1st Points 11th April 2021 Little Yeo

Bobs Lake A section

Bobs Lake B section

Following a partial lifting of Covid restrictions and a subsequent rescheduling of the club's match calendar, things finally got underway on Sunday, albeit in full Covid- safe style complete with risk assessment, with the first points match of the year being held at Little Yeo. A total of 27 anglers, including several new faces, turned out on what was a very cold and frosty morning. Due to the high turnout, the match was pole only and was split into 3 sections of 9 anglers; 2 on Bobslake and 1 on Gaggs each with 10 points up for grabs. As you will see below, the fishing was hit hard by the frost and generally the carp in Bobslake were not playing ball. Gaggs showed a little better with a few good weights of silvers but only in the deeper water.


Section A- Bobslake  ( pegs 1-9 )

Winner from permanent peg 2 was Baz Barrow with 13.975kg comprising 8 carp and a few skimmers. Baz fished at 11 metres with mainly maggot on a size 16 hook over micro pellet and groundbait. Runner up was Sam Williams on peg 1 with 3.600kg. Sam fished expander pellet over micro and managed to catch 2 carp plus a few silvers.

Section B- Bobslake  ( pegs 10-20 ) 

Eddie Evans from peg 15 on the island had a field day by landing 15 carp to easily win the section with 27.250kg. He fished 12m pole with bunches of maggot and pinkie on a size 14 hook over micro pellet. Runner up from peg 19 was Eric Priest with 9.700kg. EP managed 4 carp and a tench plus a few silvers. Most fish came in the last hour again on maggot.

Section C- Gaggs Pond

Winner from peg 2 by the hut was Mike Blake with 5.320kg. Mike caught a number of good skimmers fishing well over with maggot on a size 18 hook and light elastic. He also had several roach/rudd over mainly ground bait on the day. Runner up from peg 7 with a weight of 4.040kg was Dom Garnett. Dom, again, had a few good sized skimmers plus a crucian as well as several bits. Successful bait on the day was worm.


Well done to everyone for sticking at what was generally a really hard and long 6 hours. Well done, also, to our resident cameraman, Mike Edwards, for presenting a veritable Rogues Gallery of handsome fishymen !  Hopefully, the weather will warm up a bit for the next match which is at Summerhayes ( Longs ) on Sunday.


Gaggs Pond