9th Points 30th June 2019 Little Yeo

Today's league match, fished at the club's Little Yeo venue, was well attended with 20 anglers turning out to do battle for league points. The match comprised 3 separate sections; 2 on Bobslake and the third on Gaggs. Conditions were ideal, with cloud covered sky and a decent ripple on the water, good weights were on the cards for many.


Clear winner on Gaggs pond, from permanent peg, 5 was Dom Garnett with the top weight of 7.200kg.

Dom caught roach and skimmers steadily throughout the match using mainly maggot and worm over a little groundbait and  alternating between a short whip on the inside and an 8m pole to the lillies. Well done Dom !

   Runner up to Dominic was Bruce Hunt next door on peg 6. Bruce weighed in with 5.580kg and he too started on the short whip catching roach and skimmers on maggot. Later he fished across on long pole to the island and caught more good skimmers on maggot and worm cocktail over a little crumb.

Bobslake A Section  ( pegs 1 to 9 )

Keith Carpenter was the clear winner in this section with an all carp catch of 31.175kg. The successful bait was paste fished on a short pole straight out in front to start with and then later down the inside margin where some better stamp fish were found. Well done Keith !

   Runner up from peg 5 was Mike Edwards with 10.275kg. Mike had a few carp initially on a short pole using paste and then after some time without a bite put together a string of carp caught, again, on paste down the margin.

Bobslake B Section  ( pegs 11 to 19 )

The top two in this section enjoyed a really close tussle both catching carp steadily throughout the match, but it was Ben Hathaway from peg 15 who ran out the winner in the end with a weight of 40.850kg. Ben started fishing a short pole straight out in front of him using paste over micro pellet and then later alternated from there to an inside margin swim fishing the worm over the choppie. Well done Ben !

   Close behind in 2nd spot from peg 19 was Paul Elworthy with 36.950kg. Paul fished his favourite bait- homemade paste fished over fishmeal groundbait and caught carp from the off.. He used at least 3 different swims during the 6 hour match to amass his catch.

   With only 3 points matches left in the series, things are quite close at the top with Bruce Hunt out in the lead on 74 points and Gary Butler close behind on 68. Eric Priest is on 65 and Anthony Edwards with 64  but with the best 9 from 12 scenario, anything can happen- and don't forget, the top 10 points automatically qualify for the club final in October !

   The next match is here again in 4 weeks time on 28th July in the meantime...