2nd Points 2nd February 2020 Grand Western Canal
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The latest round of the club's points league was held yesterday at Manley with 28 anglers in attendance. The match, comprising 3 sections, was pegged from Snakes wood to the narrows at Glebelands.  Despite mild conditions, a strong, blustery wind made float presentation difficult for many, particularly in B and C sections around Warnicombe bridge, but the overriding frustration was the lack of decent roach once again. Thankfully, the skimmers and odd bream did put in an appearance together with a sprinkling of tench and it was the former which comprised the top 3 weights on the day.

   Winner on the day from peg 3 by the sluice was Calvin Lemon with a weight of 3.890kg.  Calvin fished the big punch over liquidise 3 quarters of the way across and caught 2 good bream and a decent skimmer in the first hour of the match. He later added another skimmer to give him top honours on the day, Well done indeed Calvin !

   Runner-up from peg 24 in C section, half way down Warnicombe straight, was Ian Northey with 2.320kg. Ian caught 2 good skimmers fishing a 4mm punch over liquidise at 11m. Hook size was an 18 to 0.10 hooklength. Nice one Ian !

   3rd place went to Phil Tucker next door on peg 25 with a weight of 2.220kg. Phil managed to catch a lot of small skimmers, again fishing the punch over liquidise at 11m. Unfortunately, Phil was taken ill and had to retire halfway through the match so well done for today Phil in catching more fish than everyone in half the time !  On behalf of all your mates, trust you make a speedy recovery ready for the next clubbie in 2 weeks time.

Section Winners

   Section A   

   1st   Gary Butler   0.900kg

   2nd Mark Webber  0.640kg

   Section B

   1st   Elliot Fay      1.810kg

   2nd Gary Marshall  1.580kg

   Section C

   1st   Keith Carpenter 0.760kg

   2nd Steve Plumbridge  0.560kg


   The next club match will be held at Tidcombe in 2 weeks.