4th Points 10th March 2019 Grand Western Canal

  Fishing in gale force winds made bait presentation extremely difficult for the 26 anglers which turned out at the club's 4th points match of the season held at Tidcombe yesterday. Weights were well down from normal owing to the adverse conditions, indeed, many of the anglers took to fishing a small feeder or waggler to avoid having their pole broken whilst others resigned themselves to fishing the pole short at 6m or less.The match was pegged either side of the bridge and comprised 3 sections and it was from section A, on the town side of the bridge, which produced the top 3 individual weights.

   It was a case of "deja vu" for  Eric Priest, who, having drawn the same peg ( peg 1 ) as in the earlier Tidcombe  match, managed to win again, this time with a modest weight of 1.500kg. Fishing a 6m pole, Eric caught one 12oz skimmer and around 20 roach all on 6mm punch fished over liquidised bread.

   Runner-up on the day was Bruce Hunt, from peg 5, who weighed in with 1.320kg. Bruce's catch comprised 3 skimmers and a dozen roach or so.The successful bait was big punch fished on the bottom over the customary liquidised bread. He also managed a couple of small perch on the worm.

   3rd place went to Richard Higgs, from peg 7, with 1.140kg. Richard, using a short pole, had a mixed bag comprising one skimmer and several roach caught on the punch plus half a dozen small perch caught on maggot fished over groundbait. 

   Section Winners

    Section A

   1st   Dom Garnett   1.060kg   ( 4 skimmers, small roach on punch plus 6 perch on worm )

   2nd  Elliot Fay        0.900kg  ( 5 skimmers, 3 roach all on small feeder )

   Section B

   1st   Pete Kingdon  0.985kg  ( 2 skimmers plus roach to 12oz all on the waggler )

   2nd Mike Pickford  0.395kg  (  1 skimmer and few roach on punch )

   Section C

   1st   Gary Butler    0.820kg    ( 22 roach plus 1 skimmer on punch fished at 7.5m )

  2nd Anthony Edwards  0.560kg  ( 28 roach plus 1 skimmer on punch fished top 2 plus 2 )

   Well done to everyone for sticking it out and managing to actually catch some fish in dire conditions, our Match Sec, Steve, saved us somewhat by reducing the match to that of 4 hours instead of 5, big thanks Steve !

   Next week's match is the Elliot Fay Charity match at the Basin. Draw 8.30am, fishing 10 till 3pm.

Book in via Culm Valley Angling, Exeter Angling Centre or via Match Sec.