3rd Points 2nd May 2021 Little Yeo


25 anglers attended yesterday's 'pole-only' Little Yeo club match which was, again, split into 3 sections; 2 on Bobslake and 1 on Gaggs. Following continued cold weather and yet another overnight frost, the match was going to be another hard affair and so it proved with weights generally down on the last Yeo match 3 weeks prior.

Section    Gaggs pond ( pegs 1 - 8 )

   Winner on the day from peg2 was Dom Garnett with 2.740kg. Dom caught 2 big skimmers and a 12oz roach backed up with small roach and perch. Successful bait was maggot and worm fished over ground bait at both 10 and 12 metres. Well done Dom !

   Runner up was Bruce Hunt from peg 6 with 2.570kg. Bruce, having caught very little in the first 4 hours, decided to fish across to lilies with a 16m pole and caught 2 decent skimmers plus a tench on maggot/worm.

  3rd spot went to Mike Edwards from peg 4 with 2.330kg. Mike fished light with single maggot on a 20 over a little micro feed and had a mixed bag just off the lilies.

Section A   Bobslake ( pegs 1 - 9 )

   Winner was Mike Pickford on peg 9 with 3.625kg. Having struggled like most for 5 hours, Mike finally came up trumps with 2 carp in the last hour. Mike fished single maggot on a 16 hook at 12m with light elastic over a small amount of ground bait. Well done Mike for sticking it out !

   Runner up from peg 2 was Tim Vigus with 2kg. Again, Tim caught a late carp to secure 2nd place. Successful method was 'Bampton worm' fished in close over choppie. Nice one Tim !

   3rd spot was Paul Elworthy on peg 8 with 1.700kg. Paul had an unusual catch of 1 big perch and a fair sized eel caught on 11m pole. He normally fishes paste but may possibly have latched on a maggot or two to catch these impressive species !

Section B   Bobslake ( pegs 10 - 20 )

   Winner here was Eric Priest from peg 15 with 8.600kg. EP had much the same fortune as most with not a lot until the carp suddenly switched on in the last hour. He fished a 14m pole with maggot on a 16 kaizen hook and white hydro and managed 5 carp in the closing stages to just nick the section.

   Runner up from peg 19 was Jezz Rostron with 7.625kg. Jezz fished single maggot on a 16 hook at 13m over heavy ground bait and managed 2 carp plus a nice net of skimmers.

   3rd place went to Gary Butler over on peg 10 who weighed in with 6.975kg. Gary caught 3 carp plus a few bits including one mugger. Main bait was maggot over micro fished against the island.

   Hopefully, things will warm up considerably for the next club match which is in 2 weeks time at Lakeside.




Bobs A section

Bobs B section