1st Points 27th January 2019 Grand Western Canal

The opening match of the new year was held, yesterday, along the canal stretch at Tidcombe where a total of 29 anglers braved the elements to do battle. Conditions were not conducive for big weights owing to a really strong and gusty NW wind which was interspersed with bouts of hailstones. This was later superceded by stints of glaring sun which made float spotting really hard for many. 

   However, in spite of the weather, there were some decent fish caught including skimmers and good sized roach. Winner on the day, from peg 1, pegged halfway down the straight from Authors footbridge, was Eric Priest with a weight of 3.180kg. Eric fished the punch over liquidised bread using a 7m pole and caught 3 skimmers and roach to 8oz in the first hour. After that, bites were that of tiny roach plus 2 perch on worm.

   In 2nd place, from peg 13, by the 1st set of wires at Tidcombe, was Anthony Edwards with a weight of 2.860kg. Anthony had a great first 2 hours catching 7 small skimmers and lots of small roach on the punch and he also managed to land a small jack pike. Bites got progressively harder to come by as the match went on which seems to be the norm in match conditions.

   3rd spot went to Paul Marks from peg 28, near the milestone, with a weight of 2.080kg. Paul's catch included 2 small skimmers, one decent roach and over 40 small roach all caught on the punch over liquidised bread.

Section Winners

   Section A   

   1st   Pete Kingdon   (peg 5)   1.540kg   ( 2 small skimmers and some good roach )

   2nd Phil Madden     ( peg 3)  1.120kg   ( 2 good skimmers and decent perch )

   Section B

   1st   Mike Edwards  ( peg 12)  1.280kg  ( 2 skimmers, 1 good roach and some small roach)

   2nd Paul Elworthy  ( peg 20)  1.010kg   ( an all small-roach catch )

   Section C

   1st   Bruce Hunt  ( peg 27)   1.100kg   ( all small roach catch )

   2nd Steve Manley  ( peg 21)  1.050kg  ( all small roach catch )

   Well done to everyone, next week's match is Tiverton v Exeter at the canal basin, all club members may fish, just sign up in the usual way. Draw:  Basin 8.30am, fishing 10 till 3pm. Please note car parking charges will apply unfortunately.