Lakeside Fish Refuges

Wire Rings.jpg
Rings and Frame.jpg
Fitting the Lid.jpg

We have installed 4 fish refuges in the old part of Lakeside, they were relatively easy to make with coils of pig netting attached to the outside of the frame of an IBC tank with a lid made from wire and a rubber membrane to give the fish a dark area to hide in.

Two cages finished.jpg
The Deck added to the Barge.jpg
The first floatation Tube.jpg
HMS Tivolian.jpg

We then built a pontoon to float the cage out into the lake

Cage loaded on the pontoon.jpg
It Floats.jpg
Captain Pugwash.jpg

We marked the four corners of each cage with small red buoys so everyone could see their location and thus avoid snagging their fishing lines.

All in place.jpg

Lakeside maintenance


Paul Sagar has finished of the outfall with a lid made from floor forge galvanized steel walkway that will now make the cleaning of the grills a lot easier

Pete Davey has repaired several of the platforms with decking

Platform Repair.jpg
Bank Repair.jpg

Tim Vigus has been repairing bank side areas that were showing signs of wear