3rd Points 24th February 2019 Grand Western Canal

After the early morning fog had cleared, the sun came out and the 34 anglers who fished were basking in Spring- like temperatures. It felt like the tench would put in an appearance and that is exactly what happened. With the match pegged from Sellake bridge to Greenway bridge, it was the Sellake end which produced the top 3 placings ably headed  by Elliot Fay with a weight of 5.500kg. Fishing from peg 8 just on the edge of "Sellake bay", Elliot caught 4 tench and some small perch all on worm fished at 13 metres to the bottom of the far shelf. Rig comprised 0.15 mono direct to a size 14 hook. Well done Elliot !

   Runner up on the day, just 3 pegs away on peg 11, was Dave Higgs with a weight of 4.140kg. Dave fished the pole at 11m and caught 3 tench plus a few perch, again, on the worm using a size 14 hook tied to 4lb hooklength and 5lb mainline. Well done Dave!

   In 3rd spot, from peg 5, Pete Davey weighed in with 3.020kg. Pete's catch included a big male tench plus a small jack pike both caught on worm hookbait fished on a long pole. He also caught a few small roach on the punch. Well done Pete!

   In 4th place, from end peg 34 at the Greenway end, was Phil Tucker who caught 2 tench and a few perch , again on the worm fished at 9 metres. Phil also caught a dozen small roach on the bread punch over liquidised bread. Well done to Phil !

Section Winners

   Section A  ( 1 - 12 )   

   1st   Calvin Lemon   1.700kg

   2nd Paul Marks       1.520kg

   Section B  ( 13 - 23)

   1st   Matt Atkinson   1.580kg

   2nd Anthony Edwards  0.980kg

   Section C   ( 24-34 )

   1st   Ali Robinson   1.030kg

   2nd Richard Higgs  1.000kg   

   Well done to you guys !  After 3 matches, Anthony Edwards has taken an early lead in the points with a total of 28 out of a 30 maximum. Anthony is closely followed by Elliot Fay with 25 points and Ray King and Paul Marks both on 24 points.

   The next club match is in 2 weeks time at Tidcombe. Draw 8.30am Tidcombe bridge, fishing 10 till 3.