6th Points 20th May 2018 Summerhayes

With the thermometer up high, wall to wall sunshine plus the fact that some of the fish were still spawning in the margins, yesterday's club match proved very challenging for many.  However, after a hearty breakfast, ably supplied by Ade and staff, many of the 21 anglers did manage to find a few fish, not least of all the 3 happy chaps shown above.

The clear winner on the day, from permanent peg 26, with a weight of 21.020kg was Gary Butler. Gary caught 18 carp and 1 skimmer with most of them coming from over against the island on the long pole. Successful baits were corn and meat over micro pellet. Gary did catch 5 carp against the left hand margin. Well done Gary !


In 2nd place was Ray King on peg 30 with a weight of 17.220kg. Ray's catch included one bream, 2 skimmers and 13 carp all caught well over on pole fished corn over micro pellet and ground bait.


3rd spot went to Paul Frost next door on peg 32 with a weight of 13.400kg. Paul caught all his fish, which included 11 carp and one skimmer, on the method feeder well across using corn and meat hook baits.


Section Winners were as follows:


Section A   1st     Dom Garnett   peg 11   12.400kg   ( 10 carp, mainly on method feeder using pellet)

                    2nd  Elliot Fay          peg 17   11.120kg   ( 8 carp, long pole using 6mm pellet over micro)

Section B   1st     Steve Manley  peg 34  10.380kg ( 6 carp using corn mainly in the margins)

                    2nd  Simon Maunder  peg 24  8.520kg ( 6 carp on pole fished maggot )

 League positions at the half way stage look pretty tight with Gary Butler leading on 49 points closely followed by Dom Garnett in second with 48 points. Elliot Fay is currently in 3rd with 43 points with Bruce Hunt on his heels in 4th with 42 points. Just to remind everyone that the top 12 points will qualify for the heavily sponsored club match final which, this year, is to be held at Morchard Road fishery on October 7th.

See you all at the next clubbie in a fortnight's time on Woodlands at Trinity Waters, Bridgwater.