8th Points 16th June 2019 Avalon

The latest round of points matches was held at Avalon fishery, Shapwick, Somerset with 21 anglers turning out to do battle. Conditions were fair after the recent heavy rains but there was a strong south westerly which did make bait presentation on the pole somewhat difficult. Partly because of this, most anglers fished a feeder or straight lead to the island  and it was the former which proved best for the clear winner on the day, from permanent peg 5, Alan Crouch, who weighed in with 35.750kg. Alan's catch comprised a total of 19 carp and most of these came on a feeder fished banded 8mm pellet. Alan also had a few carp down the margins on a short pole. Well done Alan !

   Runner up on the day, from peg 19, was Bruce Hunt with a weight of 26.760kg. Bruce started on the pellet waggler to the island but wind conditions made it so difficult he trashed 2 rigs before he managed to get it just right and then he proceeded to catch carp steadily throughout the match by letting the wind drift his float close in to the island. Successful bait was 8mm pellet and Bruce caught 12 carp in total, Well done Bruce !

   3rd spot went to Anthony Edwards, from peg 12, with a weight of 26.480kg. Anthony fished a small feeder from the off and caught the bulk of his catch during the first 2 hours using an 8mm banded pellet fished close to the island. He caught a total of 9 carp, one of which was a lump weighing over 14lb. Well done Anthony !

Section Winners

 Section A

   1st   Paul Sagar   peg 3   21.570kg  ( 8 carp mainly on 9m pole using corn and paste )

   2nd Gary Butler  peg 10  20.410kg ( 8 carp across 3 different methods bomb, waggler and pole)

Section B

   1st  Eric Priest   peg 27  20.190kg  ( 8 carp mainly in last hour on straight lead to island )

  2nd Ian Brooks  peg 20  12.790kg  ( paste/meat mainly during last hour in margins )

   With 8 of the 12 points matches now fished, the league now appears to be a 3 horse race. Bruce Hunt is heading the field on 65 points with Gary Butler close behind on 61. Anthony Edwards is sitting in 3rd spot on 59 and any one of these is capable of winning the title which is concluded on the " best of 9" scores.

   Next match is the 2nd half of the Presidents match held at the canal Basin on Wednesday ( 19th June ) 5pm draw, fishing 6 till 9pm. Please book in in the usual way at Culm Valley Angling.

Footnote:  On Saturday, club is holding " Learn to Fish" day for juniors at Little Yeo with qualified coaches. Also staging a " Catch a Carp competition" for kiddies. Please bring your children, grandchildren and friends and family along for an enjoyable, as well as social, day out. All FREE of charge except the refreshments, of course, which will be on sale.