Club Pairs 3rd November 2019

15 teams fished the latest club pairs open held yesterday on the canal. The match was pegged from broken bridge to Tidcombe and it was a very hard affair following multitudes of recent rain. Generally the roach were conspicuous by their absence and it was the skimmers, for those that could catch one, which determined the top placings.

   Top team on the day were Mike and Anthony Edwards who both caught skimmers and more roach than most. Mike, pegged in school bay, had a really good catch of 1.980kg comprising 6 skimmers plus several good roach all on the favoured bread punch over liquidise. He also caught a few better roach across on the bomb. Anthony, pegged half way down the straight after the footbridge, weighed in with a kilo, comprising around 40 tiny roach on the punch which was boosted by a decent skimmer midway through the match. Both anglers finished 2nd in their section and totalled 4 points to take the top prize with ease. Well done lads !

   Runners-up on the day were Gary Butler and Paul Marks with a team score of 7 points. Gary, pegged just past school bay , managed 5 small skimmers and a few roach on the punch for 1.650kg whilst Paul

weighed in with 0.700kg of small roach caught also on the bread.

   In 3rd spot came Bruce Hunt and Eric Priest with a team score of 10 points. Bruce was on the last but one peg and caught small roach on 8mm punch. He also managed 3 perch on worm to weigh in with 0.980kg. Eric, on peg 8, caught a decent skimmer early on followed by 15 roach, mainly in the first and last hour.

   Finally, 4th place went to Mark Webber and Shaun Dakin with a team score of 11 points. Mark, coming out of retirement, drawn on school bay, caught 2 good skimmers plus a few roach on the worm for 1.300kg whilst Shaun, from peg 24, weighed in with 0.440kg, comprising a skimmer plus roach. 

   Biggest fish of the day was a 6lb pike caught on the worm by Mark Robinson from peg 11. 

   Well done to everyone for enduring what was a very hard match, hopefully with a few consecutive frosts the roach will turn on ready for the Xmas match which is in 3 weeks time. Tickets are now on sale in the shops.