10th Points 5th August 2018 Little Yeo
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On yet another baking hot day, 22 anglers fished the latest round at Little Yeo fishery. The pattern proved to be similar to the previous match held 2 weeks ago in that the first hour proved to be the most productive for many. The match was again split into 3 equal sections, one on Gaggs and 2 on Bobslake with the following results:

Section A   Gaggs

   1st   Mike Edwards ( bottom pic- centre)  4.500kg. Mike caught mainly crucians and skimmers close in using corn over micro pellet to his left and same over ground bait to his right. He also found 5 good skimmers well over against the lilies late on using maggot. Well done Mike.

   2nd  Gary Butler  ( bottom pic- right) 2.360kg. Gary caught 20 small fish by the nearside lilies using maggot and a further 2 skimmers in the last hour well over on a 15m pole, bait was double dead maggot.

   3rd  Pete Davey  ( bottom pic left)  2.250kg. Pete managed one good tench and several crucians caught against the nearside lilies using corn and maggot to give him 3rd spot.

Section B  Bobslake

   1st  Ken Cox ( middle pic centre) 12.500kg. Ken  caught all of his 12 carp in the margins using banded 8mm pellet pole fished over 4mm pellet.Ken reckons he lost several at the start due to foul hooking but the carp seemed to settle after a while and it was then that he really caught well. Again it was the first couple of hours that proved most productive.

   2nd  Dom Garnett ( middle pic left) 11.775kg. Dom caught 9 carp mainly on paste in the margins but managed 2 carp later on using bread off bottom. Dom was just one more fish away from pipping Ken at the post but a great result nevertheless.

   3rd  Eric Priest  ( middle pic right ) 8.200kg. Eric caught 5 carp in the first hour on paste over micro pellet fairly close in and managed a decent carp in the last half hour plus a few silvers on maggot to clinch 3rd.

Section C Bobslake

   1st   Bruce Hunt ( top pic middle) 25.325kg. Bruce had a great result catching 5 carp close in on paste in the first 20mins followed up with a further 10 carp caught up to his right using the same tactics over the next 2 hours. He also managed a couple more carp on paste at 13m later in the match to give him a fine win.

   2nd  Elliot Fay ( top pic left) 25.040kg. Elliot just failed to catch Bruce by the slimmest of margins but still had a great match. He caught around 24 carp on 8mm banded pellet fished over 6mm pellet. He caught carp throughout the match across both outside and inside swims. Successful rig was light float coupled with a size 16 MWG Guru hook.

   3rd  Steve Manley ( top pic right) 12.825kg. Steve caught 5 carp on the method feeder and then followed up with a further 5 carp fishing a long pole to the island using corn fished over micro pellet.

   With only 2 points matches to go, Gary Butler is still out in front with 79 points  followed closely  by Dom Garnett in 2nd spot on 73 points and Bruce Hunt 3rd on 71. The next match is in 3 weeks time at Upper Tamar lake.