7th Points 27th June 2021 Avalon

With a gusty East wind prevailing during yesterday's club match at Avalon fishery, weights were almost predictably low for the most part. Indeed, most of the high turnout of 32 club members struggled to find the normally obliging carp. With the match split into 3 sections for points, it was the first section at the lower car park end which gave up the top 3 weights on the day.

   Top place went to Phil Bailey on permanent peg 1 with 37.375kg. Phil fished a 14m pole all match and caught many carp using hair-rigged 8mm pellet fished at full depth against the bank. He fed both 6 and 8mm pellets and a strong 16 hook coupled with 16 elastics completed the job. Well done Phil !

   Runner up from peg 5 was Neil Raybould with 22.600kg. Neil's catch comprised 10 carp, 5 were caught using a cage feeder to the far bank and 8mm pellet on the hook, the other 5 were caught via pellet waggler shallow, similarly using 8mm pellet to the far bank. Nice one Neil !

   3rd spot went to Paul Blake on peg 7 with 20.750kg. Paul also had 10 carp and he caught all of them using a 12m pole with 6mm pellet on the hook fished shallow, main feed again was 6mm pellet. Well done Paul !

   4th place went to Gary Butler from peg 33 with 15.500kg. Gary managed 5 good sized carp all caught on the bomb to the island feeding and using 8mm banded pellet.  Well fished Gary !

Section Winners

Section A   1st   Sam Williams (peg 3 )   14.325kg

                   2nd  Dom Garnett ( peg 12 ) 12.975kg

Section B   1st   Ian Brooks    ( peg 20 )  14.600kg

                   2nd Paul Elworthy ( peg 19 ) 11.475kg

Section C   1st   Martin Heard ( peg 30 ) 15.080kg

                   2nd Steve Manley ( peg 38 ) 12.340kg

   League leader in the points is Dom Garnett out there on 56 points, followed by Eric Priest with 52 and Gary Butler on 49 points. The next match is at Oaktree fishery on 25th July.