9th Points 22nd July 2018 Little Yeo

21 anglers turned out for the latest clubbie at Little Yeo on what was another scorching hot day. With bright sun, little rain for 3 months and water levels down, the best of the fishing took place during the first couple of hours of the match. With both ponds being used, the match was split into 3 separate sections and the results were as follows:

Gaggs Section A

   1st   Gary Butler  ( top pic left) 2.890kg. an early eel on pellet, a skimmer over micro and a run of roach in the last hour gave Gary an excellent win.

   2nd  Ian Brooks ( top middle) 2.260kg. Ian's catch included 6 crucians and a tench caught close in on paste plus several bits on maggot.

   3rd  Dom Garnett ( top right) 1.830kg. Dom caught small roach and skimmers on mainly pinkie and worm.

Bobslake Section B

   1st  Bruce Hunt ( middle pic centre) 26.425kg. Bruce bagged up on carp using paste fished close in during the first 2 hours of the match. Although things slowed right down during the remainder of the match, Bruce still caught a further 10 small carp to give him an impressive win and top weight on the day. 

   2nd  Ali Robinson ( middle pic right) 10.825kg. Ali caught 9 carp in total plus a few crucians caught on a combination of paste and meat fished over micro pellet.

   3rd  Phil Madden ( middle left) 10.750kg. Phil's catch comprised 12 carp in total caught on maggot and worm fished over crushed expanders. He also caught 2 carp up in the water on pellet.

Bobslake Section C

   1st  Paul Sagar ( bottom pic middle) 24.175kg. Paul caught carp fished close in straight from the off and bagged up during the early part of the match. His successful bait was krill paste fished over micro pellet to give him an impressive win and 2nd top weight of the day. Well done Paul !

  2nd  Ray King ( bottom pic right) 17.900kg. Ray's catch comprised over 20 small carp all caught on meat fished over 4mm pellet.

  3rd  Mike Edwards ( bottom pic left) 11.050kg. Mike caught 7 carp in total plus a 2lb perch to give him 3rd spot. Successful bait for Mike was luncheon meat fished over meat and hemp.


   With 9 matches now completed out of the 12 match series, things are looking very interesting at the top of the points leader board. Gary Butler is leading the charge to the title with 76 points followed closely behind by Dom Garnett on 69. But Bruce Hunt and Ian Brooks are both making late challenges with 61 and 56 respectively . With the title being decided on best 9 from 12 scores anything can happen over the last 3 matches !