Top 12 Final Sunday 6th October 2019

After another successful series of club matches, with 47 anglers having taken part at various stages throughout the year, the top 12 final was staged yesterday at Morchard Road fishery. Conditions were fairly calm to begin with but the water level was down considerably and a strong North Westerly soon got hold of proceedings and most anglers found themselves having to resort to fishing a feeder.

   Everyone managed to catch on the day which was good, but it was Anthony Edwards that managed to catch with the most regularity and indeed he finished up top weight on the day with 28.025kg.

Pegged down on the road bank, Anthony fished a small method feeder to the island to catch 30 small carp on 6 to 8mm pellet. He said he found he had to fish tight to the island to keep the bites coming.

Congratulations Anthony !

   Runner-up on the day, from a favoured peg on the point nearest the car park, was Elliot Fay with 23.750kg. Having tried the short pole inside to no avail, Elliot also fished a feeder to the island and caught on and off during the match, but, in the last half hour he caught half a dozen carp inside on corn fishing in 12" of water. Well done Elliot !

   3rd spot went to Dominic Garnett with a weight of 18.900kg. Dom was pegged down on the road bank, next to the winner, and fished a feeder to the island to snare a total of 20 small carp. Well done Dominic !

   The match was followed by the presentation of prizes ably carried out by Match Secretary, Steve Manley. Everyone received a prize on the day and special thanks to Dave at Culm Valley Angling and Kevin at Exeter Angling Centre for their kind donation of prizes once again. Congrats to everyone who qualified for the final, it is not easy these days with the level of competition shown throughout the year.    Finally, on behalf of everyone, a special thanks to Steve Manley for all his hard work throughout the year in running the club matches. Match attendance continues to rise year on year and this, I believe, is a reflection on how well Steve runs the local match scene.

   Next club event is the club's Pairs Open on the canal on 3rd November, entry sheet is now up at Culm Valley Angling.



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