Tiverton V. Exeter 3rd February 2019 
Grand Western Canal

Following the coldest night of the year to date and the 29 anglers turning up to an ice-ridden canal basin and minus 5 degrees, the day was not going to be an easy one. Once drawn for pegs, the age- old ritual of ice breaking began where the guys helped one another to clear a swim. Then it was a case of fishing for a bite, eskimo style. The majority of fish caught were tiny roach and it was a case of who could catch the most, bearing in mind the really bright sunshine and the accompanying abundance of pedestrians.

   It's been many years since the annual interclub with Exeter was last fished and hopefully this will be the start of many more to come. Taking the best 10 weights on each side, Tiverton ended up clear winners on the day with a total of 8.240kg with Exeter following up with an honourable 3.560kg. 

   Individual placings were as follows :

From a peg near wooden bridge, Elliot Fay was the only angler who found some decent sized roach to win the match with 1.860kg all on the favoured bread punch. Well done Elliot !

   In 2nd place, 3 pegs away from Elliot, came Paul Elworthy with 1.800kg again using punch over liquidise. Paul caught well over 100 tiny roach so was kept really busy in the 5 hour match.

  3rd spot went to Anthony Edwards with 1.330kg. Anthony was drawn 4 pegs back from broken bridge and managed 105 tiny roach in total, again on punch.

  4th place went to Paul Marks with 1.280kg. Paul was pegged next to Elliot but, apart from one 4oz roach, could only catch the smaller variety of roach. 

Section Winners

Section A     

   1st   Mike Edwards   1.180kg   ( 75 tiny roach )

   2nd Paul Sagar        0.680kg 

Section B

   1st   Ray King     0.630kg

   2nd Duncan Hill  0.460kg

   Well done to everyone !

Next week's clubbie is at Manley, draw 8.30am Manley bridge, fishing 10am till 3pm, book in in the usual way at Culm valley angling.