Grand Western Canal

With 11.5 miles of fishing from the canal basin at Tiverton to Burlescombe, The Grand Western Canal (better known to locals as the Tiverton Canal) a is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful fisheries in Devon. It is especially noted for excellent summer tench fishing, while it also offers cracking roach, rudd, bream and other species. It also has good winter pike fishing on dead baits, lures and flies, with a good head of jack pike and the occasional double.

Every season has its charm on the canal. Kingfishers are commonly spotted, while the banks come alive with stunning yellow flag iris from late spring.

Roach fishing can be very good, even in the winter and a cheap day's sport can be had with just a loaf of liquidized bread and a handful of casters.

The town end of the canal is also noted for carp fishing, with a reasonable head of mirrors and commons that run to over 20 pounds.

Perch are another staple, with lots of little ones and the odd specimen to over two pounds.

Just about any method can work on the canal, and with many stretches offering clear water, sight fishing can be great fun. Stalking certainly works, while it is also an excellent place to try fly fishing for coarse species.

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