished single maggot on a 16 hook at 12m with light elastic over a small amount of ground bait. Well done Mike for sticking it out !

   Runner up from peg 2 was Tim Vigus with 2kg. Again, Tim caught a late carp to secure 2nd place. Successful method was 'Bampton worm' fished in close over choppie. Nice one Tim !

   3rd spot was Paul Elworthy on peg 8 with 1.700kg. Paul had an unusual catch of 1 big perch and a fair sized eel caught on 11m pole. He normally fishes paste but may possibly have latched on a maggot or two to catch these impressive species !

Section B   Bobslake ( pegs 10 - 20 )

   Winner here was Eric Priest from peg 15 with 8.600kg. EP had much the same fortune as most with not a lot until the carp suddenly switched on in the last hour. He fished a 14m pole with maggot on a 16 kaizen hook and white hydro and managed 5 carp in the closing stages to just nick the section.

   Runner up from peg 19 was Jezz Rostron with 7.625kg. Jezz fished single maggot on a 16 hook at 13m over heavy ground bait and managed 2 carp plus a nice net of skimmers.

   3rd place went to Gary Butler over on peg 10 who weighed in with 6.975kg. Gary caught 3 carp plus a few bits including one mugger. Main bait was maggot over micro fished against the island.

   Hopefully, things will warm up considerably for the next club match which is in 2 weeks time at Lakeside.




4th Points 16th May 2021 Lakeside

Sunday's match at Lakeside was a sell out with all 28 permanent pegs coming into play; this, inevitably, led to a hard match where bites were at a premium and missing one proved costly on the day. The match comprised 3 sections and everyone hoped for a feature peg at the draw.

   Winner on the day from fancied peg 15 was Eddie Evans with 9.340kg. Eddie fished tight to the lilies all match and  caught 2 good carp plus a big bream together with a kilo of roach and perch. Winning method was double maggot/pinkie over a little ground bait. Well done Eddie for your 2nd straight win of the season !

   Runner up from the adjacent peg 14 was Mike Blake with 7.810kg. Mike fished the pole at 11m and caught 3 big bream plus some bits all on triple maggot using a size 16 hook to 0.11 hook length. After an initial feed of ground bait he fed a further small ball of groundbait every hour. Well done Mike !

   3rd on the day was Jez Rostron from peg 16 with 6.800kg. Jez's catch comprised 2 bream, 1 carp and a tench fishing double maggot tight to the lilies over groundbait. He caught everything on a size 16 hook to 0.15 hook length via blue hydro elastic. Nice one Jez !

   4th spot went to Paul Elworthy from peg 10 on the point with 5.650kg. Paul fished the pole at 11m and caught a bream plus half a dozen skimmers using maggot over ground bait. He started on a size 16 hook but later dropped down to an 18 and 4 elastic and duly caught his big bream in the last hour. Well done Paul !

Section Winners

  Section A  ( pegs 1-10)   Steve Manley  (peg 6)   3.800kg

  Section B  ( pegs 11-19)  Anthony Edwards  (peg 19)  4.120kg

  Section C  (pegs 20-28) Ian Brooks   (peg22)   3.375kg

   With a third of the points matches now completed, the current leader is Dom Garnett with 35 pts followed closely behind by Mike Blake with 33. Third spot is jointly owned by Jez Rostron and Paul Elworthy both with 30 points.

   Next club match is on Sunday on the canal at Greenway. Draw is 6.30am, fishing 8am till 1pm.


5th Points 23rd May 2021 Grand Western Canal

It was an early morning start for the 24 anglers who ventured out for the 5th points match of the season held, this time, on the Grand Western canal at Greenway. The match comprised 2 sections of 12 pegged either side of Greenway bridge. Considering the continued cold conditions and recent heavy rains, the match fished reasonably well with several tench showing throughout the match length.

   Winner on the day, from permanent peg 44, just inside the Tivvy side of the bridge, was Brian Sussex with 6.100kg. His catch of 6 perch and a decent rudd was boosted with 3 tench and a small jack pike to give Brian the well deserved win. Brian fished a 10m pole across to the far bank  feeding chopped worm and caster, successful hook bait was worm on a size 14 hook. Well done Brian !

   Runner up from peg 40 was Gary Butler with 4.850kg. Gary fished the bread punch for the first hour catching several good roach. Having fed across to the far bank with maggot and chopped worm in a little ground bait, Gary managed 3 tench during the next 2 hours; one on maggot and the other two on worm. Nice one Gary !

   3rd spot went to Eric Priest from peg 34 with 4.240kg. Eric did likewise for the first hour and caught 22 roach using punch over liquidise. He then fished worm/ worm and caster for the rest of the match over the far side and caught one tench, 2 jacks and 6 perch to complete the bag.

   In 4th place with a weight of 4.220kg was John Hill on peg 58 in the cut. John fished midway across over ground bait and pinkie and caught a good bream on a single fluoro pinkie to an 18 hook. This was later followed with a tench using single fluoro maggot as well as a few roach and perch. Well done John !

   Section Winners

Section A      Paul Carnell   ( peg 36 )   2.750kg

Section B      Mark Branson ( peg 55 )  3.300kg

   The next match on the calendar is a Wednesday evening match and the first leg of the Presidents Shield on 2nd June at the canal Basin. Please book in in the usual way.


6th Points 6th June 2021 Lakeside

Sunday's match at Lakeside, which was well attended by 26 anglers, was generally a hard match with many struggling to break a kilo. Conditions were perfect with an overcast sky but the carp seemed preoccupied with spawning and the big bream only showed in part.

   However, a few anglers had a good day not least of which was Eric Priest who got in amongst the bream to win the match convincingly with 12.650kg. Having drawn favoured peg 19 on the far point, Eric fished a 12m pole and caught 5 bream plus a few eels, perch and skimmers. He cupped in an initial ball of ground bait containing caster and chopped worm and then loose fed caster thereafter throughout the session. Successful hook bait was worm/caster on a size 16, he did get the last 2 bream on double caster. 

   Runner up on the day was Dom Garnett from peg 13 with 9.375kg. Dom, having only had a few perch with an hour to go, switched to the feeder and instantly latched into a carp which took 20mins to land. It weighed over 8kg giving Dom a max 10 points and 2nd spot overall. Hook bait was double worm on a size 14. Well done Dom !

   3rd place went to Paul Sagar from fancied peg 16 with 3.725kg. Paul's catch comprised a bream caught on single red maggot followed up in the latter stages with a carp caught on the bomb and mussel hookbait. Nice one Paul !

   4th spot went to Paul Elworthy from peg 2 by the car park with 2.575kg. Paul, having also struggled early on, fished the feeder and caught 2 rudd, a perch and a bream all on double red maggot to a size 16 and .09 hook length. Well done Paul !

Section Winners

   Section A      Bruce Hunt   ( peg 4 )   1.875kg

   Section B      Mike Edwards ( peg 25 )  2.400kg

   League leader at the halfway stage of the series is Dom Garnett with 50 points closely followed by Eric Priest, Anthony Edwards and Mike Blake. The next match is 2nd half of the Presidents shield on 16th June at the Basin. Please book in in the usual way via Culm Valley Angling.


7th Points 27th June 2021 Avalon

With a gusty East wind prevailing during yesterday's club match at Avalon fishery, weights were almost predictably low for the most part. Indeed, most of the high turnout of 32 club members struggled to find the normally obliging carp. With the match split into 3 sections for points, it was the first section at the lower car park end which gave up the top 3 weights on the day.

   Top place went to Phil Bailey on permanent peg 1 with 37.375kg. Phil fished a 14m pole all match and caught many carp using hair-rigged 8mm pellet fished at full depth against the bank. He fed both 6 and 8mm pellets and a strong 16 hook coupled with 16 elastics completed the job. Well done Phil !

   Runner up from peg 5 was Neil Raybould with 22.600kg. Neil's catch comprised 10 carp, 5 were caught using a cage feeder to the far bank and 8mm pellet on the hook, the other 5 were caught via pellet waggler shallow, similarly using 8mm pellet to the far bank. Nice one Neil !

   3rd spot went to Paul Blake on peg 7 with 20.750kg. Paul also had 10 carp and he caught all of them using a 12m pole with 6mm pellet on the hook fished shallow, main feed again was 6mm pellet. Well done Paul !

   4th place went to Gary Butler from peg 33 with 15.500kg. Gary managed 5 good sized carp all caught on the bomb to the island feeding and using 8mm banded pellet.  Well fished Gary !

Section Winners

Section A   1st   Sam Williams (peg 3 )   14.325kg

                   2nd  Dom Garnett ( peg 12 ) 12.975kg

Section B   1st   Ian Brooks    ( peg 20 )  14.600kg

                   2nd Paul Elworthy ( peg 19 ) 11.475kg

Section C   1st   Martin Heard ( peg 30 ) 15.080kg

                   2nd Steve Manley ( peg 38 ) 12.340kg

   League leader in the points is Dom Garnett out there on 56 points, followed by Eric Priest with 52 and Gary Butler on 49 points. The next match is at Oaktree fishery on 25th July.




8th Points 25th July 2021 Oaktree

The latest round was held at Oaktree fishery yesterday with 31 club anglers turning out to do battle once again. The match was split across top and bottom ponds with 16 on the top ( 2 sections of 8 ) and 15 below ( sections of 7 and 8 resp. ) The match was treated as 2 separate matches with 2 equal sets of prize money.

Top pond

Clear winner on the day was Mark Webber with 17.775kg. Mark drew peg 19 up the pond's left hand side and caught 3 carp initially on the pellet waggler to the island. He followed this up with a run of carp during the middle of the match fishing 10m pole and worm and maggot over chopped worm feed.

Well done Mark !

Runner up on the next peg 18 was Gary Butler with 11.900kg. Gary had 6 carp, 2 of which were caught on 10m pole fishing maggot/soft pellet  over micros. He also had 4 carp down the edge on maggot.

In 3rd spot was Simon Maunder on peg 21 ( top side) with 9.275kg. Simon managed 4 carp in total; he had 2 on the method feeder and maggot with the other pair coming on corn in the margin.

Section Winners

Section A   Anthony Edwards  (peg 20)   7.025kg

Section B   Eddie Evans  ( peg 30 )         6.400kg

Bottom pond

Winner from peg 11 ( top end car park side ) was Les Lloyd with 19.675kg. Les caught a total of 8 carp and won the bottom pond quite comfortably. He had all his fish in the margins and found corn to be the best hook bait on the day.  He fed heavily during the match with meat and corn mainly.

Well done Les !

Runner up from peg 1 down in the roadside corner was Elliot Fay with 15kg. Elliot pole fished 8mm hard pellet over 6mm feed pellets and managed 5 carp in total.

3rd spot went to Paul Elworthy from peg 9 near the stump with 13.475kg. Paul couldn't catch on his usual paste so switched to maggot and caught 8 small carp in total. He did get one or two on corn in the margin to complete his catch.

Section Winners 

Section A   Ian Williams  (peg 7)   9.375kg

Section B   Sam Williams (peg 15)  6.350kg

   The next club match is on Sunday at Summerhayes on Longs lake. Please inform Steve Manley asap if you will be wanting breakfast.



9th Points 1st August 2021 Summerhayes 

Yesterday's match held at Summerhayes ( Longs ) was supported by 27 club anglers with the match being split into 3 points sections of 9 anglers. As usual, there were quite a lot of anglers who struggled to get many bites but conversely there were a few who had a field day, not least of which was Elliot Fay who won the match from permanent peg 7 with 26.575kg. Elliot caught carp steadily throughout the match starting, firstly, across with 15m pole to the island using banded 6/8mm pellet over a bed of 4mm's. He later fished paste down the margins again over 4mm's to keep the carp coming. Well done Elliot !

   Runner up on the day from peg 36 by the aerator was Baz Barrow with 23.260kg. Baz fished completely differently by using maggot on a 14m pole over against the island over a bed of 4mm pellet to catch a load of small carp. Well done Baz !

   3rd  was Sam Williams from nearby peg 34 with 23.040kg. Sam caught 15 carp also fishing over against the island but this time productive method proved to be slapping a 6mm pellet 18"deep whilst feeding same. Nice one Sam !

   4th spot went to Gary Butler from peg 24 with 19.975kg. Gary caught a total of 12 carp; he had 5 fish across to the island on soft 6mm pellet over micro's and then later fished down the margin to catch a further 7 carp on maggot. Notably, he also had around 8lb of silvers. Well done Gary !

Section Winners

   Section A   1st   Dom Garnett   peg 2   17.925kg

   Section B   1st   Les Lloyd   peg 18    11.975kg

   Section C   1st   Pete Davey  peg 31  11.560kg

   At the three- quarters stage of this year's club match league, out in front with 71 points is Dom Garnett closely followed by Gary Butler on 68 and Paul Elworthy with 64.

   The next club match is in 3 weeks time at Tamar on 22nd August.


10th Points 22nd August 2021 Upper Tamar 

The latest round of the Tiverton league was held on the Devon bank of Upper Tamar reservoir and with a really high turnout of 30 club members travelling down, the whole of the bank was utilised. With fair conditions on the day, the match was dominated by the feeder, indeed, 3 of the top 4 places were feeder orientated and it was Stuart Burridge who came out on top from peg 12 near the gorse bush with a weight of 16.385kg. Stuart used a 45gm feeder laced with ground bait and corn and fished this at 45yds in conjunction with hair rigged corn or worm to catch mainly skimmers up to 2lb steadily throughout the 6 hours. Congratulations Stuart !

   Runner up on the day, from peg 6 ,just below the barbers pole, was Dom Garnett with a weight of 16.100kg. Dom fished both 3m and 4m whips throughout the match catching mainly roach and perch over groundbait laced with caster and maggot. Main hook bait was caster or maggot on a size 16. Well done Dom !

   In 3rd place was Paul Elworthy with 14.675kg from peg 10, 2 pegs back from the winner. Paul, again fished a ground bait feeder packed with corn and using a hair rigged corn method. His catch comprised mainly good skimmers up to 2lb. Nice one Paul !

   4th spot went to Brian Sussex from peg 2 near the dam with 14.400kg. Brian fished a large ground bait feeder at 50m and caught roach and good skimmers throughout using mainly worm hook bait. Well done Brian !

Section Winners

   Section A   Ken Penberthy   Peg 1     11.250kg

   Section B   Bruce Hunt         Peg 20  11.420kg

   Section C   Elliot Fay             Peg 25   7.525kg

   The next round is in 2 weeks time on 5 Sept at Oaktree fishery.


11th Points 5th September 2021 Oak Tree 

Sunday's club match was held at Oaktree fishery near South Molton and 24 club anglers converged to do battle for points, once again, in what was the penultimate match of the 2021 series. The match was spread across all 3 lakes with 8 anglers per lake. Conditions were ideal on the day and results were as follows;

Bottom Pond

Clear winner was Elliot Fay with 31.810kg from a middle peg opposite the car park. His catch comprised mainly good sized carp around 7lb most of which were caught on a long pole down the margins over a bed of 4mm pellet and various hookbaits including corn and worm.

Runner up from a peg near the outfall was Jez Rostron with 19.510kg. Jez fished a 13m pole with 6mm banded pellet on the hook over a bed of micro's to catch a load of much smaller carp. He later came inside and had a few on paste on the 6m line.

3rd spot went to Sam Williams with 17.920kg. Sam was pegged midway down on the car park side and had a lot of smaller carp on mainly 6mm banded pellet.

Middle Pond

Winner here was Mike Pickford, from a peg over on the far bank, who fished a cage feeder throughout  the match to catch 8 bream plus a few roach for top weight of 10.100kg. Mike had 2 bream on worm with the rest coming on treble red maggot over fishmeal ground bait. 

Runner up was Phil Tucker from middle of the dam with 9.700kg. Phil had a 12lb carp midway through the match on the pellet feeder followed by 2 bream and an eel to give him 2nd spot.

3rd place went to Eric Priest, pegged next to the winner, who fished a waggler all match to weigh in with an all roach catch of 8.875kg.

Top Pond

Clear winner was Gary Butler with 32.600kg from a peg at the top side of the lake. Gary caught 14 carp in total catching most of these from both left and right hand side margins. Successful hook baits were soft pellet, corn and maggot over micros.

Runner up from first corner peg was Ian Williams with 19.100kg. Ian had a total of 12 carp all caught in either of two margin swims. His most successful bait on the day was worm fished over 4mm pellet.

3rd spot went to Paul Blake with 17.450kg. Paul had several carp via pole and feeder from a peg in the middle of the dam.

   With only one points match to go in the series, it looks like a three horse race for the championship between Dom Garnett and Paul Elworthy, both on 77 points and Gary Butler on 74 points. The final match is in 2 weeks time at Little Yeo and with everyone fighting for a place in the club match final in October, it promises to be an interesting finale all round.



points 12
12th Points 19th September 2021 Little Yeo

The final points match held yesterday at Yeo was attended by 23 clubmen. The match was split, with 2 sections on Bobslake and a 3rd section on Gaggs. 

A Section on Bobslake was won by Baz Barrow from permanent peg 2 with 21.225kg. Baz caught over a dozen carp fishing both soft and hard 6mm pellet over micro's using a 7m pole. Well done Baz !

Runner up, next door on peg 1, was Sam Williams with 20.875kg. Sam caught most of his fish in the margins fishing corn over a bed of micro pellets.

3rd was Paul Sagar from peg 11 with 11.275kg. Paul had the bulk of his catch fairly late on in the match using varied hook baits over micro's.

B Section. Winner here, from peg 14 on Bobslake, was Jez Rostrom with 20.800kg. Jez fished over towards the island and caught 15 carp on double maggot over a bed of dead maggots. Well done Jez !

Runner up was Phil Madden from peg 17 with 9.975kg. Phil  managed 3 good carp, 2 of which came in the margins on worm and dead maggots.

3rd spot went to Ian Williams from peg 17 with 7.425kg. Ian had a few carp on worm and corn, again, in the margins.

Section C on Gaggs was won by Paul Elworthy from peg 6 with 4.250kg. Paul, like everyone, had a few small silvers during the first 4 hours but then got stuck in to 5 or 6 good skimmers fishing a long pole to the lilies. Successful bait was single maggot on a 20 hook over micro's and maggot. Nice one Paul !

Runner up from peg 3 was Bruce Hunt with 3.200kg. Bruce caught loads of tiny silvers on a whip but then hooked a big skimmer out of the blue to give him second spot.

3rd place on peg 5 was Les Lloyd with 2.100kg. Les caught all small silvers on maggot plus a bonus of a 4 inch long tench.

   With this year's club match league now complete, congrats to the new 2021 club champion, Paul Elworthy who just clinched top spot from runner up Dom Garnett and Gary Butler in 3rd. Well done to all of you for making this, what was, a tightly fought and exciting finale. Many thanks, especially, goes to Steve Manley, our retiring match secretary, but also to everyone else who participated throughout the year, of course, for helping to make this annual series such an enjoyable one.

   The top 12 qualifier is in 2 weeks at Oaktree bottom pond; match secretary will be in touch with all those eligible. This will be followed by the Top 12 Final on 17th October which is to be held this year at Summerhayes ( Sellick )






12 q
Top 12 Qualifier 3rd October 2021 Oaktree

With 10 places already confirmed for the Club match Finale in 2 weeks time at Summerhayes, Sunday's qualifier event to decide the last two places was held on bottom pond at Oaktree fishery near South Molton. The weather, having already taken a dive in temperature, together with the heavy, recent rains meant that it was generally going to be a tough affair with bites coming at a premium. 

   One angler who seemed to find more bites than most was Paul Blake, who, in his first season on the club match scene, blitzed the opposition on the day with a total weight of 16.250kg. Paul drew a corner peg near the inlet and caught  carp steadily throughout the match mainly down the margins on maggot and corn. Congratulations Paul !

   Runner- up on the day was Mark Branson with 9.250kg and Mark also fills the last spot for the grand finale at Summerhayes. Mark drew a peg opposite the car park up near the old stump and although he didn't catch as many carp as Paul, he ended up well clear of the rest of the field. Congratulations Mark !

   So, with the grand finale in two weeks time at Summerhayes, fishing will be on Sellick lake, draw 8.30am, fishing 10 till 4pm, to be followed by the presentation of prizes..

   The owner, Pete, will be pleased to do breakfast for those that want it, so please get your orders in to our match secretary, Steve Manley, at your earliest convenience.

   If any of the qualifiers find themselves unable to fish for any reason, please contact Steve asap. 



Top 12 Final 17th October 2021 Summerhayes

Sunday's club match final, held on Sellick lake at Summerhayes fishery, turned out to be a lucky one for Elliot Fay who was only able to fish the match as last minute replacement for Mark Branson who had to pull out for personal reasons.

   Elliot drew permanent peg 8 and weighed in with a total winning weight of 36.375kg. He started by dobbing bread for carp and never looked back. He had one carp within a minute on the inside, fishing 9 inches deep, and then went across to the island with the same and caught steadily throughout the match without feeding a thing. Congratulations Elliot !

   Runner up was Sam Williams on peg 15 with 33.500kg. Sam fished a 6mm pellet 2ft deep using the splash technique at long pole range. Main feed was 6mm pellet drip fed over the top using his catty.  Well done Sam !

   In 3rd spot, from peg 23, was Les Lloyd with 22.525kg. Les caught almost all of his fish on maggot in the various margins to his left and right as well as across against the island. Nice one Les !

   4th place went to Gary Butler from peg 10 with 19.550kg. Gary, having had a very unproductive first 3 hours, found several carp in the latter stages, mainly down the left margin to the next blank peg using maggot.  Good recovery Gary !

   All in all, the day was a great success with the weather being kind to all the anglers who qualified for the final. It is certainly not easy to make it into the top 12 final these days what with the quality and quantity of club anglers that turn up to the points matches throughout the year. Well done to everyone who helped to make this yet another really enjoyable season.

  A big thanks goes to Steve Manley, our retiring match secretary, and Treasurer, Mike Edwards, who laid on a really good closing presentation of prizes, yes, everyone picked up a prize; so too, we must thank Culm Valley Angling for their sponsorship of the event.

   Next match is the club's Pairs Open on Sunday 7th November on the canal.



club pairs

Club Pairs Match 7th November Grand Western Canal

The annual club pairs open, held yesterday on the canal, was attended by 30 anglers and was pegged from broken bridge to Tidcombe. The fishing was generally hard thanks to bright sun and a stiff North Westerly. It was compounded by the crystal clear water and loads of walkers which made shipping/unshipping of poles quite hazardous.

   However, several anglers did manage to find a few fish, not least of which was the Williams team, Ian and Sam, who eclipsed the opposition with a 3rd in section and 1st in section, respectively, to win the match comfortably. Ian had a good catch of silvers whilst Sam caught 2 good tench from the far bank.

Congratulations guys !

   Runners- up on the day  was team Elworthy/ Davey. Pete Davey had a good 2kg catch from Tidcombe bay to give him 2nd in section whilst Paul Elworthy had over 100 small roach for 2.050kg on punch to clinch 3rd in section. Well done chaps !

   In 3rd spot was team Heard/Hunt. Bruce Hunt managed 1.850kg for 4th in section whilst Martin Heard, with the help of a small tench in the last hour, came 2nd in section. Nice one lads !


   Well done to everyone else who fished and helped to make this yet another successful event by the Tiverton club.

   Next match on 28th November is the club's Xmas match which is definitely going ahead this year after last year's cancellation due to Covid. Tickets are on sale at Culm Valley Angling and Exeter Angling Centre.


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