5th Points 14th April 2019 Stafford Moor

A total of 29 anglers attended the latest club match which was held in cold and windy conditions, yesterday, at Stafford Moor. The match was held across 2 lakes, Tanners and Woodpecker, with prize money going to top 3 places in each lake plus section winners and section runners up.


   Winner on the day from peg 7 was Maxine Smythe with 36.950kg. Maxine caught 14 carp on banded 8mm pellet fished on a 10m pole. It is well worth noting that Maxine has become the first woman in the club's 40 year history to have won a club match, I'm sure it won't be the last time, well done Maxine !

   In 2nd place, from peg 9, was Keith Carpenter with 29.125kg. Keith caught all his 11 carp in the margins using a short pole and a multitude of baits including maggot, corn and pellet.

   3rd spot went to Dave Sellick, from peg 15 with 25.275kg. Dave's catch comprised 10 carp all caught on a straight bomb with 11mm hair rigged pellet.

Section Winners

    Pegs 1-9   Bruce Hunt  ( peg 1)  23.350kg.   ( 9 carp in margins using paste)

          10-20  Ian Brooks  ( peg 17 ) 15.925kg   ( 4 carp plus 12 lb of silvers all on pellet )


   Weights were generally higher on this lake with Martin Heard taking top spot with 45.825kg from peg 2. Martin alternated between fishing 8mm banded pellet on the bomb catching 12 carp and then fishing meat on a short pole where he caught another 9 carp. Well done Martin !

   In 2nd place, next door on peg 1, was Gary Butler with 42.075kg. Gary also fished the same two methods, but only managed 5 carp with pellet on the straight lead. His greater success came on the pole fished at 12m using 8mm meat where he managed to catch a further 14 carp.

   3rd spot went to Stuart Burridge from peg 20 with 35.050kg. Stuart's catch comprised 19 carp and most of these came via fishing a 10mm banded pellet on the straight lead. He did catch 2 carp in the margins over 8mm feed pellet.

Section Winners

   Pegs 1-11  Simon Maunder  ( peg 11 )  29.525kg  ( 12 carp using pole fished corn in the margins )

          12-20  Paul Elworthy    ( peg 12 )  32.400kg ( 3 carp on paste close in, 7 carp on 8mm pellet via feeder off the island )

   Big thanks to Jo and Paul at Stafford Moor for making us all feel welcome at the club's first visit, I'm sure there will be many more trips to Stafford Moor in the years to come.