11th Points 26th August 2018 Upper Tamar

Having enjoyed great weather over this year's matches, we were bound to suffer sooner or later and yesterday at Tamar we suffered. Apart from the first half hour, it rained continuously and with a strong gusty wind in your face for most of the time, the use of an umbrella was a definite no no. Despite everyone getting a good soaking, there were some good catches amongst the 19 anglers that braved the elements.

   Fishing the Devon bank, top honours on the day went to Bruce Hunt who drew peg 18 towards the dam end and weighed in with an amazing 20kg. Bruce caught over 700 small fish using a 2m whip in the 6 hour match fishing just off the end of his keep net. He used single red maggot on a size 16 fished over groundbait and maggot. Well done Bruce !

   In 2nd spot from peg 8 came Paul Elworthy with 16.750kg. Paul, having drawn a notable feeder peg, fed a load of sweetcorn via the feeder at the start and then fished a small open ended groundbait feeder at 35yds and caught small skimmers throughout the match using sweetcorn over ground bait. Best fish was around the pound and a half mark. Well done Paul !

   In 3rd place, on peg 10 towards the arm, was Ian Brooks with a weight of 12.500kg. Ian fished a 3.5m whip throughout the match catching perch for the first couple of hours but then found the better stamp roach. Ian was able to keep these coming for the remainder of the match via red maggot fished over ground bait and maggot. Nice one Ian !

Section Winners

Section A 

   1st   Dom Garnett   9.600kg  (  roach and perch using a short whip )

   2nd  Ray King         8.450kg  ( same method as Dominic )

Section B

   1st   Eric Priest        8.350kg  ( mainly perch via short whip )

  2nd Mike Edwards  6.375kg  ( small roach and skimmers using small feeder )

   With only one club match left to go, it looks like a two horse race for this year's title between Bruce Hunt on 81 points and Gary Butler on 79. Dom Garnett is in 3rd spot with 75 points with Ian Brooks in 4th with 69 points. There is still a fair old battle going on further down the list for those trying to qualify for the club's top 12 finale in October, last chance is at Lakeside in 3 weeks time guys !

   Finally, a big thanks to Ben and all the cafe staff for laying on a great breakfast which, for many, was the highlight of the day.