2019 Christmas Match
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The club's Xmas match, held yesterday on the canal from Basin to Warnicombe, was attended by 64 anglers from all parts of the county. With the mildest conditions for years and an overcast sky,  it was likely that the skimmers and bream would dominate the top placings and this is certainly what put the smiles on almost all of the happy faces shown in the photos. The guy with the biggest smile on the day was overall winner, Les Lloyd, who, from peg 1 near broken bridge, weighed in with 5.100kg comprising 4 really good skimmers and a bonus pike caught on worm. Les began the match fishing bread at 9m and had some success with a couple of skimmers but later went across on the 13m line and pole fished worm to catch the bigger fish over chopped worm and caster. Congratulations Les !

   Runner up on the day was Martin Heard with 3.320kg. Martin drew a peg on the edge of school bay and managed onl;y tiny roach on the punch for the first 2 hours but then latched into a couple of big skimmers. This was later followed by 2 more towards the end of the match and all his fish were caught using 6mm punch fished on the bottom over liquidised bread.

   3rd spot went to Bruce Hunt who was pegged next to Martin in school bay. Bruce could only manage small roach for most of the match, again fishing the punch, but with only 5 minutes to go, fishing a 10mm punch, his float disappeared and Bruce was into a big tench. After quite a scrap the fish was in the net and Bruce had landed his turkey hamper.

   4th place was won by Ali Robinson with a weight of 3.140kg. Ali was pegged near the steps at Glebelands and pole fished 2 main swims using his favoured breadpunch ( big punch ) over liquidised to catch a total of 4 good skimmers as well as some really good quality roach at various spells throughout the 5 hour match.

   Paul Frost secured 5th place with a weight of 3kg exactly. Paul, who was pegged alongside the winner by Broken bridge, bucked the skimmer trend and put on his smiling face by catching 2 decent tench.

He began the match fishing the bread punch at 9m with moderate success but then switched to fishing the worm on a size 20 hook at 11 metres and was rewarded with the only 2 tincas of the day, apart from Bruce's. 

   6th place, and last of the major prizewinners, went to Paul Elworthy with a weight of 2.600kg. Paul, who was pegged by " Wooden bridge", pole fished a big punch over liquidised and caught one good skimmer, around a pound and a half, early on in the match and then proceeded to catch good stamp roach at regular intervals throughout the rest of the 5 hours. 

   Shown below are the 4 happy individual section winners on the day, again some good skimmers and roach featured in all of their catches. Well done to all of these top ten winners and, indeed,well done to all 64 anglers who helped to make what was another memorable occasion.

   On behalf of the club, I thank Steve Manley and the team for all their hard work and a big thanks to Julia and the girls for laying on such excellent food both before and after the match. In addition, a massive thanks to Julia and Ali for organising the superb array of prizes which has been a big factor in making this the best Xmas match in the South West. 

   Finally, a very grateful thanks goes to our sponsors, Dave at Culm Valley Angling and Kevin at Exeter Angling Centre for, once again, supporting the club's biggest festive event with their very generous donations.




Pete Davey
A Section
John Lisle
B Section
Dominic Garnett
C Section
Gary Butler
D Section
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John Lisle

B Section 2.270kg