Third Points Match Sunday 12th March 2017
Gary Butler 120317
Gary Butler 120317

Winner on the Day

Eric Priest 120317
Eric Priest 120317


Pete Kingdom 120317
Pete Kingdom 120317


After a frost-free and relatively mild night, 23 anglers descended upon Tidcombe Gate to be greeted by near perfect conditions with gentle breeze and an overcast sky.The match pegging comprised 2 sections: pegs 1 to 12 from Glebelands steps to the wires and pegs 13 to 24 stretching from Tidcombe bay to  " Wooden bridge". This match turned out to be the best so far this season with an average weight per man of well over 2kg. It was the roach this time that generally took a back seat with the bream making a good showing throughout the match length.

Winner on the day from peg 6 was in-form angler Gary Butler with a weight of 6.280kg. Gary's catch comprised 22 fish in total and having taken 3 bream in the first hour on breadflake fishing an 18 to 0.10 hooklength, he proceeded to catch small skimmers and roach on punch at regular intervals over the rest of the 5 hour match.


Next to Gary on peg 5 came 2nd placed Pete Kingdom with a weight of 5.850kg. Pete also caught the bulk of his catch during the early part of the match taking one good bream and several smaller bream on breadflake/punch.

Third from the Tidcombe section came Eric Priest with a weight of 5.650kg. Eric drew noted peg 13 in Tidcombe bay and caught 10 skimmers and small roach steadily throughout the match using  punch bread.

Section Winners ( pictured below ) were as follows:

Section A   1st   Paul Pike        4.240kg  Peg 4   ( 4 bream on maggot )

                   2nd Ali Robinson  4.000kg  Peg 9   ( 1 bream, plus skimmers,roach and 5 perch )

Section B   1st   Paul Marks     4.050kg  Peg 17  ( 34 fish comprising good sized skimmers and roach ) 

                   2nd Alan Davey    3.960kg  Peg 23 ( 1 good bream, several skimmers and roach to 1lb )

The next club match is earmarked for Oaktree in 3 weeks time.

Don't forget, top 12 points qualify for the heavily sponsored Club Match final at Oaktree Fishery in October.


Section A Winner - Phil Tucker
Paul Marks