4th Points 25th March 2018 Oaktree

Winners on bottom pond

The latest club match was held at Oaktree fishery where 26 anglers battled it out for points. The match was split into two equal sections; one section on bottom lake and the other on the top lake. With the absence of wind, rain and snow, the anglers were really up for an enjoyable day and indeed, several anglers managed to catch some decent nets of fish.

Bottom Lake

Deserved winner of the bottom lake was Gary Butler who weighed in with 11kg exactly. Gary's catch comprised 4 carp caught fishing a small feeder to the aerator with maggot on the hook. This was backed up by a further 4 carp caught on pole fished maggot plus a kilo of silvers. This takes Gary into the lead with 32 points after 4 matches.

In second place with a weight of 8.200kg, from the gorsebush swim, was Ian Brooks. Ian had 2 carp on pole fished maggot in the first 2 hours plus 2 good perch and some silvers. Things then went rock hard until the last hour and a half when Ian managed another 4 carp to secure second.

Third place went to Dominic Garnett with 6.320kg from a peg on the grass bank side. Dominic caught 4 carp using a small feeder to the aerator using maggot on the hook. This was backed up with some silvers which included a 2lb perch caught on maggot.

Fourth spot went to Graham Stewart who managed 5 carp on pole fished maggot, Graham was pegged next to Gary down in the slightly deeper bay.

Top Lake

This section proved to be a very closely fought section indeed with just a few kilos separating the top weights. Deserved winner on the day from a peg by the slipway was Bruce Hunt with a weight of 14.950kg. Bruce alternated with the pole between carp rig and silvers rig to catch 11kg of carp plus 4kg of silvers, mainly on maggot.

In second place, with a weight of 13.300kg, was Keith Carpenter who was pegged in  the middle of the dam end. Keith caught a carp out on a long pole plus some good skimmers all on maggot but the bulk of his catch came from the inside swim where he hooked several lumps, again on the maggot.

Third spot went to Eric Priest, just up left from the first corner, who weighed in with 12.020kg. Eric caught 2 carp and some decent skimmers on the method feeder in the first 2 hours and then a further 3 carp plus skimmers on pole fished maggot in the last hour and a half. 

Fourth place went to Mike Edwards who weighed in with 9.120kg. Mike caught 5 carp together with some decent skimmers on the feeder with mainly sweetcorn on a hair rig to clinch fourth spot.

The next clubbie is at Summerhayes in 3 weeks time, meanwhile the club's Pairs event gets going so get your skates on and get yourselves booked in. 


Winners on top pond